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The Florida Primary + Man Card Revoked = Disgusting! (A political Summary)

An Appropriate Summary of the 2012 Florida Republican Primary/What is This? BUTT FLOSS?
Florida Republicans just gave a super rich guy who destroyed thousands of American jobs, wears 'magic under wear', believes in baptizing dead people and thinks heaven will be having his own planet with an abundance of concubines 50 delegates to take to the GOP Convention in his quest for the White House!  



Not much else to comment on here, except to say he was the best of  the Republican candidates in the running.  

We also need to remark that the 'man card revoked' photo above conveys the same 'image-summary' as the Republican field of presidential candidates and their debates in recent months.

Beckham 'Bends It' At the Super Bowl in Near-Nude H&M Underwear TV Ad! Is This Gratuitous "soft" Titillating Porn? (Photos)

An Earlier Beckham Ad
Given that 2 Billion people will be watching the upcoming Super Bowl this Sunday, we are not giving a warning about the content of this article. What is shown here (and more) will be displayed for all to see very soon.

We've seen David Beckham's H&M underwear commercial to be shown on TV screens across this nation and the world and find it on the cusp of soft porn. 

We also question why that when Anthony Weiner 'tweeted' a photo of himself in underwear to one constituent half the world came unglued when it went viral on the 'net', while Beckham's far more suggestive 'teases' are sensational, yet acceptable TV fare on a Sunday afternoon. 

Does 'this' give new definition to "bend it like Beckham"? And what's with the tattoos?

Both men and women enjoy looking at others bodies. The world is full of 'good' bodies and 'not so good' bodies. 

Beckham has a good one and displays it well. And a lot of people are looking. 

Another question we have is, are Beckham's H&M Underwear Campaign photos an exercise in titillating 'soft' porn?

Photo Shopped? We Think So.
We categorize these things as 'soft porn'. So?

Virtually all of us look at it when it hits us smack in the face. Corporate media puts it there. So what's the big deal?

And then again, H&M needs to sell a lot of underwear as a  15-second Super Bowl commercial costs upwards of $4 million.

Ferris Beuller will sell some Honda Cars
Also, Ferris Beuller can also be seen selling Honda cars. Several times on Super Bowl Sunday.


"Take Down the Tea Party Ten" in 2012! New (CREDO) Super Pac Targets the "Worst of the Worst" Congressional Members!


-Sean Duffy (R-Wisconsin)
-Steve King (R-Iowa)
-Allen West (R-Florida)
-Joe Walsh (R-Illinois)
-Frank Guinta (R-New Hampshire)
Chip Cravaack (R-Minnesota)
-4 More to be Named Soon 

Right now The U.S. Congress suffers from the lowest approval ratings in their history. One reason for this poor performance is because of the congressmen listed above. They represent the absolute "worst of the worst" currently now in office. Most, if not all have signed 'The Grover Norquist Pledge' which means they work for him and not us.

The (CREDO) SuperPac was established as a grassroots organization and is present in each of these congressional districts with one single purpose. That purpose is to 'take these extremists down' and out of office this coming November.

These congressmen represent anti-American values and tenets with attacks upon senior citizens, women and veterans. They are anti-science, and are in lock-step together to end Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid as we know it. They don't believe in Constitutional equality and have worked toward crippling middle class Americans both economically and socially.  

The Great American Disconnect is not affiliated with this CREDO SuperPac. The Great American Disconnect does support the objectives of the CREDO SuperPac. For further information 'google' CREDO SuperPac. 

Take Down Allen West in 2012!
Also, The Great American Disconnect has several articles specifically about Joe Walsh and Allen West available on this blog. Better, just take a look at these congressmen voting records and what they support on their own websites and we rest our case.

Take Down Joe Walsh in 2012!
To the voters in these congress men's districts we encourage your votes to 'Take Down the Tea Party Ten' and cast them out of office this November and help to erase these 'stains' from American history.


U.S. Statesman Wealth Compared to The Middle Class Income! (Infograph-Romney Example)

This infographic was sent to us by a guest contributor portraying Mitt Romney's wealth tested against most of the rest of us income.

Our thanks go to Candice Parkson and her organization  for their good work.

Your thoughts?


Monday, January 30, 2012

MEN! Do You Want THIS in a Woman? (Photo)

A Texas Cheerleader

Do Men Want THIS in a Woman? 

To us, in a word,



Tom Brady-Gisele Bundchen Annual Income Gives New Definition to Celebrity Power Couples! (Update 11/25/12: See Their New "Digs")

In addition to being two of the most beautiful people on the planet, husband and wife Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen are very rich. 

Given his NFL 4-year, $72 million contract with the New England Patriots, Tom brings home about $18 million a year. Not too shabby even in a world where a gallon of gas is approaching $4.00. 

Gisele Bundchen
But it's Gisele who is really bringing home the bacon. As the world's highest paid Super Model for 5 years running, she puts $45 million a year into the hacienda vault.

In addition to their 'base' salaries, both Gisele and Tom have outside product contracts bringing in millions more for this Brady Bunch.  

Tom Brady
As earning couples go, Tom and Gisele out distance the likes of Brad and Angelina along with Beckham and the Spice Girl and bring new definition and meaning to Celebrity Power Couples.

(Update 1/25/13: It's not much, but Tom and Gisele are calling these new California "digs" home.)

Not too shabby!


Courtney Stodden-Hollywood Starlet Replaces Sarah Palin as "Evangelical Media Sound Bite Princess"! Was Palin abducted by Aliens?

Courtney Stodden in the Pumpkin Patch

Strutting her Evangelical 'family values' persona and 'stuff', Hollywood Starlet Courtney Stodden has replaced Sarah Palin as the new conservative Bible Belt 'sound bite princess'.

No longer quoted very often and off the radar, we wondered where Sarah Palin, our heretofore favorite political starlet had been of late.

Sarah Palin was not Abducted by Aliens
Our first thought was that she'd been abducted by aliens* and held captive in a space ship for lo these many months since the 'sound-bite princess' went silent. 

We were relieved to learn, however, that Sarah went back to the Tundra to gut a few moose for some R&R.  She has also been spotted making speeches in bowling alleys in the Bible Belt and supporting Newt Gingrich (in virtually unreported 'sound-bites). But no one seems to be paying much attention to her to the chagrin of evangelicals. 

We are told Sarah is feeling neglected and has considered actually saying she actually HAD been abducted by aliens in order to get her groove back. 

Courtney Goes to Church
Meanwhile, Courtney has been frolicking in pumpkin patches among other places and going to church. 

Courtney has also become a 'tweet' sensation (or is that 'twit). Either way she has 10's of thousands of 'twit' followers. And what is she 'twiiting'? Scripture! 

Yes, her 'tweets' are a strange uncommon mixture of Bible verses and suggestive innuendo. And this 'sells' big time in the Bible belt. Not as much as Tim Tebow or Anthony Weiner's penis sells right now. But it's selling.

Palin Speaking Engagement
Considering Sarah Palin's popularity ratings have tanked, a new evangelical media sound bite princess was inevitable and Courtney was ripe for the job.

Just for the record, Sarah's popularity has fallen below The Tea Party which has fallen below the Muslims in America. (Fact according to reputable polls.)

Meanwhile, there is 'trouble in paradise'. James Dodson and his Family Research Council (FRC), one of the largest evangelical Christian organizations in America, has strongly endorsed Newt Gingrich as their choice  for the Republican 2012 nominee for president. (As a meager point of interest, Newt lost 15 polling points to Mitt Romney since The Family Research Council endorsement in Florida.)

Also, an internal war is happening inside the Republican Party between the Evangelicals and Establishment Republicans for Party control. 

Recently Chris Christie, a spokesman for the establishment, said "Gingrich was an 'EMBASSASSMENT' to the Party". To which Palin replied that "Christie got his PANTIES in a wad" as Gingrich has won South Carolina by double digits. Christie quickly dismissed Palin by countering that the last time he looked "Palin wasn't wearing any panties".

Courtney on Hollywood's Walk of Fame
But it was Courtney who got the sound bite when she chimed in saying, "None of Newt's 3 wives wore panties and I don't either. Watch me walk".

Later, Palin went for another sound bite saying the Gingrich criticisms were "Stalin-esque". But Courtney was quick on the trigger adding, "Sarah thinks Stalin was some kind of dictator in Venezuela when every body knows Stalin is the Mayor of Cleveland and supports Mitt Romney". BULLS EYE STUFF!

Clearly, Courtney Stodden has replaced Sarah Palin as the new Evangelical Media Sound Bite Princess.

Creepy Girls Don't Approve of this Message
Although The Family Research Council has not sanctioned their new sound bite princess, one FRC member who asked not to be identified said, Courtney Stodden is GOD Given/FDA Approved 'TITS and ASS' for the Evangelical Conservative Republican-Tea Party!

*It was actually Michele Bachmann who was abducted by aliens.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Obama Painting Depicting Disrespect for The U.S. Constitution Goes Social Media Viral! A Message of Hate?(Photo)

Disrespect? To what and to who? Or just another Hate message.
Artist Jon McNaughton has a big 'hit' on his hands with this painting depicting President Obama disrespecting the U.S. Constitution. It's gone viral in the social media among the evangelical crowd and those who support Sarah Palin for the presidency.

Some zealots are buying it as a wall adornment in the way the White House with watermelons planted in front of it graced Gray Hound bus station toilets and Rick Perry's office in the Bible Belt a few years back. 

It is also curious that the possum pie eating audience is embracing the Constitution now when the previous Lord and Chief and his Administration were wiping their butts with it not long ago.  


Saturday, January 28, 2012

Mitt Romney: 'MAGIC' Underwear! Baptism For The Dead! + Newt Gingrich: 3 Wives, 3 Religions and Forked Tongue! = ARE THE REPUBLICANS SERIOUS ABOUT WINNING IN 2012? (Photos)

"Bringing Back The Values That Made America Great!"
-'a generic Republican Campaign Slogan-2012'-

Our political stories sometimes have parody and satire in them. This story contains neither. In this story we report only verified facts. This is one of those stories in which TRUTH is stranger than FICTION followed by asking the question, 'Are the Republicans Serious About Winning The White House in 2012'?

Newt Gingrich (L) Mitt Romney (R)
Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich are the current Republican front runners for the GOP 2012 presidential nomination. And one will probably go to their convention with 1144 delegates needed to win. 

We've predicted for the last year that Mitt Romney will be the GOP nominee and we have no reason to change this prediction. We also predict that Romney will win the Florida primary, a big State with lots of delegates-50. A winner-take-all State.


It's no secret that Mitt Romney is a Mormon. He has said he was a missionary serving in a foreign land and after that was a Mormon minister for several years. According to church dogma good Mormons tithe, wear "magic underwear" and follow the directions of church doctrine under Elders and Prophets authority.

Mormon Baptismal
One Mormon doctrine provides "baptism for the dead". Essentially the Mormon church selects who IT wants in their church 'from the dead' and baptizes them by proxy. The person has a living human 'stand-in' who might be baptized 100's of times in one day under a different name for each baptism. The dead person's name is then entered into Mormon records as being baptized into the Mormon faith.

For example, Albert Einstein and The Buddha have been baptized into the Mormon church according to available church records. Records also show that 100's of thousands of Jews have been baptized into Mormonism. Imagine the surprise Jewish organizations had when they learned 'their dead' had been co-opted by the Mormons.

Mitt Romney
That said, if Mitt Romney has not baptized the dead he certainly supports the doctrine and belief. He gave his church over $2,000,000.00 last year according to his tax statements. 

Since Romney accepts the 'authority' of his church by tithing, wearing 'magic underwear' and baptizing dead people, as President, what other 'authority' can Americans expect from their president to be taken by Mormon Elders and Prophets?

Mormon Temple-Oakland California
We believe this is a legitimate question  that hasn't been properly addressed. Since lying doesn't seem to be of much consequence to Romney and his faith, what kind of answer can Americans expect if this question is asked to the candidate in the first place. But we don't believe the corporate media will ask such direct questions.  

Newt Gingrich is the other front runner for the nomination right now. But even as we write Newt's campaign appears to deflating like a blow-fish. Still we need to take a look at him before we ask our overall question again. 

Pope Benedict-Mass 2010
Newt's 3 wives have been well covered. (In the media and elsewhere.) Suffice to say the world knows they're 'there'. What's lesser known is Gingrich's 3 religions. 

Newton Leroy McPherson was Newt's birth name. When his mother married a second time, he was adopted by his stepfather whose surname was Gingrich. 

Newt Gingrich
Newt was raised in the Lutheran Church. However, when he ran for congress in a Bible Belt State, Newt converted to Southern Baptist. It was only a few years ago Newt converted to Catholicism and now claims to be 'forgiven' of his past transgressions and a 'born again Christian'. Does this mean he wasn't a Christian when he was a Lutheran and a Southern Baptist?

We know from personal experience that anything can be 'forgiven', sins absolved, by the Catholic Church if one has enough money to pay for it. Many lifetime marriages have been 'annulled' by the Church so that remarriage was not a sin.

The Vatican
Witness the Kennedy's. Anytime a Kennedy wanted to dip his stick in a different crankcase, such was absolved by The Church. The Kennedy's gave BIG money to the Catholics and in some cases directly to the Vatican by some validated reports for their 'forgivenesses'.

So now Newt can do virtually anything and be 'forgiven' even when he speaks with forked tongue. (Although the last time we looked,  Blow-Fish didn't have tongues.) 

This all brings us back to the original question: Are The  Republicans Serious about their Presidential Candidate in 2012? 

Is this how the Republicans return to the "values" that made America great?


Etta James! The Great "EMOTIONALLY DIRECT" Voice of Generations is Gone! A Tribute!

Etta James (1938-2012)

Etta James, a true jazz icon, has died. She was 73 and succumbed to complications from leukemia on January 20, in Los Angeles, California.
Ms. James possessed perhaps the greatest 'direct, emotionally charged' voice ever in the annals of music.

The best tribute we can think of is to simply sit back and hear  this woman SING!

Etta James was an 'Original'.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Tim Thomas of the 2011 Stanley Cup Champions Boston Bruins Snubs White House Invitation for all the Right Reasons!

Tim Thomas-Boston Bruins

Tim Thomas of the Boston Bruins recently turned down an invitation to the White House honoring the team's 2011 Stanley Cup Championship season as "a right of a free citizen".

Tim Thomas is a 'class act' both on and off the ice. His decision to take the stand he did and his articulation of reasoning for not attending a White House 'photo op' enhances and elevates his stature to many thinking people in this country.

Thomas said, "........this is not about politics or party."  It's about ' corruption in all levels of government'. 

Tim Thomas
We congratulate Tim Thomas for his candor and taking 'what's wrong in America today' to it's fundamental core. 

The Executive, Judicial and Legislative branches of Government and almost everything else on down no longer work for the American people and haven't for a long time. All the evidence is before us in glaring neon and it seems most Americans don't have the eyes to see it. 

Tim Thomas 'sees it' and we hope given his professional stature, his well reported position has some public impact.  We also hope Thomas' detractors might respect his rights to say these things as a man and a citizen which has nothing to do with The Bruins.

When our politicians stop doing the work of special interests, when 'the money' is taken out and away from those making public law and policy, and when 'the people' are once again respected, only then can America begin to heal itself.   

Our thanks go to Tim Thomas for his clarity on this very basic subject matter and putting it in the major media without his own, or any political party agenda pandering.


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Calista Gingrich HAIR HELMET! Suitable for Battlefield Combat and Tank Turret Duty! A History of the "DO" That's Become a National Phenom!

Calista Gingrich

Any one who's seen Calista Gingrich, Newt's 3rd wife, says, "whats with the hair?". 

Now, from a Guest Contributor comes this investigation and explanation of a 2012 Tea Party-GOP Presidential wannabe First Lady and her HAIR HELMET "do". 

"Some call it 'the alien' look while other hair historians and commentators refer to it as '60's Bee Hive Neuvo' with a mint-julep twist. Suffice to say it took a lot of time and money to get to the place Calista is in today with her hair.

Calista Hair Before Treatment
"In our research we found a 'raw' photo of Calista when she was searching for just the 'right' style that evangelicals and the Vatican would approve of. The photo at left provides an idea of what Calista was working with in the first place.

Vivian Leigh as Blanche in Streetcar Named Desire
"But we must go back in time a bit to point out that Calista was born and reared as a genteel southern belle. Like a Tennessee Williams character, she seemingly has  "always depended on the generosity of strangers". Such was certainly so when she was Newt's mistress and he was generously taking care of her. But this is another story. Still, we can't help but wonder what mistress Newt is caring for now as Calista is taking care of her 'helmet hair'.

Rosie O'Donnell-Inspired
"Calista spends about $12,000. a year on her 'helmet hair' according to a number of articles we researched. A dollar figure that is more than what some American people in poverty have to live on for an entire year. But, this is very small figure when we consider Calista's 7 figure open credit line at Cartiers.

"Calista is a big Rosie O'Donnell fan a has been inspired by Rosie's quasi 'hair helmet DO', according to sources. Thus we have the present 'Calista Hair Helmet' and how it evolved that may sweep across this nation and the world! 'The Calista HAIR HELMET' which is also suitable for the battle field and tank turret duty will be available soon at National Dollar Stores.

"Like 'Daisy' and her much older husband (who enjoyed the company of mistresses too) in F. Scott Fitzgerald's 'The great Gatsby', Calista and Newt move ever forward in their clueless quest for the U.S. Presidency. 

"Do they have your vote?"


Rick Santorum On Cover of "Better Homophobes and Gardens" Magazine-January 2012 Issue! (Photo Preview From a Guest Contributor)

After our article about Rick Santorum's long history of  obsession and fixations about women's reproductive systems and gay sex, a Guest Contributor in Napa Valley sent this preview of the GOP-TEA PARTY favorite gracing the January cover of  'Better Homophobes and Gardens' magazine.

And this just in.....it is being reported that as ' The Rick'  entered Florida, the 'Dwarf Tossing'  State, to campaign in the upcoming primary, the TSA found 2 shop worn anatomically correct Barbie and Ken dolls and the X-Rated version of the Anthony Weiner doll, now a collectors item, in Santorum's  baggage. A Bible was also found, but it still had it's 'shrink wrap' intact with a 1963 date on it.

Is there a bigger story here yet to be told?

Stay tuned. And thanks to AF in Napa for her contribution.
(Credit TheIdiotical.com and Mad Magazine for the Better Homophobes and Gardens Magazine cover.)                                       

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Mitt Romney! Just a 'shucks kinda Guy' Running for President With INCOME of $57,000. a DAY Wearing Vile Underwear! (Underwear Photo)

Current Mormon Church Approved Underwear

First, most people know Mormons wear 'special' underwear. We've never thought about it much, and we've never seen it, until now. We searched the 'net' to find it.

Also, we've never thought of any candidate for president in their underwear. Such an image has never occurred to us.

But for some reason, every time we see Mitt Romney we get this vile and disgusting image of him in his Mormon underwear suit. This is a vision that almost always triggers a gag response. We know it shouldn't and we also don't know why it does. It just does. There is just something, well, dirty and wrong about what we see as some kind of 'social control' voo-doo.

This said as an aside, we take pause when Mitt Romney seems to be running for president on an ostensible basis of being a "regular guy", just a 'shucks' kinda guy, while his 'investments' provides him with an income of $57,000. a day. Lets repeat that. $57,000.00 a DAY!

Romney-'just a "shucks" kinda guy' at the Yacht Club
Along with this revelation coming from Romney's recently released Tax Statements, we also learn that he pays a Tax Rate of 13.9%. 


Most American families of 4 don't make 57k a year, much less 57k a day. Americans earning much less than 57k a year still pay a greater tax rate than the "shucks kinda guy" running for president this year under the Republican banner, however. 

Food for thought?

Romney put $57,000. in his Pocket TODAY!
BUT, The Romney Campaign reports that Mitt gave several millions to 'charities' in the tax years he opened up to the public. Looking a bit closer at those 'charitable contributions' we learn that the vast majority of his 'gifts' went to the Mormon Church. Mitt tithes according to Mormon doctrine.

And by the way, if the Mormon Church has authority over our (possible) President as to the under garments he wears and how much money he 'must' give TO THEM, what other 'authorities' will they claim? 

And how will the evangelicals and Jews take the fact the Mormons Baptize the DEAD? Millions of them. But this is another article coming very soon.

So, stay tuned.