Sunday, July 31, 2011


(From an Angry Guest Contributor.)

"ENTITLEMENT" is NOT a 4-Letter Word! Entitlements are NOT dirty words.

But some Tea Party/Republican politicians are trying to make Social Security, Unemployment Insurance, Medicare and Medicaid dirty words in the American language so as to destroy these safety-net programs for millions of Americans. 

"Unsustainable", they say. "Welfare programs  for dead beats", we hear.


The Debt Ceiling Debacle has brought clarity to where our so called elected 'representatives' pay their homages. That clarity is that most Americans have no government representation at all. 

The corporations and the rich have representation. WE DO NOT!

When the 'dept ceiling' package is signed sealed and delivered the record will show the Bush Tax Cuts to the rich remain in tact. The record will show no change in corporate tax structure.

The record will also show cuts to Medicare and Social Security and the Vets Administration among other social programs.

The rich will continue to pay less taxes (18% according to Forbes Magazine-July 2011) than the rest of us who are still lucky enough to be working AND the oil companies will still have their subsidies at tax payer expense. And government 'representatives' will still have their perks including full out medical, dental and vision care insurances at tax payer expense.


Whats next? Ovens for those of us over 65? 'Poor House' encampments for those of who are not? 

On second thought, perhaps "ENTITLEMENT" IS A 4-LETTER WORD and the idea and IDEAL that once was AMERICA is too!
Editors Note: Social Security and Medicare are INSURANCES paid into a government fund by 99% of those 
who now receive such benefits. 

Saturday, July 30, 2011


The Real Tea Party Symbol?

Now that The Tea Party has shown it's true colors and the electorate is "on" to their game of "corpocracy" at the expense of the rest of us,  we can take them out soon. 

Seniors! Women! Veterans! The Shrinking Middle Class! Small Business Owners! A vote for anything with the 'TEA PARTY' label on it IS a vote AGAINST YOUR BEST INTERESTS!

WE 'putem' IN and WE can takem' OUT!

This time next year we'll be on the threshold of an election.Vote NO to The Tea Party and our world will be a better place!


Friday, July 29, 2011

Senior Citizens ALERT! Social Security Checks Delayed? Cause: TEA PARTY Republican Refusal to Pass Debt Ceiling Hike!

SENIOR CITIZENS! If what's going on in Washington RIGHT NOW does not cause you to vote OUT the TEA PARTY REPUBLICANS next year, YOU DESERVE EXACTLY WHAT YOU'RE GETTING! 

NO SOCIAL SECURITY NEXT MONTH? How about the month after and the month after that?

RIGHT NOW the plan is to "SKIP" YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY BENEFIT this coming month because of the Republican made Debt Ceiling Crisis! 

Grandma! Grandpa! The Tea Party Republicans are F**K**G YOU OVER BIG TIME!

Meanwhile the Oil Companies report their biggest profits ever this year AND receiving GOVERNMENT SUBSIDIES that aren't being skipped this month or any other month because of  a 2004 provision in the law giving them their "fail safe benefit"!


Is Markus Bachmann A 'PRISSY FLOUNCER'?

He prances when he dances and flounces when he walks. He prises and preens at (Christian) reparative "therapy" sessions. Marcus Bachmann is a 'lite in the loafers' kind of guy.

Although this prissy flouncer is an effeminate male, John Stewart, other comedians and bloggers might have us believe that Marcus Bachmann is gay. Radio talk show hosts are having a 'field day' with this "issue" (?) at the moment. 

Hear Marcus Bachmann speak and he sounds something like Casey Anthony with a lisp.  

But Wait! Shuhhh! Here's a really BIG SECRET! Keep this information quiet. 

According to reputable studies,  GAY MEN are MASCULINE MEN!  Not 'prissy feet' prancing around Sarah Palin's 'pussy foot',  as the stereo typical stuff humorists would have us believe.

Does any of this matter in the great scheme of things? It doesn't to us. "Not that it matters" as Seinfeld might say.

Some prissy flouncer males are gay, we suppose, and maybe Markus Bachmann is one of them and maybe not. We don't know and it doesn't matter.

Now for some serious stuff.

What does matter is that this 'christian therapist' with jingle bells on his toes is not State Board licensed according to one KGO (810 AM-San Francisco) talk show host who does his research. 

If Marcus is not licensed he would probably tell us 'Jesus licensed him'. 

What matters more is that Bachmann's 'Therapy Clinics" practice "reparative therapy" (also called "Conversion Therapy") which is not a licensed or approved therapy or practice in any reputable therapy concern. Study after study provide it doesn't work. Virtually all professionals repudiate the practice. Conversion Therapy touts to make a Gay person not gay anymore.

It is our understanding that "conversion therapy" includes physical-corporal attacks and punishment, physical isolation and 'aversion' techniques with heavy and loud doses of bible thumping. Is Bachmann doing this to children? CHILDREN with the approval of what must be child abusing parents.  

We also understand the Mormon Church practiced 'conversion therapy' some years ago but abandoned the practice after lawsuits and public exposure. 

Creepy Girls Like Conversion Therapy
Since Michele Bachmann is partner in these "christian clinics" she must approve of their practices.

Imagine the destroyed lives that need 'real professional therapy' after this christian-nut cult gets through with them. 

Did we make our case? 


Norway Bomber-Shooter A Christian TERRORIST?

Anders Bering Breivik-Suspected Christian Terrorist

Does the World now have another  certified card carrying Christian Terrorist?

The evidence says 'yes'. Of course, FOX NEWS (?) says 'no', because Christians don't do such things. But what were the Crusades? 

Bill O'Reilly Primps
Bill O'Reilly, Laura Ingraham! Were the Crusades a Christian Bloodbath lasting for years? Was Tim McVey, Oklahoma bomber and terrorist of recent times a Christian? How about the murderers and bombers of doctors at abortion clinics around this nation with their Christian Bibles under their arms as they kill? 

Laura Ingraham Measures Her IQ
Bill? Laura? Are  you trying to rewrite history again at your master Rupert Murdoch's behest? Trying to dupe your ignorant audience again into believing the "MURDOCH" editorial doctrine no matter how dubious and maybe criminal as they are? By the way, have you hacked into any phones and computers recently? How close is the criminal investigation to you now? 

The 'Norway Terrorist' killed 70+ people last week. Randomly killing men, women and children in an unspeakable display of carnage, Anders Breivik was a devout Christian who was also insane. Sick with the same insanity most terrorists possess. 

Creepy Girls Like Bill and Laura
Bill O'Reilly? Laura Ingraham? Rupert Murdoch? These are the facts! Why do you try to change them? 

(A brief update in Murdoch's NEWS of the WORLD scandal, finds there have been other phone hacking events into the privacy's of other families of dead children. Does any thinking person believe FOX NEWS is not involved in similar criminality?)  


Thursday, July 28, 2011 From the CONTRACT from AMERICA!

Now we have FreedomTorch.con or is it .com from The CONTRACT from AMERICA (neuvo-Nazis).

Creepy Girls Join FreedomTorch is just another pile of shit to get your money, folks. A gimmick with purpose. This time telling young "conservatives"  they can get involved in making their world a better place and blah, blah-blah, when, in fact, it's just another tool for corporate America to train 'good little soldiers' to protect corporate interests in further destruction of the middle class and our country. 

A 'brain-wash' toward manufacturing lots of Michele Bachmann and Allen West clones who'll do what their told while fomenting division and hate among the people. is parented by CONTRACT from AMERICA who will need new faces to front their ideology when they toss Bachmann, Allen and others out with their garbage in the not too distant future. 

Wake up AMERICA!

(.....from Inside The CONTRACT from AMERICA?  We've received a strange communication ---yes, even more strange than this blog---from someone claiming to be an employee of the CONTRACT from AMERICA who says they want to "expose"  the 'REAL' organization for what it is, not what it claims to be. We suspect other bloggers have received the same tome and they like us are trying to check out it's validity.

Certainly, we are aware of battles going on between and among various Tea Party organizations and other factions of the Republican Party for power and control. Accordingly, we need to corroborate this bruising information if it's valid.) 

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Randi Zuckerberg-FACEBOOK Director of Marketing SPEAKS UP About Cyber Bullying!

Randi Zuckerberg

Today FACEBOOK Director of Marketing Randi Zuckerberg said anonymity on the Internet must end to stop cyber bullying!

Randi says simply that if a persons name is attached to what they present  on the net, most of the nastiness would go away.

Meanwhile, brother Mark and FACEBOOK CEO has let Randi carry the ball on this one.

Your thoughts?


The Burning Man-2012! August 27-September 3, 2012! (New UPDATES) (PHOTOS) Plus NEW PHOTOS!

Bliss Dance-The Burning Man-2010
Update June 15, 2012: The dates for this years BURNING MAN FESTIVAL are August 27, 2012 through September 3. 

The population permit has been increased to 60,000 participants this year and tickets are still available. If you want to expose 'your' radical self expression, get your ticket now as this event, like last year, is expected to sell out early. 

(In the alternative, The Republican National Convention in Orlando is also 'happening' as BURNING MAN BURNS and tickets are available there too.)

The Black Rock Desert area in Nevada awaits.

Stay tuned for further updates.

Update 9/7/11: Thanks to our audience, we have some NEW BURNING MAN 2011 PHOTOS. Without comment here they are:

(Update 9/3/11: TONIGHT "THE MAN" BURNS! 
LONG LIVE "THE MAN".........

Black Rock City-The Temple of Transition-8/2011
(Live update 9/1/11: It's been a busy beautiful time so are some recent photos of our experiences...
The Temple of Transition-2011

(LIVE UPDATE from The Burning Man from an on the spot Guest Contributor-8/29/11 - edited: ".....are you ready for some football? You wouldn't believe the footballs I've seen's hot....there's an ice house and a post office. I volunteered to work in the post office tomorrow. Tomorrow's forecast is for HOT an NAKED. Who were those goddesses on those bikes? Are you ready for some football? It's beautiful here. Really nice people." 

Burning Man Today-8/30/2011
Editor's note: Thanks to Rog for his comments. Any one else who is in attendance is welcome to comment in our comments section. There will be more tomorrow.)

(Update: The Burning Man experience begins tomorrow! Stay tuned for periodic updates.)
The Burning Man event is an experience like no other. Trying to explain it would be like trying explain Einstein's Theory of Relativity to Sarah Palin's retarded son, or to Sarah for that matter.

The Burning Man is 'experienced', not explained.

Bliss Dance by Day - The Burning Man 2010
The Burning Man, after starting some years ago on an isolated small beach near San Francisco, and later found a permanent home in the Black Rock Nevada Desert will be home to more than 48,000 residents for a week this year with "plans" for a memorable gathering. 

For the record, this is NOT a Rick Perry type "come to Jesus" meeting. This organization is fun, frivolous and important. Unlike a "Tea Party" rally. 

Bliss Dance-Burning Man 2010
This year's meeting is sold out! But stay tuned for reports.

UPDATE: More about The Burning Man 2011!

These photos were just released on what to expect at this years Burning Man event.

 ...More Soon.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Gay Marriage Protest July 24, 2011-New York City! The Debt Ceiling Connection and MORE!

NYC July 24, 2011/Nutritional Diabetes Education? Food Stamps? Public Assistance? Anybody Here?

From a NEW YORK Guest Contributor:

July 24, 2011--New York City:

While the U.S. Congress is "playing games" with the FULL FAITH AND CREDIT of this country and millions of Americans and U.S. Service people are holding their breath wondering if their Social Security checks, Medicare, Medicaid benefits and pay checks will be sent next month, a group of dumb fat black and Latino people along with their fat clergy got together to protest Gay Marriage.

(Editors Comment: Someone must have thought a Gay Marriage Protest would be a fitting diversion to the real issues of raising the National Debt Ceiling so America could pay it's bills. This crap doesn't work with thinking Americans who believe in the U.S. Constitution and recognize the corruption so prevalent today in politics.)

Ruben Diaz
New York State Senator Ruben Diaz helped organize 'The National Organization for Marriage' into what we saw and Fred Phelps ('HATE') Westboro Baptist Church was also there in the mix.
Westboro Baptist Church Signs
We didn't see any witch doctors or voodoo rituals, but they must have been somewhere in the body stink of several thousands of people in the near 100 degree heat. 

There were also some 'slack-jaws' with paper constructed dogs and signs saying "next people will be marrying their dogs". Looking at the crowd it occurred to us that some of  'this' group had already married their "dogs".

Note the banner, "LET  THE PEOPLE VOTE". 

We were in Texas recently on a business trip and again discovered racism is alive and well there, and we suspect throughout the Bible Belt as well. It is suspected that in Texas, Alabama, South Carolina and in other States that 'a vote' on what these people refer to as "nigger rights" a VOTE would not necessarily be in favor of those carrying that sign.

(Editors note: First, thanks NEW YORK for your contribution. Our position here has little to do with Gay Marriage, but rather Constitutional Equality.  And for the record, this contributor is African American.)


Raise The Debt Ceiling NOW! A STAND ALONE ISSUE! There is NO CONNECTION Between The Debt Ceiling and Paying The 'POLITICAL' Man-Made Debt Crisis!

John Boehner/Harry Reid! Get IT Together!

That's right folks! The National Debt Ceiling is a stand alone issue. 

There is no connection between this Nations' current financial crisis and  the ability for the Nation to pay it's bills. It's all 'political' folks. And right wing politicians, politicians in fear for their jobs, aided by a dumbed down media has convoluted this  man made issue into the mess we now see in the U.S. Government.

The National Debt Ceiling has been raised 89 times in U.S. History (55 times under Republican Administrations, 34 Democrat). At no time in this history has political ideology been used as a pawn that threatens the "full faith an credit" of the U.S. Government. Until now.

The Debt Ceiling was raised 18 times during the Reagan Administration (1980-1988) with no strings attached.  The Debt Ceiling was raised 19 times under the Bush Administration (2000-2008) with no strings attached. 

Right now a U.S. Government default would mean billions in new debt to the tax payers. Such would be catastrophic to economies around the world, including our own.  

This 'neuvo-McCarthyism' coming from the Republican/Tea Party Right Wing must end.  

This "end" can start now with communications to our Washington politicians in protest to this obscenity and the admonition to raise the Debt Ceiling without 'strings attached'. Then this can extend to the November 2012 election cycle when we vote these fascist ideologues out of office.


Monday, July 25, 2011

Joel Osteen-Televangelist! Is This Guy For Real?

Although we'd heard the name Joel Osteen and connected it with some kind of religious cultism, we'd never seen him perform until this past weekend on a paid "spot" on the ABC network after a showing of a Harry Potter movie.

Joel Onsteen
This 'redo' of a bad 'flim-flam man' was a stunning realization that "there is a sucker born every minute" according to PT Barnum's mantra of more than 100 years ago. 

It was not surprising to learn Osteen is based in Houston, Texas and gets most of his $75 million a year from fleecing the Bible belt  possum pie eaters who willingly "GIVE" to this snake oil salesman.

Physically, an oil change for a Greyhound Bus  could easily be drawn from Joel Osteen's greasy hair. Also, his make-up artists were not kind or competent when they slapped triple pancake make up on his horse-like facial features. We saw the presentation on HDTV.

Creepy Girls Like Joel Onsteen
Osteen's audience numbered in the thousands at his Lakewood "Church" and looked like their best parts ran down their father's leg at conception with his first cousin. 

We'll reserve further comment to a later time and do it as an update on this article. 

Meanwhile, we're not surprised at how America is becoming a THIRD WORLD give this mentality.


Sunday, July 24, 2011

Congressman Allen (Screw the Old People) West (R-Florida) Refers to Colleague as "VILE" for Telling the Truth!

Congressman Allen West

It seems one of The Billionaire Koch Brothers/Tea Party  'neo Nazi-niggers' has bitten into another poisonous watermelon this past week by referring to fellow House Member Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Florida) as "VILE" and a lot of other derogatory epitaphs in an ill-advised email to her for TELLING THE TRUTH!  

Allen (Screw the Old People) West  was exposed (in a speech by Wasserman-Schultz on The House Floor) for his positions on reducing Social Security and abolishing Medicare and Medicaid (as they are known) benefits for the elderly and giving these tax dollars to private insurance companies. 

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz
Later, West wrote a well publicized email to Wasserman-Shultz essentially calling her every nasty name he could muster. He did not deny or even try to qualify his positions on the issues at hand, because Wasserman-Shultz had told the TRUTH. 

Pin of Support for Wasserman-Shultz

In support of Wasserman-Schultz, many congresspeople, including many Republicans, are wearing the button (shown at left) in her support in response to West's sexist remarks about her.

There will be an election in about a year and Allen West will be 'up' for a second congressional term. Hopefully the voters in his district will send this 'little black sambo' back to the Billionaire Koch Brothers cooking tent then.

Oh! You don't like our racist remarks here? We don't like them either. But take a look at West's email concerning Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and consider why we stated this case in this manner.  


Saturday, July 23, 2011

Amy Winehouse DEAD! Singer Found at her London Home-Drugs Suspected!

Amy Winehouse

London: July 23, 2011! 

Singer Amy Winehouse, 27, was found dead today in her London home. A drug overdose is the supected cause of death.

More later as details are learned.


U.S. Congressman David Rivera (R-Florida) Under FBI Investigation in $1 Million "Consulting" Contract SCANDAL with Mother's Magic Casino Enterprise!

Congressman David Rivera

In still another "we can't make this stuff up" story coming from The U.S. House of Representatives we find Congressman David Rivera (R-Florida) embroiled (for the second time) in a $ 1 Million consulting contract SCANDAL. And the FBI is investigating. 

In the instant matter it is alleged David Rivera took the million from his 70-year old mother's Magic City Casino operation (she is also a partner in a dog racing concern) and didn't report his earnings to the IRS. Tax Evasion? (Isn't this what eventually took down Al Capone?)  

Can attendant criminality be far behind in what looks like an Organized Crime scheme? Prostitution? Money laundering?

David Rivera-Crook?
While local Florida media has picked up the story, we question why the national mainstream and otherwise media has not. We question where The House Ethics Committee is in this matter. Where are the Democrats?

Nancy Pelosi? Where are you? You just trashed one of your own (Anthony Weiner) for not breaking the law. Why has there not been a peep from you about one of 'your colleagues' who allegedly has?

Creepy Girls are OK With It!
Darrel Issa (R-CA), House Ethics Committee Chairman, where are you? 

More to come for sure!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Pit Bull Dogs-- Owner/Advocate Dead in Another Dog to Human Killing!

Some Pit Bull Dog (and their mixes) owners and advocates have an uncommon seemingly evangelistic faith-based fairy tale type belief system that their "PITS" are somehow anointed as 'sweet, loving, loyal' members of the family without hint of deadly viciousness. And this is so, until something happens and they're not! Pit Bull dogs KILL!

We didn't know 38-year old David Quyon Haigler from Spotsville, Virginia, but he had communicated on this blog about his advocacy for Pit Bull Dogs as a breed and as pets. A much maligned breed, he said. He was particularly and vehemently opposed to what we had to say. He had his ideas and anecdotes. We had our statistics and studies. 

Last month David was found dead in his home by his 18-year old son with one of his 2 Pit Bull dogs still in the house. David's dog mauled him to death at a scene described as a bloody vicious attack. 

When police completed forensics on the matter, there was no question his Pit Bull had killed him.

We're sincerely sorry David is dead. No one needs to die in a civilized society at the jaws of a dog. Unfortunately, people do die.  Too many people have died at and in the jaws of their beloved Pits.

Is it not time to ban Pit Bulls nationally?  State by State? County by County? City by City? Where are the politicians on this?

(For information with statistics, see our other articles on this subject. Click in 'pit bull' in the search field.)