Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Victoria's Secret + A Gay Billboard + A Cookbook Cover + A Jesus Saves Sign = ONE Commonality! (PHOTOS)

Victoria's Secret Fall 2011 Show

America is a diverse, silly, ingratiating, wonderful and sometimes mean spirited collection of people. 

So what do a Victoria's Secret lingerie show, a gay billboard, a cookbook and a Jesus Saves sign have in common? 

Before we answer this question, lets take a photo look at the reasons we ask this question in the first place. 

The photo (above right) is of Miranda Kerr demonstrating a part of Victoria's Secret Fall lingerie collection. This photo received wide media attention  and some "family values" groups have called for media censorship of such shameful suggestive matter being distributed in the mainstream media.

The photo at left is a billboard advertising a gay website and is placed in West Los Angeles.  It has drawn the the ire and criticism of parents groups and religious organizations with calls for it to be removed.

These groups are calling for city, county and State legislation to stop this and future explicit public gay advertising.

This photo (at right) is the cover for a recently published cookbook just in time for Christmas. However, cookbook purists are calling for the cover picture to be covered and it's title changed. 'Blood, Bones and Butter' is a title that discourages other cookbook sales, say the purists. 

Finally, this "Jesus Saves" sign is located near Denver, Colorado, on a road leading into a Muslim community. Community religious leaders are outraged by it, calling it an insult to their religion.

The Muslim leadership is threatening a law suit to have it removed as others are individually suing the Christians in small claims courts claiming it as a nuisance.

So what's the commonality in all this? 

Our take is that no matter who we are or what we do there is always someone or something out there wanting to take control of us; that American freedoms are not exactly how they've been portrayed.

Your thoughts?


Billy Graham Hospitalized!

From a guest contributor:

Today Christian Evangelist Billy Graham was hospitalized near his home in North Carolina for what is described as a lung condition.

Graham, 93, was hospitalized and successfully treated for a pulmonary related illness last May and was in good spirits upon his release. Spokespeople have not been specific about the Reverend's illness as of our report.

Billy Graham was and is unlike today's corporate celebrity Christian 'flim-flammers'. 

Billy Graham evangelized Christ's teaching of LOVE. Graham not only preached it, he lived it and conducted his life accordingly. He was and is a man of superior integrity.

Billy Graham counselled presidents from Eisenhower to Clinton and had the respect of world leaders through wars, economic downturns and in times of world peril. 

Billy Graham was and is a supreme credit to his profession, his religion, to his God and to humanity.

We're sure the Graham family appreciates your prayers at this time.


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Bird Flu: Scientists Develop Ultra-Contagious Mutation of H5N1 Virus--NewScientist Magazine!


NewScientist Magazine is reporting the development of a new, highly contagious strain of the H5N1 virus.  

Also known as Bird Flu and Avian Influenza, H5N1 received considerable concern in the health care community several years ago because of it's highly contagious quality and lethal nature. Of 500 international cases studied, 60% of those infected died. 

Now Science has developed a laboratory mutation of the virus (said to be as deadly as it's progenitor) for study purposes with the goal of developing a vaccine to combat it. 

There is now considerable ethical concerns about this research ranging from 'should the public be made aware of it' to 'in the wrong hands it could lead to "germ warfare" and mass death' to 'how to deal with the current findings' to 'should have the study and research been conducted in the first place'.

Right now the Center for Bio security is studying the findings.  

We've read the chilling information concerning 'bird flu' and find it worth bringing this matter to our readers.

Since we are not adequately trained in the health sciences and are not 'health care reporters', readers may want to go directly to the NewScientist Magazine website and read the study for themselves. 

Click on image to enlarge
We also think it incumbent upon all of us to use the standard personal universal health standards such as washing our hands often, coughing and sneezing into the crook of our elbow and so on. We're at the beginning of the general flu season right now.


Iran Protesters Storm-Destroy British Embassy in Tehran! An Act of War?

Tehran-British Embassy Destruction-November 29, 2011
Today Reuters is reporting Iran protesters stormed and destroyed the British Embassy in Tehran and a second British compound housing diplomats located North of the Capitol City was also taken.

The protests and destruction were in response to British economic sanctions placed on Iranian banks last week.   

Initial reports from Britain provide the usual 'outrage rhetoric' with a reminder that under international law host countries are required to protect foreign embassies. 

Iran's Puppet President
Recently the Ayatollahs had ordered Iran's president to expel the the British Ambassador as a reply to the banking embargo, but such was not done.   

Government sources from within Iran say the government had nothing to do with the protesters destruction and regret the incident.

Given the complete disingenuous nature of this government any statements from it carry no credibility. 

Are today's events an act of war?

Probably, but diplomacy will probably be the game played if this is all there is to the scenario.

The Real Power in Iran
However, there are now unconfirmed reports that at least 6 British citizens have been taken hostage by protesters. If this is the case the stakes have raised and war may be inevitable. 

Accordingly, look for a tense few days ahead with a distinct probability of war with Iran's nuclear capability taken out in the process. 

More to come.......


Monday, November 28, 2011

Herman Cain UPDATE! SUSPENDS PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN! Plus 13-year Sexual Relationship with Ginger White Revealed! 'Cain Train' Derailed-Sold for Scrap!

Herman Cain

(Update December 3, 2011: This morning Herman Cain suspended his Presidential Campaign in the
wake of scandal after scandal after scandal.

"Suspend", in this case means QUIT! Chalk one up for Rick Perry.

Bye Herman!)


Ginger White
Today the The Cain for President campaign was dealt it's final and lethal blow. The 'CAIN-TRAIN' was derailed and being sold for scrap as we write. 

Today, Ginger White revealed a 13-year casual 'comfort sex' relationship with Herman Cain and has the hotel receipts, phone logs and text messages to prove it. 

Herman Cain
White says through her attorney that her affair with Cain ended shortly before his announcement for president; that she kept records of their relationship for 13 years!

As 'Jesus kicks another presidential candidate through the Goal Post of Political Obscurity', Cain can now buy a new supply of condoms because there will be no need to keep "IT" in his pants any longer.

Herman Cain is returning to the Tea Party-Republican woodpile!


Rick Perry's Flamboyant Animated Bizarre New Hampshire Speech! Did Jesus Drop-Kick Rick (and others) Through the Goal Post of Presidential Candidate Obscurity?

Has Jesus 'drop-kicked Rick through the goal post of Presidential candidacy obscurity'?

With over a million views on You Tube since Rick Perry made his ill-advised bizarre, affected animated speech in New Hampshire on Friday (October 28, 2011) followed by a series of debate "brain  freezes", one has to conclude Rick's 'Jesus' had something to do with it. 

Was it 'devine intervention'? Is God punishing Rick because Rick does not adhere to HIS word? 

Did Mrs. Perry catch Rick between the sheets with the Texas State House TOP CHEF? Is she putting poison in Rick's martinis? 

What ever the case, Rick has gone through the 'goal post' of presidential candidate oblivion. His poll numbers are in the low single digits and he occupies this cellar with Michele Bachmann, and intellectual dwarf Rick Santorum with 'squirmin'-Herman Cain soon to join them.

Not so incidentally, each of these named candidates have claimed a 'special relationship' with God and Jesus; that HE told them to seek the presidency of the United States of America. Yet, to a number, each has proclaimed the opposite of Christian teaching. 

Where is the LOVE? Where is  the "taking care of the sick and afflicted", feeding the poor, caring for the elderly, turning the other cheek, NOT making war(s)? 

We know the Bible does not tell us (or them) to support Big Oil, de-regulate Corporations, embrace the greed and corruption of Big Banks, the private health care insurance industry or to do the bidding of Grover Norquist and the Billionaire Koch Brothers.

So, we have to believe that Jesus and GOD got it right this time. 

On behalf of his father, Jesus has drop-kicked the asses of these ambitious corporate-shill opportunistic fake Christian infidels through the goal post of Presidential Candidate Obscurity and into oblivion where they belong. 


New Yorker Magazine: Controversial 'PILGRIM-IMMIGRATION' November 2011 Cover!

New Yorker Magazine is no stranger to controversy or it's controversial covers. For example, witness the cover at right of a Hisadic man kissing a black woman from a while back.

Now comes this November 28,2011 issue showing America's pilgrim forefathers slipping through fences in order to get to "the promised land of milk and honey".



Sunday, November 27, 2011

Miss Piggy Rocks Box Office With New Movie! Plus Miss Piggy's Fashion Statements! (Photos)

"THEY" said The Muppets were "old fashioned", "tired", "washed up"! But "THEY" were 'big time' WRONG.

The Muppets (2011), with a cast headed by the one AND only Miss Piggy was a smashing box office AND critical success at the box office this past weekend.

Can we look for an Academy Award Best Picture nomination for The Muppets this year?

Miss Piggy Attends Premiere of Her New Movie
Maybe. The Muppets-2011 is THAT good. 

With a superior script and story line combined with nostalgia, heart, and over the top musical productions, The Muppets is pure, flat out escapism and thought provoking entertainment for everybody.    3 year old people will love it, those approaching 157 and everybody in between will find The Muppets top of the line stuff. 

Miss Piggy Makes a fashion Statement
While many films of The Muppets ilk are front loaded "money takes" and are gone from screens in a short time, watch for the The Muppets to be in the box office top ten films through at least the first of the year.
Miss Piggy-The Jimmy Fallon Show

"THEY" were wrong about The Muppets because what "THEY" forgot was that people will and always have enjoyed and respected GOOD entertainment and will PAY to see it.

Miss Piggy with Jimmy Kimmel
"THEY" also forgot Miss Piggy is a WORLDWIDE SUPER STAR!

(Note Miss Piggy's fashion statements in her television appearances plugging her movie.)


Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday Walmart Waffle Maker Riot! 2011! (Video)

The 'waffle maker' in question was on sale for $2.00. See the video and you may want to comment.


Thursday, November 24, 2011

Christmas Quality-Hunukka Pricing BILLBOARD Removed! Is it Racist? (Photo)

Racist? (Credit Gawker for Photo)

From the "Call Girl Quality-Hooker Prices" humorous, eye catching advertisements comes this new billboard selling vodka (pronounced 'voodka'), a premium booze at skid row prices.

This Billboard and it's likenesses were recently removed in Southern California because of an outcry of racism.

Racist? C'mon .....lighten' up.... it's funny!


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Michele Bachmann Demands Apology from NBC for "Lyin' Ass Bitch" Intro Music!

Michele Bachmann-"Lyin' Ass Bitch"

From the "we can't make this stuff that nobody cares about up file" comes today's 'slippery slope soap (opera) politics' story that Michele Bachmann is demanding an apology from NBC. 

Jimmy Fallon
On Monday night, Bachmann appeared on the Jimmy Fallon Late Night Show. Amidst the boos, Fallon's house band gave the corn dog eating tea party queen intro music to the tune of "LYIN' ASS BITCH". 

Today "The 'lyin' ass bitch" is demanding an apology from NBC for the insult.   So?

Why? The 'shoe' fit perfectly. Jimmy Fallon has, however, since apologized. NBC has not apologized and we see no reason for them to do so. 

Glenn Beck? "Lyin' Ass Bitch?
Meanwhile, Glenn Beck, on his (pay for) 'glenn beck network' TV talk show that nobody watches or hears because nobody wants to pay to see or hear this "lyin' ass bitch" ranted and raved at Fallon, calling Fallon a "despicable, reprehensible human being."

Still meanwhile, some of the "lyin' ass Bitch" corporate media, that few people pay any attention to, is reporting  the Beck tirade. Why?

Bachmann-Jon Stewart
Still, still meanwhile the "lyin' ass bitch" appeared at the serial roadshow reality show Tea Party-Republican debate last night where she didn't get a soundbite, and poured water for the other candidates as Herman Cain made a case for 'privatizing the Patriot Act'. What?

Is this a soap opera or what? 

Is the "lyin' ass bitch" the Erica Cain of today's politics? 


Occupy Wall Street Poster---The Rise and Fall of "HOPE"---by Shepard Fairey! (Photo)

Street artist Shepard Fairey who presented his now iconic "OBAMA HOPE" poster in 2008, has re-imagined the subject matter and now presents his 'Occupy Wall Street' poster, "The Rise and Fall of HOPE."
(from a 99%'r)
We are reminded that "HOPE" continues.......

The 99% are taking back their fundamental Human Dignity and Self Respect.



Tuesday, November 22, 2011

FOX NEWS Viewers Know Less Than People Who Don't Watch News! Studies!---Bad News for a Corporate Media Outlet!

FOX NEWS Viewers and Rupert Murdock's FOX NEWS corporate media television outlet got some really BAD NEWS today with the release of yet another study on the 'media in America'.

This time, Fairleigh Dickenson University  took a careful, considered look and review of 'fox viewers' and used another group, a control group of Americans who didn't watch FOX NEWS or any other corporate news at all. 

The conclusion to their poll and study resulted in a summary statement providing that "fox viewers were less informed than those who watched no news at all"; that "fox viewers know less" than people who don't watch news.   

Among other questions, all people in the study were asked the same questions about the uprisings in the Middle East, using Egypt and Syria particularly.  FOX NEWS viewers were, as a group, far less likely to know or understand the basics of what had happened or was happening in the Middle East than those who didn't watch television news. FOX  NEWS viewers were also more likely to be misinformed about or wrong about basic facts concerning the Middle East.

The Misinformants?*
Last year The University of Maryland published a study representing a finding that "FOX NEWS viewers were 'less informed' and more likely to believe misinformation and false information about (American) politics than other news viewers". 

Also last year, Canada denied Rupert Murdock and FOX NEWS a broadcast license on the basis that this media outlet "wasn't news"!

Does this tell a story?

Accordingly, there is now valid empirical evidence that FOX NEWS cannot be trusted as a legitimate news organization. 

Your thoughts?   
*Glenn Beck (Bottom-Left) is no longer with FOX NEWS TV.                             

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Cursing-Swearing Dolls Spark National Outrage! Photos! Just 'In-Time' for Christmas!

Just in time for Christmas comes "The You and Me Interactive Triplets", a set of endearing appearing dolls with foul mouths.

"Hey! You Crazy Bitch", says one of the dolls when squeezed, and some parents are outraged. 

Sold nationally in Toys 'R' Us stores, spokespeople say they have no intentions to remove the dolls from their shelves. They also say the dolls are "baby babbling", not cursing. 

We've heard that "babbling' and that dolly is one foul mouthed little critter. So?

Hey, folks. This is simply the free market doing what the 'free market' does. If you don't like it, don't buy it and get over it.

This Hannah Montana Doll is Suspect
For the record, although 'the triplets' are getting the buzz right now, they are not the only disgusting, repulsive or 'suggestive' "dirty-dolls" out there.

One version of a Hannah Montana doll reportedly has a gutter mouth that would make Charlie Sheen blush. There are some naughty TELETUBBIES out there too. 

The Monster High Claudeen Wolf doll is a big seller. She shaves under her arms and her legs and might do a 'brazilian' every now and again. 

The Anthony Weiner Doll
Shortly after the U.S. Congressman Anthony Weiner scandal, the 'Weiner Doll' was born in two versions. 

So the beat goes on .........

...and to the collectors: Buy any of these dolls now, keep them wrapped in their original wrappers and 20 years hence you will have a very valuable commodity.


Saturday, November 19, 2011

Miss Piggy's (Political) Thanksgiving TURKEY List for 2011!

November is TURKEY MONTH! Thanksgiving! A time of reflection on the past with peace of mind and fullness of heart in the present and hope for a bright future.

Thanksgiving is a time for pause in all aspects of American life and it is to the political arena that our correspondent 'temptress of thought provocation', Miss Piggy, turns for reflection and developed her TURKEY LIST for 2011.

But first, Miss Piggy tells us Americans like FAT TURKEYS. Really fat turkeys shot up with all those growth hormones and antibiotics. 

In her Turkey research Miss Piggy learned that those turkey breasts coming from turkey farm corporate factories are more than twice as large as they were just a few years ago; and that today's factory manufactured  product-life span from egg to slaughter has been cut in half, thereby increasing profit by huge margins. 

Although the public gets a chemical-plastic type 'food', they seem happy with those chemically engineered breasts, according to Miss Piggy.  

Miss Piggy also found that Turkeys are not so distant cousins to the vulture family. Stupid cousins, to be sure. Sort of like the inbred families often found in the deep South and in fundamentalist Christian organizations. 

On the evolutionary curve turkeys would be found to the far right of vultures. A turkey's synaptic system is underdeveloped in comparison to vultures. Turkeys are slower to respond to outside stimuli such as prey which makes them vulnerable to just about everything, such as a FreedomWorks Matt Kibbe email soliciting for money. 

Miss Piggy has a long list of 'Turkeys' on her list this year, including Kibbe, Tony Perkins of The Family Research Council, Grover Norquist, Paul Ryan, Bryan Fischer, Gordon Robertson, Jim DeMint, Lindsay Graham, Fred Phelps and many others, but has boiled that list down to just two turkeys. Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann.

Miss Piggy says Bachmann and Perry embody the essence of  "turkey politics" omnipresent in American politics right now.

And here they are:

Bachmann enjoys those corn dogs, especially those prepared with pork. (Miss Piggy is appalled, of course.)

Rick prefers beef. But neither Perry nor Bachmann show much patriotism in that neither of them chose TURKEY!                    


Editors Note: In a few days, as we sit down to our Turkey dinners, let us take a look at the latest composite polls for our Tea Party GOP Presidential contenders.

Once both front runners and in the top tier in the polls, Perry and Bachmann COMBINED have an approval rating amounting to a SINGLE DIGIT! 

Herman Cain is nosediving to just above a single digit at 11%. Newt Gingrich is surging and is now at 18% with Mitt Romney remaining at 28%. 

Also, we hope it is understood that this article is our twisted parody of an important American Holiday with some fun made at this country's absurd political processes. SNL? Jon Stewart?


John Boehner Cries A RIVER---Again, Again and AGAIN! What Brought the Tears on This Time? (Photos)

Boehner Cries Again! ( Capitol Hill-November 15, 2011)
So what's The Speaker of the House of Representatives John Boehner crying about in these recent photos? 

Was it because his 'balanced budget ammendment' failed miserably in 'his house' by a whopping 261-165?

Was he caught masturbating at the morning prayer caucus?

Was he NOT caught masturbating at the morning prayer caucus?

Did Grover Norquist threaten to take away his gavel again? 

Did the teetotaler Billionaire Koch Brothers take away his vat of Merlot?  

Did Punk Paul Ryan piss in his Merlot?

Was his tanning make up contaminated with Eric Cantor fecal material? 

NO! It was none of these things.

Boehner was crying because he was emotionally overcome by Buzz Aldrin of astronaut fame from a bygone era speaking of his walk on the moon! 

This is the real story folks. We can't make this stuff up.

We, of course, have not seen The Speaker of the House shedding any tears for the millions of people who've recently lost their homes, seen their 401K's gambled away by Wall Street, lost their jobs and have no medical insurance or needing to spend what money they still have in taking responsibility for a family member who needs care because of a catastrophic illness. 

But Boehner is wanting to balance the budget on the backs of America's most needy, including our fighting men and women, while protecting the rich and the corporations from paying their fair share, and in some cases, paying any share at all, from taxes. And he has 165 "representatives of the people" in the Congress who agree with him.

Boehner's crying episodes have been well documented through the years, especially in the last year or so.

Hey folks, this guy is third in the line of succession to the U.S. Presidency. Can we do a little better? 

Maybe not.