Friday, September 30, 2011

The New Face of The Tea Party? (Photo)

Is THIS the NEW FACE of the TEA PARTY? Ann Coulter without make up? Maybe Rick Perry doing his Sarah Palin in a jock strap impersonation? A recruitment poster for the U.S. Military? Allen West's girlfriend? One of David Vitter's prostitutes? A Wall Street banker? A Herman Cain pizza?

NO! it's not any of these, although strong cases can be made for each.

This is, in fact, a manufactured HALLOWEEN FACE and can be found in a New Orleans Haunted House!  This woman is not found in the U.S. House of Representatives as some may have thought.

Happy Halloween!


Thursday, September 29, 2011

'CAIN Slays ABLE' RICK PERRY in the POLLS! Tea Party-Republican Presidential Candidate Herman Cain IS The NEW 'Flavor of the Month!

Herman Cain

This month chocolate is the current Tea Party-Republican 'Flavor of the Month' according to Sarah Palin and other lackluster 'pundits' who don't have a clue as to what they're talking about. 

Herman Cain is now enjoying his "15 Minutes of Fame" as a candidate for his party's presidential  nomination and is making the rounds on the morning talk and night time cable news shows. At the same time he's being 'drawn and quartered' on radio political entertainment shows across the country. 

Also, the respected Zogby Poll now has Cain as the GOP Front Runner for the nomination with 28% of Republicans likely to vote in the primary elections to Perry's 17% and Romney's 16%. Although we accept the general accuracy of these polls (at the time they're taken) we also recall when Donald Trump, Michele Bachmann and most recently Rick Perry were at the top of polls. Right now, Cain is riding high.

Accordingly, any ability for Cain to hold on to his popularity is fleeting at best. Also, ostensibly embraced by the Tea Party, insiders tell us Cain doesn't stand "a niggers chance" of getting the nomination.

We apologize for printing what we consider to be racist remarks. We can't, of course, apologize for the Tea Party-Republican power brokers and inside operatives who spoke them out of the sight and hearing of the media.   

And just last night, Cain made some racist remarks of his own about his own race. Cain said, "black voters have been 'brainwashed' into NOT being open minded". Now if this is not 'the pot calling the kettle black' what is it?  

(As an addendum to this story, shortly after publishing this article, a reader sent this photo at right saying before Herman Cain claims 'brainwashing on his race' he needs to consider if some members of his race have any brains in the first place.)



Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Chris Christie For President 2012? Will He or Won't He? Plus: The Chaz Bono Resemblance?

(Update: October 4, 2011: Chris Christie announced today that he will NOT RUN for the U.S. Presidency in 2012! BUT, will he be on the Tea Party-Republican ticket as a VP candidate? Stay tuned....)

Chris Christie
The BIG agenda item on the minds of political junkies like us are asking the the question: Will Chris Christie make a run for the White House, or won't he?

If Christie is NOT RUNNING, then why is he all over the country making speeches of national interest and polishing up his brand? Why has Christie been meeting regularly with the Billionaire Koch Brothers and other political game high rollers and power brokers?

Rick Perry
As Rick Perry is looking more and more like Sarah Palin in a jock strap and Mitt Romney is rebuked by The Tea Party-Republican Fundamentalist Christian base because he's a Mormon, the speculation that Chris Christie will run has considerable merit.

Chris Christie is smart. He is a charismatic speaker and brings much of the overall corporate conservative message into some palatable context into the mainstream of the American politic. He's a great salesman and maybe THIS IS his job in this election cycle while consistently saying he's NOT RUNNING. 

Chris Christie OR Chaz Bono?
One, if not the greatest detriment to a Christie candidacy is his obesity. We can't see this fat guy serving as an effective and credible  world leader or a national role model when he has to be weighed on a truck scale. 

Either way, Chris Christie is a welcome intelligent voice in the otherwise wasteland of Tea Party-Republican field of candidates to which we're currently subjected.

Chaz Bono
Chris Christie

Also, as an aside, does anyone else see the physical resemblance between Chaz Bono and Chris Christie? Is it just us? Or would an ordinary Goodyear Blimp also have the same features we observe in both men.


Heidi-The Cross-Eyed Opossum Dies!


Berlin: Heidi, The Cross eyed Opossum and Internet sensation has died at her home in the Leipzig Zoo in Germany. She was 3 1/2.

Zoo officials report Heidi was listless and had been ill for several weeks. She was provided every possible treatment, but in the end succumbed peacefully.

Heidi was known and loved throughout the world.

She will be missed.


Breast Enhancement Surgery Botched-- Leaves Woman with One Big UNI-TIT!

Under the 'WE CAN'T MAKE THIS STUFF UP' file comes this unique story.

On September 27, 2011, MSNBC reported that Dinora Rodriguez, 40, once upon a time had two regular, normal size boobs. Now she has one big boob, a UNI-TIT, the product of a botched  breast enhancement surgery.

Dinora said that when she awoke from her surgery expecting to find her new tits, she found instead one BIG TIT! She said she hadn't done her 'homework' because her surgeon had a history of "bad" results. 

Imagine a woman with 2 tits (pictured above) without the cleavage.  Just one big massive tit! According to medical experts who know about such things, the  surgery can not be reversed. 

Creepy Have Tiny Tits
Live and learn!

(And why is a political blog printing such a story? Because it's more interesting than the news coming from both the Republicans and Democrats these days.)


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Rick Perry: "Sarah Palin In A Jock Strap?"! Plus Other Readers Comments! Enter Chris Christie!


-Sarah Palin in a Jock Strap?
-Big Hat/No Cattle
-The More Perry Talks/The Better Obama Sounds
-GW with No Brain
-Marcus Bachmann in a Skirt

These and other reader comments are some of the private comments we received after our September 25, 2011 article, "Rick Perry---'KNOCKED-OUT'! A Political Obituary with Brief Analysis".

It seems the Tea Party-GOP 'flavor of the month', Rick Perry,  is past it's shelf life and has been relegated to  DODO Bird political status along with Donald Trump, Michele Bachmann, 'what's his first name' Pawlenty  and others. 
Clearly, the most solid (and electable) candidate on the GOP roster is Mitt Romney. Unfortunately, The Tea Party and fundamentalist Christians (GOP stalwarts) don't like him.

NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg (L) Supports Chris Christie (R) For President
Right now the Republican/Tea Party power brokers are full court pressing New Jersey Governor Chris Christie to enter the presidential race with some big incentives. One of those incentives being guaranteeing him that he would have all the money necessary to run a winning campaign. 

Although Christie has repeatedly said "no" to a White House run in 2012, we predict he will run and his announcement to do so will be very soon.



Monday, September 26, 2011

Folsom Street Fair! An Only in San Francisco Event! (NSFW)

From A Guest Contributor:

There are many "only in San Francisco" stories and events. 

The Folsom Street Fair has to be high on the list for crazy, unique events on San Francisco's calendar each year. 

The Tea Party has it's HATE. Fundamentalist Christians have their persimmon sucking deacon's. The U.S. congress has it's evil chicanery. And The Folsom Street Fair has it's unabashed, over the top silliness, jaw dropping surprises and joy. 

The Folsom Street Fair presents FUN to a world in need of lightening it's spirits.

This past Sunday saw the 28th annual "fair" and brought 10's of thousands of sightseers, onlookers and just plain gawkies to a creative one of a kind 'freak show' presented like no other.

Here are some photos of what people might have seen if they attended.

With it's freedom of expression to it's good natured ambiance to it's flat out humor and drama, to it's lightness of heart, anyone with an open sense about the variances of human nature and behavior enjoys this "only in San Francisco" party.

And still more photos.

Somehow we have reservations as to how these things would be accepted in Salt Lake City. 


Great Animal Signs to Waste Your Time ON!

Our Thanks to a Guest Contributor. Good Stuff, Yes?


Sunday, September 25, 2011

Rick Perry---"KNOCKED-OUT"! A Political Obituary with Brief Analysis!


Some will say we're premature in writing Rick Perry's political obituary. And maybe we are. But our information is valid and considered. Our analysis based on empirical information and clarity from the Tea Party-Republican power brokers themselves.

Rick Perry
Rick Perry is a "dead-politician walking". Down for the count! These words are not ours. These epitaphs and others are coming straight from the Tea Party-GOP conservative political powers and money backer controllers gathered in Orlando, Florida this weekend and other sources. And they haven't been all that secretive about it. 

Rick Perry's plummet from grace has been meteoric. Here's why.

With three debates behind him, the crudeness, lack of polish, even a certain naivety, can be taken and understood as part of a political candidates learning curve. But his unbridled lack of discipline bordering on hysteria, clear states of denial about even basic issues and matters, and quick onset fatigue with what he's about  have spooked even his staunchest of supporters. 

Rick Perry seems to noticeably 'tire' quickly both on the national stage and inside the small conservative groups of decision makers he must capture if he wanted the nomination.  He has managed to alienate his 'base' support with each successive appearance both openly and inside those "smoke filled rooms".

Herman Cain
In Orlando, a straw poll was taken at the end of this major conservative conference yesterday. Of the candidates only a few chose to campaign for votes. Herman Cain and Perry chose to campaign with Cain winning 37% of the votes to Perry's 16%. Mitt Romney who chose not to vie in the straw poll took 15%. Cain's win was a stunning defeat to Perry from a candidate with no chance of winning the nomination and a loud and clear message to Perry from a significant base in discontent. 

This combined with the unpredicted-ongoing brightening shine of Mitt Romney in the national arena who looks presidential and solid in comparison to Perry has also become a matter of record. Conservatives who were wanting to embrace Perry are now repudiating him and looking elsewhere.

Mitt Romney
The GOP has three candidates of substance. Gary Johnson, Jon Huntsman and Mitt Romney. They are each viable and electable candidates against the perceived weak Obama. But the conservative right wing and Tea Party find them distasteful to the pallet. Too liberal.

Enter Chris Christie, the Governor of New Jersey.

Chris Christie IS substantive and would be a viable alternative to Rick Perry. Christie has the grounding Perry doesn't have plus a 'likeability' factor. He's bright.

Chris Christie
Christie has been talking with and in constant communication with the Billionaire Koch Brothers for several months now and Christie is being urged to into the race from the Koch's and other big conservative backers. Christie has said he's not running (publicly), but he may be the only Great White Hope for the ultra-conservatives left on the list. 

And then there's the story that won't go away. "Is Rick Perry Gay"?  

The Perry campaign has said for months they are prepared to put down all concern about their candidates sexuality. But in fact it has done nothing in the face of the 'inside stuff' and publicity Perry is receiving.

This week, Larry Flynt, publisher of Hustler Magazine offered, $1 million to anyone stepping forward with verifiable evidence/documentation they had 'elicit sex with Rick Perry'. Insiders say there is "some smoke" out there which may be another reason the ultra-conservatives are running for cover.

Larry Flynt
Is this another of the Flynt publicity stunts toward a politician he doesn't like? Probably. But campaign damage is campaign damage and the Perry campaign has been damaged by the assertions.

Adding to all this is the conservative talk show hosts in what looks like a concerted effort to finish off Rick Perry, the candidate. They are on the attack and their vitriol is remarkable and unmistakable. Their coverage of the the debates has been brutal. They are making a joke of the Perry campaign. And this is typically the last step when conservatives 'eat their own'.

In a moment of levity, one of our sources in Orlando said, "Someone needs to remind 'lil' Ricky he's not running for high school Prom King", which just about summed up this failed candidacy for many.

In our opinion Rick Perry is done as a viable potential nominee as  The Tea Party-Republican presidential Standard Bearer. KNOCKED OUT!


Saturday, September 24, 2011

Michele Bachmann Campaign on LIFE SUPPORT! A Brief Report and Analysis from Inside The Crypt!

The Dying Bachmann Campaign

Michelle Bachmann's presidential campaign is on Life Support! Almost dead, according to an insider who says "death is imminent".

This is not surprising given poll plunges to single digits in virtually all polls and lackluster debate performances. Bachmann has fumbled, fibbed and otherwise turned the small audience she once had going for her away. 

Michele Bachmann
We are fortunate in having political "insiders" talk to us from many campaigns and organizations from time to time. Accordingly, we represent here what was relayed to us from the Bachmann campaign just after the recent "google-FOX NEWS" sponsored  debate in Orlando. 

This debate was the 'kickoff' to a 3 day conference among conservative power brokers and the Tea Party-GOP candidates and much will be decided here; well away from the media spotlight and behind closed doors.

So here's what we've learned in a nutshell, or "the crypt" as our reporter calls it.  

Since Ed (Rollins) left the campaign any forward momentum has stopped.  Many staff left with him and they have not been replaced. The money is drying up and any new money is scant. The Tea Party seems to have Bachmann 'on hold'.

Michele/Marcus Bachmann
Michele still has her hair dresser and 'bag carriers' and some press people there. Marcus (Bachmann) is there and calling (all) the shots from the background and staying out of the "media eye." He's even telling her what to wear and how to wear it. Marcus doesn't have a clue as to what he's doing, but Michele seems to be in a kind of fog going through the motions. Michele's appointment secretary (who holds many other jobs in the campaign) has not booked her into (or with) any high profile areas. It's almost as if she's being shunned or that no one cares about her anymore. This is a campaign "on Life Support"!

The Bachmann campaign has gone downhill fast. She's in fact "toast" as some are calling her. But look for her to stick around at least until the first primary elections. Michele will be going for a VP spot on the ticket. But she also has to make a decision about her current house seat in congress and whether or not she will be running for reelection there. 

For all intents and purposes, Michele Bachmann is out of contention for the Tea Party-Republican presidential nomination.


Friday, September 23, 2011

Mug Shot! Stefanie Dickinson, School Board Member Arrested for "SEXTING" 14 Year Old Boy!

Stefani Dickinson-Arrested for "SEXTING" a 14 Year Old Boy

Two days ago, Stefanie Dickinson, 38, married, mother of 2 boys and a sitting member and Treasurer of The Ellicot School Board in Colorado Springs, Colorado was arrested for "SEXTING" a 14 year old boy.   

Last month the 14 year old victim accompanied Dickinson, her husband and 2 sons on a camping trip.   At the end of the trip, Dickinson asked for the victim's cell phone number so she could send him some pictures of their vacation. 

We don't know if the boy ever received the photos, but according to the El Paso County Sheriff's Office, the victim received some very explicit "SEXTS". "I want you!" "I'll rock your 'f-ing' world." "I'll sneak out of the me at...", were some of Dickinson's sexts, all captured for posterity and her impending criminal trial.

The victim's name has been withheld  because he is a minor.

One would thing there would be things learned from Anthony Weiner's folly of just a few months back. Yes?
J.                                                         ,

Gay Soldier Serving in Iraq Boo'd-Jeered at Tea Party-Republican Debate! Candidates Remain Silent! (Update)

Gary Johnson-Right

Update 9/24/11: Yesterday GOP candidate Gary Johnson appeared on MSNBC and denounced the shabby behavior of the  handpicked Tea Bag audiences at the two (below mentioned) debates. 

Also, GOP candidates Jon Huntsman and Mitt Romney have issued statements condemning these audiences saying their behavior was unfortunate.
Hand Picked Debate Tea Bag Audience

Last week at the Tea Party-Republican "Presidential" debate the hand picked 'tea bagger' audience distinguished itself by going into raucous jeers and applause when a hypothetical question was asked  about a 30-year old male needing expensive medical treatment with shouts of "LET HIM DIE" and "KILL HIM".

Niether the candidates nor moderators rebuked the 'low-life' audience.

Tea Party Republican Debate-September 22, 2011
Likewise, last night, at the 'google-FOX News' sponsored Tea Party-Republican Debate, the tea-bagger audience again demonstrated proof of their 'facist roots of HATE' when a gay soldier serving in Iraq appeared on video asking a question about the repeal of DADT. 

The cretin handpicked TEA BAGGER audience erupted into BOOS and JEERS while the candidates and show moderators were SILENT!

Once again, America has suffered a NATIONAL DISGRACE on the world stage. And every GOP PRESIDENTIAL candidate allowed it to happen by remaining silent!


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Palin Divorce News! Todd Palin To File For Divorce! "Humiliated/Laughing Stock"--Unconfirmed Reports!

Todd and Sarah Palin: Splitsville?

"Todd Palin To File For Divorce"---The headlines are screaming on the Internet with unconfirmed reports and rumors.

True or not, the "stuff" coming from Alaska today from 'aides' in the Palin camp has sure caught fire.   

It seems 'the stir' comes from Joe McGinnis' recently released book, The Rogue--Searching for the Real Sarah Palin. Among his revelations, McGinnis writes that among others, Sarah had "sex" with Todd's then, now former, business partner.  In an interview this week, McGinnis stands by what he's written.

Now, those close to the Palin's, especially Todd are speaking out and saying Todd is "humiliated" ("Laughing Stock") by this public disclosure and it's "the last straw" in a series of events leading to Todd filing for divorce.

True? Not true? Whichever, the INTERNET IS BUZZING!

Matt Kibbe-FreedomWorks CEO Wants Your Money! Be Aware!

Matt Kibbe

(Update 9/23/11: After last weeks and last night's disgusting "AMERICAN DISGRACE" performances by  'tea party' handpicked audiences at the "presidential" debates in which these audiences erupted into chants of "LET HIM DIE" after a hypothetical medical question was asked of the candidates (last week) and last nights jeers and boos directed at a gay soldier currently serving in Iraq asked a question (on video) about the repeal od DADT, how can any responsible real American contribute to this fascism?

Hey Matt, on a personal note and for starters, "gas" those sideburns! You look like a Hollywood Used Car Salesman caricature on a Jerry Springer TV show. Really tacky. They do not help your cause. It's not 1986 anymore, Matt.

Amy Kremer
No one with any sense can take you seriously, Matt. Put Tea Party Express matron Amy Kremer at your side and you both could be the opening act for Goose-Terd Walker's harmonica band in the 'slinky-slime' lounge at the Selma, Alabama Bowling Alley.  

Now for some serious stuff.

We've been getting lots of email in recent weeks from just about every body in the Tea Party, Tea Party Express, Contract from America AND Matt Kibbe who identifies himself as President and  CEO of FreedomWorks, an organization that wants your money.

What was the Cost of This Bus?
The bottom line in ALL of these communications is MONEY! SEND MONEY! AND MORE MONEY! Matt, Amy Kremer, Sal Russo and others want your money.

So, OK. It's about MONEY. It's about supporting "their" politicians with "your" money. "Help the cause. We can WIN"!, DONATE!, the rhetoric goes. 
They Want Your Money! Where is the Accountability?
But nowhere do we know how much money we send gets to "THEIR" candidates who have signed "THEIR PLEDGES" which means those candidates are usually in corporate pockets and will vote against US when corporate profits might be compromised in any way. 

They Want Your Money! Where's the Accountability?
How much money sent to The Tea Party, FreedomWorks and various "approved" wing nut Political Action Committees (PACS) actually gets to any candidate?

Wheres the accounting and accountability? We never see any accountability in these communications.

How much donated money is spent on Matt Kibbe's 6 figure salary (it is 6 figures, isn't it?), his medical insurances, expense account and all the other "officials" salaries and perks in like organizations?  These people aren't volunteering their time 'for love of country', are they?

Congressman Joe Walsh-Supported By The Tea Party!
And then we need to look at where the money that actually gets to candidates is placed. A partial list of  financially 'supported' candidates with Tea Party, Tea Party Express, Contract from America and on and on money follows,  but is certainly not limited to the likes of Current Congress people Joe Walsh and David Vitter, who both recently made the list of "most corrupt politicians in Washington" by an independent watchdog organization. 

We can add 'deadbeat' behind Walsh's name (he owes 100k in back child support and has 'stiffed' some of his staff out of salaries). Vitter is also a bonafide 'pervert' (see his 10 year + history with New Orleans prostitutes and later 'the DC Madam scandal' with documentation of Vitter's diaper fetish).

Both the Walsh and Vitter situations are  matters of public record.

Sharron Angle
We  also have the failed 'Tea Party' candidates in the forms of Rich Lott (the Nazi stuff) and Christine O'Donnell and Sharron Angle among other space cadets sponsored by The Tea Party Express, Contract from America and FreedomWorks! 

Some questions. Why are these dubious candidates not vetted? Or are they vetted and these organizations are OK with morally corrupt, sometimes criminal behaviors from those politicians they support financially?

Why do The Tea Party, Tea Party Express, Contract from America, FreedomWorks and other so called "American Patriot" organizations give donated money to these moral cripples, law violators and those with possible diagnosable mental illnesses? 

And these organizations want OUR money to continue this corruption?

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Anderson Cooper and Man Friend Ben Maisani--Story and Photos Presented on a Dare! (Update July 2, 2012)

Anderson Cooper

Update July 2, 2012: Today, in a letter to Andrew Sullivan, Anderson Cooper made it public saying, "I'm Gay."


From a Guest Contributor:

Anderson Cooper has captured the imaginations of a lot of people. Because of this The CNN News Anchor Host Sexuality has been repeatedly questioned. 

To those of us who live in the Big Apple his personal life is no big deal. The BIG DEAL to us is how credible Anderson Cooper is as a journalist. Does he do his homework? And how biased is he on the issues he reports. 

Gloria Vanderbilt
It may be of interest to some that Cooper's mother is Gloria Vanderbilt, heiress to a mega fortune and an iconic fashion designer. It seems Anderson was born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

It may also be of interest that when Cooper's older brother was 23 years old he committed suicide by jumping from his mothers 14th Floor Central Park West Apartment. Anderson has experienced personal tragedy and according to his mother is "a rock" of a human being. 

Anderson and Ben
These important things aside, Anderson Cooper's personal life still comes into  question. Anderson himself won't discuss it because he believes he owes his audience a professional job and that's it.

Anderson Cooper's Manfriend of several years now is Ben Maisani, 36, well educated, smart and the co-owner of several NYC Gay Bars including 'EASTERN BLOC'. 
Anderson and Ben

Anderson and Ben
Anderson and Ben are together a lot. They bike together, go to the gym together, go to professional functions together and probably sleep together.


-The Big Apple

Photo Update August 14, 2012:

Ben (Left) with Fergie and Anderson

This photo of Anderson and Ben "OUT" with Fergie sent to us by a contributor got some attention recently. 

(Editors comment: Thanks New York! And thank you for your incredible support this past year. Here's your article. Well, most of it anyway. 

As you know we print less than 1% of what people send us, many of which are on dares as yours was. We don't watch Anderson Cooper on TV often and knew nothing about him. We found it interesting that Gloria Vanderbilt is his mother.)