Monday, October 31, 2011

Sylvia Browne: "Afterlives of the Rich and Famous" --- A Book Review!


This just in from KGO SF 'news talk' Bay Area Radio.....Sylvia Browne says Michael Jackson just gave a concert 'up there' in the great beyond and Marilyn is doing research!

The Tim Tebow Embarrassment and The Broncos "Le Miz" Season! Where's Brady Quinn?

Tim Tebow

Good grief, Denver....what in the world is wrong with you? Have you gone stark-raving mad or are you just plain stupid and crazy? Take your pick. It's one or the other because there's no sanity in "Broncosville" at the moment.

The Tebow Kiss-What's going on here Boys?
Tim Tebow? He's a nice boy, but........ he's not a prime time player right now and he's more than proven it with his second string football freshman high school performances so far this season. Except for a few minutes in Miami last week when he got lucky. Even a broken watch gets lucky and can tell the right time twice a day.

Kyle Orton can't be trotted out because he has to be able to trot before he trots. So?


Brady Quinn and Girlfriend
We've heard nothing about Brady in all the crayola media hype  about Tebow  and Orton, except that Quinn is "the best boyfriend in the world" because he flew to Japan recently to be with his Olympic hopeful girlfriend who suffered an injury requiring surgery. So?

Brady Quinn

Isn't it time to give Quinn a 'start'? Denver is dead last in their division and there's no place to go but up.

The Broncos are having a miserable season and it's time something different happens to their lineup.

Maybe Justin Beiber should get suited up?

Is this the NFL or TMZ?   


Sunday, October 30, 2011

Tea Party Queen Michele Bachmann Told to Abdicate Thrown by 'AMERICAN MAJORITY' TEA PARTY PRESIDENT!

Michelle Bachmann

This has not been a good week for self anointed Tea Party Queen Michele Bachmann. 

Bachmann saw her poll numbers fall to below 5%, her New Hampshire 'presidential committee' quit citing 'rudeness and irrelevance' in her presidential bid and Ned Ryun, President of one of the largest Tea Party organizations in the country called upon her to withdraw her candidacy.

Ryun heads the near 400,000 member strong Tea Party group--American Majority-- in 7 States and said, "Bachmann's floundering can damage the Tea Party. It's time for her to go!"   

So, is she going? Will 'the queen' abdicate?

"hey Butt-Head, here's a job we can do"
Will Marcus and Michele hire a new 'team' in New Hampshire?

We understand Beavis and Butt-Head are available.


Saturday, October 29, 2011

Occupy Wall Street? It's About The Economy, Stupid!

The Occupy Wall Street movement is about many things. But most of all it's about some very basic things:


Is this clear enough? What part of these 'basics' of life is not understood by the politicians? Do the politicians get it? 


Occupy Wall Street is also about Fairness and Justice. It's about quality of life and peace of mind.  

James Carville's quote of a generation ago, "it's about the economy, stupid" resonates today. And so it is synonymous to  The Occupy Wall Street movement.

The vast amount of Americans have been ripped off, bilked and victimized by our once trusted institutions and "our" elected politicians. And WE KNOW IT.

The question is will we survive as a nation without becoming a third world?

The Occupy Wall Street movement is a good start.


Friday, October 28, 2011

Atheist Billboard Misfire! A Thomas Jefferson Quote? Try The Jefferson Bible!

This Atheist billboard can currently be seen in some parts of Southern California and is generating some buzz. 

Thomas Jefferson, one of our nation's  greatest forefathers was doubtless an atheist or agnostic given his writings.  So the above quote on the billboard might be something Jefferson would have said.

Thomas Jefferson
But there is a problem here. Jefferson didn't say it. He said a lot of atheistic things, but he didn't say this. Accordingly, we have a credibility problem.

For those interested in what Thomas Jefferson really had to say about about Christianity, Try The Jefferson Bible. It's a good read.


Herman Cain Challenged to Prove being Gay is "a Choice" by Dan Savage by Performing Public Oral Sex on Him!

Dan Savage

From a Guest Contributor in Seattle:

Seattle author, syndicated columnist and political pundit Dan Savage has challenged Tea Party-Republican presidential contender Herman Cain to prove his statement that  homosexuality is "a choice" by publicly performing oral sex on him.

In a written column earlier this week, Savage was a little more graphic in his words by inviting Cain to "s**k my c**k.............and prove being Gay is a choice" as Cain has openly vocalized to his tea party audience.  

(Editors Comment: So, OK, this is good 'political comedy', but we're not sure why this "issue" is an 'issue' at all. And we don't view Herman Cain as a serious or viable presidential candidate contender. 

Cain recently said, "Do you think I'm Dumb enough NOT to study up on the issues?" 

Reply: Yes, Herman, thinking people do.)


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Halloween Costumes---From Silly to Sick and More in Photos!

Halloween is one of those silly holidays that most of us enjoy because of it's silliness. 

Halloween typically has no 'negatives' attached to it and children especially are allowed to be children on this silly day. Most of us in America can remember a Halloween event or events in our past with fond memories. Perhaps some of these past moments will be recalled in seeing these photos.

Accordingly, lets take a break from the heaviness's of the day  most of us are experiencing right now and take a look at some of the creative costumes that will make us smile and enjoy the moment.

The photos we present here are mostly from the Velvet Rocket Website and we thank them for their work.  This is a great website, by the way and you may want to tune in to see what else they offer, which is quite a lot. We also have some "extras" of our own for your enjoyment.

Here they are without comment.



Bill Clinton/Al Gore Go Jogging---in 1992! Note their Embarrassing Attire!

Bill Clinton (R)/Al Gore 1992

Not long before they were elected as President and Vice President of these United States, Bill Clinton and Al Gore were known as 'joggers'. 

This embarrassing photo recently surfaced and we present it here as 'a history' captured in time for the ages. 

Yes, people, their attire was THE STYLE of the day--1992! 

Given these well publicized photos of a generation ago, Clinton and Gore were elected anyway.


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Gary Johnson News! Blasts Tea-Party Republicans--Corporate/Government Corruption! (Update)

(Update November 20, 2011: Gary Johnson has spoken up and out again against the Republican Party saying he has been "abandoned" by it, and forwarding the idea that he may run for the Presidency under a Libertarian banner. 

We encourage Johnson to do so. The Republican Party has abandoned and lost many of us in recent years

Should Gary Johnson decide to run as a Libertarian he surelyhas our vote!)                                 


Gary Johnson
One of the most, if not the most, substantive GOP presidential candidate for 2012 is former twice elected New Mexico Governor and triathlete Gary Johnson.  

Unfortunately, Gary Johnson has not been given much corporate media attention. He is ignored by those who present the endless Tea Party Agenda 'say nothing' debates and accordingly has gained little voter identification or traction since he announced his candidacy a few months back.

Gary Johnson is a true small government, fiscal conservative LIBERTARIAN who believes government should stay out of the personal lives of it's citizens.    

Gary Johnson is pragmatic when it comes to national security. He understands that given America's history, it's agreements throughout the world must be honored and that any reductions in defense must be considered and methodical. He is not into nation building or colonialism.  

Gary Johnson
Gary Johnson has a clear take on the economy.  He knows what, how  and who brought America to it's economic knees and has specific ideas as to how the nation can revive itself. He understands that corporations cannot go unchecked; that regulation is a necessity. 

Gary Johnson recognizes the difference between people and corporations while the U.S. Supreme Court does not. Johnson believes government should stay away from women's wombs and out of peoples bedrooms and that corporations need some controls placed upon them, not the other way around as some of his fellow presidential wannabes and others in his party preach.  He knows with all the once good intentions of the Tea Party that the Tea Party has been co opted  by the corporations who don't support him.

Gary Johnson has been vocal and blasted his own party about "the politics of politics". His refreshing voice has been throttled by the Tea Party Republicans who don't want any part of what they say they want which is a true independent candidate out to reform a broken political system. 

Gary Johnson is critical of the ignorance in Washington for it's costly unsuccessful war on drugs and the abject stupidity in keeping that war going in it's present form. He has cited the incontrovertible evidence that medicinal marijuana  has it's place in the lives of those suffering certain diseases.

Gary Johnson has no alliances to Wall Street, their lobbyists or to the corporate media.  Johnson repudiates Wall Street corruption.

While Rick Perry is out killing coyotes, Michele Bachmann is in continuous prayer to GOD and eating corn dogs at the Iowa Fair, and Herman Cain forwards his economic policy for America from a video game in between extra-marital trysts, Gary Johnson has something substantive to present. 

Gary Johnson is a straight forward focused Triathlete, both in mind and body, living his life in a house he built and lives in with his fiance in Taos, New Mexico.   

Gary Johnson is his own man and is not tethered by corporate puppet string pullers. The Tea Party Republican AND Democrat power brokers are scared to death of Gary Johnson and fear that if he gets some of the presidential spotlight that they will lose their strangle holds on their staked out parts of America.

As the Occupy Wall Street movement believes the 'people are too big to fail', Gary Johnson likewise accepts this premise. He knows congress is not only for sale, it's been sold.

Gary Johnson knows America is not a democracy when one class can and does starve another; that capitalism has been bastardized into something else; that oligarchy is being passed off as 'free market capitalism'.

Gary Johnson
These things combined bring us to asking the question if there is a possibility of an alliance between the current Occupy Wall Street movement and Gary Johnson. Gary Johnson gets it right and The Occupy Wall Street people get it right too. Johnson is part of that 99% that believes America needs a new government without the shackles of the current political system that isn't working and has failed it's people!

Gary Johnson is a man of the people, for the people the people are yet to find.  Is it not time to look at a serious candidate as a presidential nominee?  


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

America's "PEOPLE" Disaster: The Most Recent U.S. Census Bureau Findings!. A Brief, Angry Message to the 1% and U.S. Politicians!.

The 1% Care only about The 1%

From an Angry and Desperate Contributor: 

To "our" U.S. Politicians: You have failed the American people.  You have failed your country. The disgrace you've brought to America and yourselves will be addressed at the polls in 2012.

The American people are struggling. Gasping for economic relief. Physical relief. Emotional relief and all things attendant to those things not available to most American citizens. American citizens are angry and desperate.

The basics of, clothing and shelter allude them. Medical treatment for any ailment is not available to most Americans. Forget dental and eye care. These things are not typically covered by insurances even when 46% of Americans have insurances. 54% of Americans don't have medical insurance of any kind.

Decisions must be made by many of America's senior citizens to buy food OR medications with the little money they have. Paying for heating costs has never been adequately addressed by our government. Accordingly, scores of seniors and children die each year for lack of heating in their homes, if they have homes at all.

Millions of children go to bed hungry every night. Some, however,  live on boxed macaroni and cheese. They are the lucky ones.  

U.S. Congressman Paul Ryan
The U.S. Census Department recently released these most current and devastating figures:

-One third of American families of 4 live on under $15,000. a year! This YEARLY income is less than U.S. Tea Party-Republican Congressman Paul Ryan pays on his MONTHLY American Express account which is paid by an assistant in his office that taxpayers provide.

U.S. Congressman Eric Cantor
-More than One-Half of American families of 4 live on under $26,000. a YEAR! This is less than U.S. Tea Party-Republican Congressman Eric Cantor spends MONTHLY on his 'menial' office expenses which are paid for by U.S. Taxpayers!

Angry and desperate people resort to angry and desperate alternatives. The revolt in America is just beginning.

And so, to the 1% and to "our" Politicians...we will not be starved to death. We are not your indentured servants! We are fighting back and we will win.

(Editors comment: This letter came to us from a very angry U.S. citizen. We've edited and redacted much of what this contributor said because of it's incendiary nature. We print these parts of a very long communication because we believe it represents 10's of thousands, probably millions of similar beliefs and feelings in our nation.)


'DWARF-TOSSING'--Florida State Rep. Ritch Workman Proposes Legalizing Legislation! (Photos)

In the State that elected Rick Scott as their Governor and Allen West to the U.S. Congress, Florida Representative Ritch Workman has introduced legislation to legalize 'DWARF-TOSSING'!

Dwarf Tossing is a bar game in which patrons wager for drinks and place other wagers based on how far a participant can 'toss' a real live 'little person'. This game gained some popularity in Florida in the 1980's, but was made illegal some years ago. 

Florida Representative Ritch Workman-Florida
Now Rep. Workman who represents the people of Melbourne, located to the East of Orlando wants to make Dwarf Tossing legal again. He also supports legislation to legalize adultery for heterosexuals, but opposes gay marriage and medicinal marijuana.

Rep. Workman represents himself as a fundamentalist Christian Tea Party Conservative, but is quick to say he's not a Libertarian. 

An only in Florida story?

What's next? 'Midget Darts' using real little people as the bulls eye?

We can't make this stuff up, folks. Sometimes politics is stranger than fiction.


Monday, October 24, 2011


From a Guest Contributor:

"JESUS--CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN", said the bumper sticker on a car directly in front of us today. A bumper sticker of the American flag also graced the car along with a NRA membership decal and a sign urging a vote for a Palin-Beck President-Vice President ticket in 2010! Yup, 2010.

We rest our case.

Hillary Clinton Burned in Effigy in Pakistan! (Photo)

From a Guest Contributor:

In a show of how well U.S. Foreign Policy and tax payer aid is working in Pakistan, this photo of Hillary Clinton being burned in effigy pretty well tells the story.   We also find the picture with Hillary's perky-happy face juxtapositional to what we suspect the Pakistanis were trying to convey.

And, from a national political point of view, do we observe some commonality between the Pakistanis and our own Tea Party Republicans?


Sunday, October 23, 2011

Rick Perry Goes Hunting in Iowa: Wears Prada and Pastels!

Rick Perry in Prada and Pastels-October 22, 2011

Rick Perry was in Iowa yesterday and went hunting for pheasant and the key endorsement  of Congressman Steve King, an influential  Tea Party fundamentalist with a dubious background.

Perry is trying to save his faltering presidential hopes by winning the Iowa caucuses and hopes to enlist King as a supporter. 

Also in a speech yesterday Perry said, "it's time to go for the hard, strong colors and get rid of the pastels."

For his 'tea party' hunting dress, Perry chose pastel oranges to compliment his Prada boots to round out his coordinated outfit.

We don't make this stuff up, folks, as convoluted as it sounds. We just report it.

Gary Johnson

If the GOP is looking for a 'Man's-Man' as their candidate, try former 2-time Governor and Triathlon Athlete Gary Johnson, a MAN of substance.


Friday, October 21, 2011

Alberta Oil Sands Keystone XL Pipeline--The Dirtiest Oil on The Planet! (Photo)

Congressman John Shimkus

From a Guest Contributor:

There is considerable argument  about the proposed oil pipe line from Alberta, Canada to Texas.

The Alberta Oil Sands Keystone XL Pipeline is a Shell Oil project with costs upwards of $7 billion (in part to paid for by U.S. Taxpayers) to deliver reclaimed oil from dead wells in Canada to the U.S. for refining. 

This project is a 'pet' of Tea Party Republicans and serves as some kind of payback to BIG OIL for their contributions to certain political campaigns.

Congressmen Bob Latta (Ohio), John Shimkus (Illinois) and Joe Wilson (South Carolina) are major proponents of this project and recently visited Fort Mcmurray, Alta (near Alberta) on a "fact finding" mission and found the project "more than acceptable, well managed and appropriate for bringing this 'needed' energy resource to the U.S."

Those not in favor of this project have called it "the dirtiest oil on the planet" among other disparaging remarks.

The following photo depicts what our U.S. Congressmen found "more than acceptable".

Alberta Oil Sands Keystone Reclamation--De-Regulation is a Boon to Bottom Line Oil Company Profits
We question how long it will be before 'cancer clusters' of varying types are reported by those in nearby towns and those working in the proximity of this "acceptable" (de-regulated) oil corporation project.


Thursday, October 20, 2011

GADDAFI DEAD! (Graphic Photos) Update-Gaddafi Was Sodomized Before being Killed! (Photos from Video Grab)

(Update October 24, 2011: Gaddafi was repeatedly sodomized by his captor's before they killed him according to information  coming from Libya today. And they have video to prove it. We have seen the graphic video and decided not to publish it. (Graphic and gross.) 

These above photos come from VIDEO GRAB
Those interested in seeing it, however, won't have to search very hard to find it. It's all over the world internet.) 



Today, news agencies are reporting rebels found Libya's tyrant leader holed up in his hometown East of Tripoli, captured and killed him. 
Unconfirmed Phone Video

Unconfirmed Photo from Al Jazeera (Credit)
"Those who live by the Sword Die by the Sword"
If these reports are true, and we believe they are, let us say good-bye to an era of dictatorship and oppression that lasted 42 years and be circumspect about what comes next.


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

48 Exotic/Rare Animals Killed in Ohio! (Photos) Could This Incident Been Handled Differently?

African Lion

This bizarre story is still developing. The more we learn, the more questions arise. Accordingly, we will present what we know now and follow-up with updates as more is learned.

Zainesville, Ohio October 19, 2011:  Terry Thompson owned and maintained an exotic animal preserve on 74 acres in rural Ohio. More than 50 animals consisting of Bengal Tigers, Lions, Cheetahs, Leopards, Grizzly Bears, and various varieties of Monkeys were in Thompson's compound. From all reports the animals were healthy and well cared for.

Today, in the early morning hours, Thompson released all his animals from their confines and then shot and killed himself. 

After (reportedly receiving) 911 calls from neighbors, Police hunted the escaped animals down and by mid-afternoon today had killed 48 of them. Among those killed were 17 lions and 18 Bengal tigers. 3 leopards, a grizzly bear and 2 monkeys were captured and relocated to The Columbus Zoo.  

Terry Thompson's Property
According to one source, there are only about 1,400 Bengal tigers  left in the world. Another source puts the count at under 3,000. Either way, Bengal tigers are on the endangered species list which makes killing 18 of them a federal issue. 

We've also discovered Terry Thompson was recently released from Federal Prison after a one year sentence for illegal fire arms possession. He has also owned his animal compound for several years.

Bengal Tiger
Thompson must have been a very rich man. Bengal tigers are carnivores. According to experts, one Bengal tiger eats 30 to 50 pounds of meat per meal and they eat twice a day.  Thompson had 18 of them and  they were well fed.

Where did the money come from?

There is certainly a mystery and many questions surrounding Terry Thompson about a lot of issues. But there is another BIG question about the aftermath of Thompson's behavior.

Could this incident have been handled differently? Was it necessary for these 48 exotic animals to be killed? These and other questions are already being asked.  Accordingly, this story has just started.

(New York! This ones for you. Send us your thoughts, comments  and speculations.)                                                               

The Cutest Dog in the World? Meet Boo!


Meet Boo, reportedly the cutest dog in the world!

Boo is a 5-year old Pomeranian with millions of followers on facebook with 10's of thousands of YouTube watchers.

Boo also has HIS own best selling book.

So, is the celebrated Boo the cutest dog in the world?

According to our dog Scoot, Boo is certainly cute (in a crass superficial kind of way) and is somewhere in the top 10 of cute dogs. 


But, Scoot, our 4 pound, 4 year old chihuahua-terrier mix, points out that "true-cute" is an attitude, a way of looking at life and an her.

This is Scoot!