Wednesday, August 31, 2011

U.S. CEO's Earn More Than Their Corporations Pay in Taxes! WEALTH CARE Vs. HEALTH CARE?

Photo Courtesy of Robbie Conal-Street Artist-Los Angeles, CA

eBay CEO John Donahoe
Today, Reuters is reporting a comprehensive study showing 25 of the highest paid 100 CEO's (in the U.S.) pay was greater than the taxes paid by their Corporations in 2010! 

Each of the CEO salaries reported here exceeded $10 million in 2010. 

Examples include eBay CEO John Donahoe who's company didn't pay any taxes at all in 2010. 

GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt
GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt company also paid no taxes in 2010.

Boeing Corporation did pay some taxes in 2010, which were less than CEO  Jim McNerney's $10 million plus salary.  

Boeing CEO Jim McNerney
Reuters report also said many U.S. corporations pay few, and sometimes no taxes by off shoring their subsidiaries to the tax havens of Bermuda, Singapore and Luxembourg, although their operations are clearly based here. 

With all the rhetoric coming from the Tea Party, Republicans and Democrats about the national deficit and the fact Medicare, Social Security and other social safety net programs are on the chopping block, why are the Corporations allowed these free rides with this Government "WEALTH CARE"?   

(The art shown above is the great work of street artist Robbie Conal. His work can be found in Los Angeles, California on Fairfax Avenue.)


Rick Perry Vaults Ahead of Mitt Romney and Michele Bachmann in Tea Party/Republican Polls!

Rick Perry

Governor 'Good Hair' (a Molly Ivins' quote) Rick Perry has vaulted way ahead of his nearest rivals for the Tea Party/Republican 2012 Presidential nomination according accredited polls (i.e. Gallup) last week and supported this week by a comprehensive CNN/ORC International poll released yesterday.  Especially among Republicans who identify themselves as Tea Partiers. 

T-Party Boy Rick Perry
Yes! Rick Perry is the supreme 'TEA PARTY BOY' at the moment!
He has displaced self proclaimed 'TEA PARTY QUEEN' Michele Bachmann by more than 20 points as of this writing. Mitt Romney, who is not a "PARTY BOY" trails Ricky by a whopping 30 points among Tea Partiers. But this isn't the whole story.

Mitt Romney
According to this most recent poll, among Republicans in general, including Tea Partiers, Perry leads with 32% to Romney's 18% to Bachmann's measly 12%. 

However, when Tea Partiers are separated from "other" Republicans, Perry captures 41% of their vote to Bachmann's 17% with Romney getting only 11%.  

Michele Bachmann
In a way, this is good news for Romney.  Romney's camp knows the 'Tea Party" is a lunatic fringe organization and as the corruption and ties to subversive groups (The White Nationalist Party) and well publicized affiliations to the Billionaire Koch Brothers and others become mainstream knowledge, Romney's candidacy can only profit by the inevitable fallout from these revelations. At least this is part of the Romney campaign strategy in addition to letting the 2 crazy fake Christian Holy Rollers fight it out with their revisionist Bible quotes. ("Thou Shalt Take from the Poor and Give to the Rich".)  

Meanwhile, in an unscientific Wall Street Opinion Poll, Romney leads Perry and Bachmann by 30 and 26 percentage points, respectively, for "Best Hair".


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Congress Members Want a PAY RAISE! Remarkable Arrogant Ignorance Personified!

Rep. Steve Southerland  Wants a Pay Raise

In perhaps the most remarkable political act of arrogant ignorance in sometime, during the last several months and as recently as last week, some congress members have been pushing for a PAY RAISE!

Rep. Linda Sanchez wants a Pay Raise

The number of congressional members who've signaled their "need" is large. We'll mention just 4 here. 

While most are Republicans, Democrats too have shown their stupidity and confirmation that congress is totally out of touch with 'the people'.

Rep. Renee Ellmers Wants a Pay Raise
In Florida, Republican Representative Steve Southerland spoke last week to a group of retirees in Tallahassee saying his $174,000 yearly salary in addition to his incredible perks which include but are not limited to the best health care insurance on the planet for himself and his family, office and travel expenses with 10 weeks paid vacation time!

Rep. Linda Sanchez, a democrat from California says she lives from paycheck to paycheck on her 174k a year (MSNBC interview March 2011), while Congressman Sean Duffy,  Republican-Wisconsin moans it's difficult raising 6 children and paying a mortgage on his salary.

Rep. Sean Duffy Wants a Pay Raise
Rep. Renee Ellmers, Republican-North Carolina echos her congressional cohorts sentiments.

The stance of these and other politicians is especially stunning when most of those pushing for pay increases are also proponents of the Paul Ryan Plan to abolish Medicare, reduce Social Security benefits and taking food programs away from the poor and unemployment benefits away from the unemployed.


Vote'em Out in November 2012! 


Monday, August 29, 2011

Martin Luther King Memorial Statue-----'Made in China'!

(Update 8/31/2011: It seems the MLK quote chiseled into the left side of this granite memorial has been 'MISQUOTED' according to Maya Angelo and others who know their 'stuff' about King. Well.....the memorial was "made in China".) 

It's true folks. The Martin Luther King Statue and Memorial was made in China! 

This memorial was to be dedicated this past weekend. However, because of Hurricane Irene, the dedication has been rescheduled to a later date.

The Martin Luther King Foundation has taken some significant criticism over the fact their memorial and statue was commissioned to and made in China by Chinese sculptors and artists.

A spokeswoman recently commented to us that it was simply more "cost effective" to give this work to China.

The Martin Luther King Monument is located on the Capitol Mall in Washington D.C.

Your thoughts?


Rick Perry-Adolf Hitler: Brief Comparisons and Commonalities! (Photos)

Books have been written and movies made about the cloning of Adolf Hitler. All fiction, of course, but entertaining just the same.

Through the years there have been parallels and references to later world leaders and politicians relating them to Hitler. 

Now, it seems appropriate to do it again. This time in the case of  Tea Party politician Rick Perry who wants to be President of the United States of America.

Hitler-Nazi Salute
It's easy to compare Rick Perry to Hitler because of Perry's positioning on basic ideologies concerning government and the people governed. 

There are some commonalities between Hitler and Perry and a number of U.S. citizens seem 'ripe' for a  harvest in the  Fascist cause bucket.

Hate, anger and especially FEAR are omnipresent in the U.S today. Add abject ignorance to this equation and we can find a formula for America becoming a Fascist State. 

Rick Perry-1972-Cadet-Texas A&M
Our objective here is not to go on some ramped up tirade. We just want to share these pictures with you along with some brief comments, and you can attach what you will to them.

This 1972 photo (at left) is of Perry while a student at Texas A&M as some kind of military cadet at that school. Certainly, there's a certain 'storm trooper' appearance to him. But it's not the attire that grabbed our attention. It's his expression and clear "Hitler" physiognomy. 

Since Perry is not a scholar and in fact did poorly in school as a student, we suspect he knew little about Adolf Hitler. 

As the photo shows, Perry was a nice looking boy with the attributes Hitler wanted for his "superior race" (without the blond hair). Hitler recruited youth early in his plans for a fascist world and Perry has been doing likewise with youth in fundamentalist Christianity.   
Hitler's Nazi Salute

Rick Perry's Recent Nazi Salute
Accordingly, we see something that may be in his DNA that intrinsically attracts Perry to Hitlerian logic. A kind of commonality of "dangerous minds" in the two men.

The above left photo is a recent one of Perry. We suspect he didn't know he was giving the "Nazi Salute". And then again maybe he did. 

White Nationalist Logo
The reports of The White Nationalist Party (WNP), a large, well organized "white supremacist" organization now being integral in The Tea Party are incontrovertible.  Was Perry's "salute" a signal to members of   the WNP  present in this audience? 

Perry's veiled "hate" for illegal aliens, specifically Mexicans, and his recent statements to send drone bombers into Mexico gives some credence to some alliance with the WNP and it's ideology. 

Perry has been the governor of Texas for 10 years. In that time Perry has chipped away at and in some cases succeeded in abolishing social safety nets for children, the poor and senior citizens in particular. People have died and are dying because of Perry's 'hitlerian' programs. There are no holocaust-ovens in Texas to our knowledge. But there may as well be because numbers of people died this year because they couldn't afford the costs of air conditioning. 

Both Presidential candidates Rick Perry and rival Michele Bachmann are in the money pockets of The Tea Party, with Perry being in the biggest pocket right now.

There is and must be questions about Rick Perry's fitness for President of these United States! Comparisons and commonalities exist between Rick Perry and Adolf Hitler.

Do you agree?


Sunday, August 28, 2011

U.S. Military Bans FARTING in Afghanistan! And We Thought Our Troops Are There to Win a War on Terrorism!

Although most of us thought the U.S. Military is in Afghanistan to  win a war against terrorism, it seems the Pentagon in their infinite wisdom has also taken the opportunity to BAN FARTING amongst our troops.

This another "only in the Military-we can't make this stuff up" story. 

Why would the military want to ban a bodily function? 

According to a pentagon spokesperson, along with banning swearing and talking about women, BANNING FARTS serves to "not offend the indigenous population of Afghanistan".

Creepy Girls Fart Too
Lets see if we got that right. Our troops are in Afghanistan to protect  7th Century barbarians who stink all the way to 'High Allah Heaven' because they don't wash their bodies except when the clerics tell them to bath, while killing terrorists and we don't want to offend this population? 

And our troops are supposed to hold back their FARTS in the process?


Saturday, August 27, 2011

Dog Guards Casket of Fallen Navy SEAL Jon Tomlinson--A Portrait of LOVE and LOYALTY! (Touching Photos)

LOYALTY is demonstrated and observed in many ways.

These pictures tell a story of loyalty without much comment.

Jon and Hawkeye
Navy SEAL Jon Tomlinson of Team 6 died on August 6, 2011 with 30 other U.S. Servicemen when his helicopter was shot down while on a mission in Afghanistan. His body was returned home and Hawkeye, his faithful Labrador retriever took guard at his masters casket and would not and did not leave it until Jon's body was buried. 


These photos tell Jon and Hawkeye's story of LOVE and Loyalty.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Zack Galifianakis---Bathing Suit Model?

..........IS ZACK HOT, OR WHAT?  


Tea Party! Contract from America! FreedomWorks! Can You Renounce/Denounce Affiliation with The White Nationalist Party? FINANCIAL SUPPORT HALTED UNTIL YOU DO!

The evidence is mounting and clear that The White Nationalist Party, a large Neo Nazi political organization, is entrenched in the Tea Party and by direct association influencing The Contract from America, FreedomWorks and other so-called "patriot" organizations. 

Why has the Tea Party and others NOT renounced/denounced their affiliation with The White Nationalist Party? Why have the politicians funded and elected by The Tea Party NOT repudiated The White Nationalist Party? 

Paul Ryan-Tea Party Funded
By noticeable silence are these organizations and politicians in support of The White Nationalist Party? A fascist hate group? Has The White Nationalist Party gone mainstream and gained some kind of credibility with the American public?

Allen West-Tea Party Funded
We don't think so. We believe those Americans who've contributed to and supported The Tea Party, Contract from America and other 'patriot groups' have not been let in on these groups 'dirty little secret' with The White Nationalist Party.   

Bachmann-Tea Party Queen

Those who support America and it's way of life demand response from these 'called out' organizations NOW and will suspend all FINANCIAL SUPPORT from your organizations until you do!  

(For information about The White Nationalist Party and it's affiliation with The Tea Party just "GOOGLE UP THE WHITE NATIONAL PARTY" for edification.)    


Giant Rat on a Pitchfork! (PHOTO) Consider the 'Caption' Possibilities!

From a Guest Contributor:

This photo of a giant rat killed by an apartment resident with a pitchfork in NYC is circulating the world-wide web.

Baby Jane and Blanche Hudson
Few images are more repulsive than that of a big, dirty RAT. Especially a dead one. When we first saw it our minds went to that classic old movie when 'baby Jane' served her invalid sister a dead cooked rat on a silver tray.

Accordingly, we wondered what kind of 'caption' possibilities our readers might conjure up.

So, be our guest! Take a shot at giving 'meaning' to this Rat and his life (in the comments section) so he didn't die in vain.


Thursday, August 25, 2011

Rick Perry Leapfrogs to Front Runner for GOP Presidential Nomination! Not Bad for A Fake Christian with Micro Penis Syndrome, HUH?

Rick Perry

Gallup (poll released August 23, 2011) and other major polls are confirming Rick Perry is the clear and present front runner for the GOP/Tea Party/Republican nomination for the Presidency!

Perry leads (at 29%) his nearest rival, Mitt Romney by 12 points who leads Ron Paul by 4 points. Bachmann has dropped to only 10% in Gallup's recent national poll.  

Perry's showing at the polls is not bad for a 'Fake Christian' with Micro Penis Syndrome. Right?

So, OK. We don't have a clue if Rick Perry suffers from Micro Penis Syndrome or not. But we can be sure about the 'fake Christian' part.  

Here's why.

Christ fed the hungry. 

Perry has done everything in his power as governor of Texas to deny food to the hungry through his rhetoric and legislation. Texas is number 1 in population percentage and population numbers in America according to U.S. "Hunger" indices. 1 in 5 people in Texas go hungry every day!

Christ healed the sick.

Perry has reduced medical care in Texas by curbing Medicaid and pimping for the destruction of Medicare and Social Security using the Tea Party model to do it. 1000's of people have died this year in Texas because they couldn't afford medicines and food and energy costs.

Christ taught LOVE.

There is nothing in Perry's resume and behavior that suggests LOVE.

Christ would not say, "blessed are the oil companies". Perry does.

Christ would not say, "blessed are the corporations". Perry does.
Christ would not say, "blessed is Wall Street". Perry does that too.

Still, Perry, the fake Christian, 'pander-prays' to slack jawed audiences hoping to snag voters so he can implement the anti-christian Tea Party Agenda.   

And to some degree it's working. He IS the current front runner for the GOP Presidential Nomination for 2012!

We question, however, Rick Perry's entrenchment in  The Tea Party 'body politic' and the recent revelation that "The White Nationalist Party", a neo Nazi supremacist group, is also embedded in The Tea Party and how Perry-the-candidate will deal with this fact. 

Rick Perry is an unfit "Christian" and he is not fit to be President of the United States. 


Michele Bachmann FASHION FAIL! (PHOTOS) Is There a "STYLE" Problem Here?

Creepy Girls "Style"

From a Guest Contributor:

A guest contributor found these recent photos of presidential candidate Michele Bachmann on Huffington Post and has shared them with us. 

It seems that while 'God's little Christian Soldier' girl talks to "HIM" all the time, nothing has been said about her "fashion style (?)". 

Editors Contribution
Once a Jesus Girl...
Always a Jesus Girl...

Fallen NAVY SEALs PHOTOS! Afghanistan - August 6. 2011-A Tribute!

On August 6, 2011, the U.S. Military suffered it's greatest combat loss in Afghanistan since the war began almost 10 years ago. 30 men, including 22 from Team 6 of the NAVY SEALs unit, died when their helicopter was shot down while on a mission by a surface to air missile. 

This is our simple tribute to America's BEST as commemoration of their service to our country.


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Steve Jobs Resigns as APPLE CEO! An Era Ends!

Steve Jobs

Today APPLE announced and Reuters is reporting Steve Jobs is stepping down as CEO. 

In a statement to his Board of Directors Jobs said he would tell them when he could no longer meet his duties as CEO of APPLE. "Unfortunately that day has come", Jobs wrote in a previously prepared statement. 

Jobs will immediately take the seat of Chairman of The Board of APPLE as Chief Operating Officer Tim Cook assumes the CEO position.

This is a developing story and we'll be updating it as more information is learned.