Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Is This Magazine Cover Racist? FHM Pulls Periodical From Sales Counters!

Is this FHM Magazine cover from the Philippines Racist? Enough say it is and the periodical has been removed from sales counters. 

Take a close look at the models. The primary model has a light complexion and is wearing a red bikini. The other 3 models have dark skin and are wearing black bikinis. The caption reads "STEPPING OUT OF THE SHADOWS".



Meet Arthur Jones--Tea Party Republican (Neo-Nazi) Candidate for Congress! Says "Holocaust Never Happened--The Blackest Lie in History"!

Coming under the heading of "we can't make this stuff" folks, today we find a Tea Party Republican Candidate for the U.S. Congress who says, "The Holocaust Never Happened--The Blackest Lie in History"!

Arthur Jones
Lets meet Arthur Jones who openly flaunts his Neo-Nazi belief system and dogma. Jones is currently running for his party nomination in the Illinois 3rd District.

In the 2010 election cycle we had Rich Lott, a Nazi dress-up guy who, after being 'discovered' portrayed himself as a Nazi historian with a long history of Nazi ties who kept Nazi memorabilia and  otherwise quasi rejected that he was a Nazi sympathizer. 

Lott lost his congressional election in Ohio even though he was supported by Speaker of the House of Representatives John Boehner both financially and campaigning in his behalf. 

Jones is different. Jones unabashedly pontificates that the 'holocaust never happened' and according to his rhetoric hates Jews. Or, perhaps, like fundamentalist Christians HATES what homosexuals do, but say they "love the sinner", maybe Jones just HATES what Jews do.

Arthur Jones is 64 years old and sells insurance for a living. He also organizes "Family Friendly" Nazi events such as picnics and cake baking funding parties. 

There also seems to be some serious Tea Party Republican money behind Jones' candidacy. However, given the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in the 'Citizens United' matter we will probably never know who those sources are.  

We await the Illinois primary election and will take this story further should Arthur Jones prevail to run against 3rd District incumbent Dan Lipinsky.


March is National PIG Month! Honor Your Pig! Buy a Pork Chop!

With the entire month of March devoted to PIGS, it seems somehow appropriate that we pay tribute to them on a political blog.

But lets forget politics for the moment.  It's Pig Month after all with March 1, being National Pig Day! 

Certainly we all have pig bosses, pig friends, pig relatives and pig lovers. Maybe we're pigs ourselves. We all have pigs in our lives to which we can relate.

America loves it's pigs. And there's a lot of them. Just look around. There are pigs everywhere.

So this month, lets make a real effort to acknowledge and honor our pigs. Love our pigs. Buy a pork chop!

(Miss Piggy Approves of this Message.)


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Freedom for Women is Bad! Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell-Transvaginal Ultrasound Legislation! The War on Women Escalates! (Warning-Graphic Depictions)

Governor Bob McDonnell

Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell says  he "didn't realize the 'transvaginal' ultrasound legislation he was promoting for women who were contemplating abortion was an 'invasive' procedure."


That said, we're not surprised at 'backward' Bob's statements because this Virginia vagina legislation is not about women's health or 'protecting women'. It's about controlling women and their current freedom of  individual choice. It's about fundamentalist Christian bigots imposing their belief system on those who cherish thinking for themselves. It's about Christian "bullying" legislation.

This is a Transducer Probe (Blue Phantom Model) used in Transvaginal Ultrasound Examinations. The mannequin is used in Training Programs.
Bob McDonnell is a career politician, a devout catholic, and married with 5 children. He does not have a degree in medicine. He is "pro life", pro guns and anti gay everything. A 'death penalty kinda guy'.

From the evidence it seems McDonnell is working toward Virginia being a theocratic state, as long as that Theocracy is Christian.  

Bottom line to all this is that 'Backward Bob' is a Bigot. And Bigots have always been on the wrong side of the issues through history. 

This was the procedure proposed for ALL WOMEN choosing termination of their pregnancies  under Virginia's Transvaginal Ultrasound Legislation. Mannequin's are used in Ultrasound  Vocational Training Programs. 
Today Virginia passed legislation to require ALL WOMEN needing and/or choosing abortion to undergo an ultrasound procedure 24-hours prior to the abortion procedure. The 'invasive probe' part of this legislation was rewritten into an 'optional' category. Women are still required, however, to submit to an 'external' vaginal ultrasound examination even though medical experts say 'life' can't be determined with these procedures early in gestation. Rape and incest victims can opt-out of the ultrasound law under this compromise legislation.

Freedom for Women in Virginia must be a bad thing.


Mormons Baptize Gandhi by Proxy! Mormons Desecrate - Disrespect Hindu Religion?

Former Mormon and current genealogical researcher into the Mormon practice of baptizing the dead, Helen Radkey, is reporting the discovery that Mahatma Gandhi was baptized in Utah by proxy into the LDS Church on March 27, 1996! 

Radkey has been researching the Mormon data base for some time now with focus on dead Jews. She has previously reported 1,000's of names to relatives of dead Jews, most of which died in the Holocaust and who have been baptized by proxy into Mormonism. Radkey recently reported that Anne Frank was recently baptized a second time. 

Anne Frank Baptized (Twice)
After Radkey's Gandhi revelation, the data base has been altered to show "unknown" where Gandhi's name was written, according to this researcher. 

When notified of his grandfather's "Mormon" baptism, Arun Gandhi, now an American professor and peace activist, said the "baptism" is particularly puzzling in that Gandhi was a Hindu and against proselytising of any sort.

Hindus don't mark death the way Western Religions do. While Western Religions generally see 'life and death" (time) as linear, Hindus and most other Eastern Religions recognize 'time' as circular and believe in Reincarnation. Mahatma Gandhi was strong in his Hindu faith.

"There is no GOD Higher than Truth"- Gandhi
Accordingly, Gandhi's "Mormon Baptism" is being described as an "act of arrogant ignorance" by some. Others are describing it as one religions "disrespect and desecration" of another religion. 

With a U.S. candidate for President who describes himself as 'strong' in his faith, and as a former Mormon Minister, is not an open and candid dialog about some basic tenets of American Constitutional Law and Government in order? 'THE FREEDOM OF RELIGION'? 'FUNDAMENTAL PRIVACY RIGHTS'?   


Monday, February 27, 2012

Gay U.S. Marine Passionate Homecoming Kiss Photo Goes Internet Viral! (Photo)

Would Rick Santorum Approve?
This photo of USMC Brandon Morgan in a passionate lip-lock kiss with his partner Dalen has gone Internet viral after it was posted on Facebook's Gay Marine Group page.  

Some things do change!


Arizona-Michigan-Santorum-Romney + "MONEY BOMBS" + 'CITIZENS UNITED' + SuperPACS = Formula for The Destruction of American Politics! (Updates)

Rick Santorum (L.)-Mitt Romney (R.)
In just hours the formation of the GOP 2012 Nomination for President will be reshaped with the Arizona and Michigan primaries. There will be more clarity as who the front is and what to expect in the run up to the Republican Convention this coming August.

The voter turnout, like previous recent primaries, is expected to be small. Very small. Just a week or so ago Rick Santorum was leading Mitt Romney in the polls in both Arizona and Michigan, with a significant lead in 'the rust State'. But now Romney has taken the lead in both States.

So, what happened?

MONEY BOMBS! Lots of MONEY BOMBS engineered by SuperPACS. The Romney campaign carpet bombed the Santorum candidacy. And, according to the polls, they worked!

We will update this article with an analysis after the election results.

For now, however, some things needs to be said about MONEY BOMBS, SuperPACS, and how they work.

The term "MONEY BOMB" was first coined in 2007, when Ron Paul found success in quickly raising funds in a concentrated area and turning those funds into immediate and successful advertising for one of his many candidacies.

Later, The U.S. Supreme Court Landmark ruling in the 'Citizens United' v. Federal Elections Commission' in January 2010, allowed BIG Corporations with BIG Special Interests to put BIG Money into specific candidates elections with tenuous connections and separations between  them. And SuperPACS were born.

Restore Our Future, Endorse Liberty, Americans for a Better Tomorrow, and Winning Our Future, are just a few of the SuperPACS formed by Corporations and Billionaires to  win elections with elections for "their" candidates who will in turn do "their" bidding in shaping U.S. Law. 

So now we observe 'atomic' MONEY BOMBS exploding in State and Federal elections designed by SuperPACS with Special Interests from Big Oil, Wall Street, The Koch Brothers, Gambling Interests and Private Insurance Companies controlling what they do from behind closed doors.  The candidates themselves don't have to defend what happens in a SuperPAC world because they ostensibly have no direct control or responsibility according to ("Citizens United") campaign funding rules.

Grass Roots, real grass roots organizations, are puny by comparison with little chance to compete in today's political market place.

The U.S. Supreme Court
Did the 'Citizens United' (5-4) U.S. Supreme Court Ruling provide for a formula  to destroy American Politics? We think so.

We'll be counting the votes from Arizona and Michigan tomorrow night, so stay tuned.


Sunday, February 26, 2012

Oscars! The 2012 Acadamy Awards Show Review! Stunning Political Correctness-Colossal Bad Taste!

From Guest Contributor Movie Reviewer J. Dewitt Addison:

What can one say about a show where the laxative commercial was better than the "show"?

What can one say about a bloated, tired former comedian in the form without substance Billy Crystal as the show's host?

Billy Crystal
What can one say about the lackluster talent and political selections of the Academy itself for it's insipid so called winners? 

Plenty! But in a word, Embarrassment! Embarrassment for Hollywood and the motion picture industry in general.

Ostensibly designed to honor motion picture excellence, 'The Oscars' have become a stunning exercise in Political Correctness in Colossal Bad Taste. 

Why was the 'long in the tooth' Billy Crystal put in the host position when Hugh Jackman and Neil Patrick Harris actually made movies this year, are at the top of their game and proven 'high power' major awards show hosts? 

About the only good thoughts we have for Billy Crystal is that he was a far cry better than this years original selection Eddie Murphy would have been. 

The Best Movie winner was The Artist, a tribute ode to silent film made by the French and filmed entirely in Hollywood,  now joins previous forgettable winners, Crash and Hurt Locker in the archives.

The Best Foreign Movie went an Iran film because it was an Iran film. Hollywood must do what it can for good world peace, which everyone knows.

Certainly most of the major award winners won their statues because of Political Correctness which has little or nothing to do with motion picture excellence. One exception to this rule was Woody Allen's Original Script win for Midnight in Paris.

While 'the show' was mostly in bad taste, it was notable Hollywood gave equal tribute to Whitney Houston and the iconic Elizabeth Taylor. In stark contrast to the programs' bad taste was an original jaw dropping, entertaining performance by The Cirque de Soliel that resulted in a standing ovation.   

And our picks for best films of 2011?

-Red State
-My Week with Marilyn
-Midnight in Paris

For a look-see at a more honest and cutting edge film awards show, tune into the Independent Spirit Awards next year.

For unique film and DVD reviews, try our guest contributors website at 


Rick Santorum: The Separation of Church and State 'makes me want to throw up'! Is Santorum Inciting Government Overthrow? Treason?

Today, in still another off the rails rant, Tea Party-Republican Presidential candidate Rick Santorum remarked to George Stephanopoulos on ABC's "THIS WEEK" talking head program that the foundational tenet upon which America is built, the 'Separation of Church and State', makes him want "to throw up"!

No. This is not a statement taken out of context. Santorum later in the interview reiterated his remark and said he recently read JFK's 1960  "Church and State" separation speech and "almost threw up". 

Santorum's ignorance and hate here are a given. Rick Santorum wants America to be a theocracy. A Christian Theocracy.

Jared Loughner
But are Santorum's statements more than just political rhetoric? Is Santorum further infuriating the Christian "nut cults" and psychos who may be capable of Tim McVey and Jared Loughner type crimes?

Is Santorum advocating the overthrow of the U.S. Government? If so, this is a definition of treason, punishable by death if convicted. Yes?

Using our 'blogger attitude', however, we suggest shoving a few trans vaginal ultrasound tubes up Santorum's butt in search of little 'satan embryos in sweater vests' in gestation. The 'non-envasive' ones, of course. 

Then again is Santorum preaching 'christian anarchy'? 

From a pure analytical premise, it becomes clear that Rick Santorum has no expectation of becoming the 2012 GOP Standard Bearer. His outrageous sound-bite remarks are repudiated by even his conservative Republican-Tea Party brethren.  


World's Shortest Man Certified in Nepal! Guinness Book of World Records! (Photo)

Chandra Bahahur Dangi-The World's Shortest Man
At 21.5 inches in height, a new World's shortest man has been certified in Nepal by doctors and officials from the Guinness Book of World Records.

72-year old Chandra Bahahur Dangi who lives in a small village from near Katmandu in Nepal and a pensioner is taking his new celebrity seriously and plans a travel tour as a paid exhibit of world record holders.

Our congratulations go to Dangi and his new found fame!


Rick Santorum! Revenge of the Nerd? And His "FREEDOM is BAD for WOMEN" SuperPAC! (Photo)

No matter how you cut the cheese, that guy pictured on the right in his high school year book, Richard Santorum, was (and is) a nerd. A full time, unequivocal NERD! 

The boys in his classes didn't like him much and called him "queer". He always wore a plastic pencil protector in the left pocket of his shirt where he always had at least 3 number 2 lead pencils and the requisite leaky ink pen. 

"Little Ricky" was not, however, the last boy picked when it came to choosing a kick-ball team. His teachers didn't let him out to the playground as it was feared he would be the 'kick ball'.

Rick had many unfortunate experiences in the gym class, however. When it was discovered he wrote Bible Scripture on his penis, the ridicule forced alter-boy Ricky into the comforting arms and solace of his trusted Catholic priests. 

But mainly, girls didn't like Rick. They rejected him. Maybe it was because of the stale urine odor that seemed to surround him. Rick wet his pants a lot back then. Or maybe it was his passive resistance to brushing his teeth. Being a devout Catholic, Rick was required to brush his teeth once a week and he wouldn't even do that.

Rick Santorum
Whatever the reasons, GIRLS DIDN'T LIKE RICK SANTORUM, which from where his hate for women may have started.

Rick did manage to 'grow up', however, and look where he is now. Rick IS running for the U.S. Presidency! 

As a touch of irony, Rick IS the 'Social Issue' candidate. And as such he has embraced the overall Republican 'war on women' treatise. But Rick has taken it a step further with his "FREEDOM is BAD for WOMEN" SuperPAC. 

A Vote for Rick Santorum is a VOTE for CHASTITY, FREEDOM and The American Way!
His 'Chastity Belt for All Women' campaign promise is a centerpiece, the crown jewel of Rick Santorum's candidacy for the Presidency.

Creepy Girls Like Chastity Belts



Friday, February 24, 2012

Sarah Palin Aides Trash-Attack HBO Movie "GAME CHANGE"!

"GAME CHANGE"-An HBO Film Starring Ed Harris and Julieanne Moore (Above)
In an unusually harsh 'trash-attack' on the HBO Film, "GAME CHANGE", an equally unusual number of Sarah Palin's present and former aides are calling this movie "SICK" and "inaccurate".

Yet, all those who spoke out against this soon to be released 'time-framed' biography of the ill-fated 2008 McCain-Palin run for the White House say they haven't seen the movie.

(Is this the logic and attitude that took Palin down to DODO Bird status in the first place? 'Conclusion' rhetoric without any knowledge of the subject matter?)   

Unbiased critics and those who experienced the McCain/Palin campaign first hand who HAVE SEEN the film say it's smartly "accurate" and faultless in integrity of presentation.  


Rick Santorum Screams: Romney Team "ALL DEMOCRATS"! Romney Responds: 'Santorum Writes Bible Verses on His Penis'! A Short Report From The GOP Primary Front!

Yearbook Photo

From a Guest Contributor in Arizona:

There is certainly no love lost between GOP nominee hopefuls Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney these days.

With the Michigan and Arizona primaries just a few days away and Super Tuesday in less than 2 weeks, the brick bats are flying from both the Romney and Santorum camps in the fight for the Republican nomination for President. 

Richard Santorum Today
Today, Rick Santorum unleashed a barrage of 'nuclear bombshells' on Romney saying, "Romney's campaign team is ALL DEMOCRATS!" 

Romney countered with a bombshell of his own by reporting Rick Santorum 'writes Bible verses on his penis', in Tim Tebow style. 

A Serious Mitt Romney
The verse Romney is referring to here is the shortest verse in the Bible. "Jesus Wept" (John 11:35--King James version), which can only be read when Santorum is aroused, for procreation purposes only, of course. Otherwise, it reads 'jew', provided one is looking. 

We're not looking, but we're told the Sheriff of Pimal County Arizona, Paul Badeu aka "Studboi 1" has peeked a few times and turned it down, although the 'jew' part was food for thought.

Miss Piggy Reports
This new information comes from our correspondent, Miss Piggy, who stays informed about such things from her good friend, Arizona Congressman Ben Quayle aka Brock Landers of scandal.  

We all await with prurient interest for the next chapter of this  continuing Republican Nomination saga.


New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez in Spat with Hair Dresser ! A 'HISSYFIT' War of Words in The Land of Enchantment about Gay Marriage!

New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez

From a Guest Contributor:

Is this an "in America only" Political story? 

You decide.

There are a multitude of reports circulating the Internet that New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez is in a major "HISSYFIT spat" with one of her hair dressers, Antonio Darden of Santa Fe.

Antonio Darden takes his HISSYFIT To TV
It seems that upon  learning of the Governor's negative stance on Gay Marriage that hair dresser Antonio Darden has dumped Susana as a client in HISSYFIT style. 

It all started with a recent phone message from Darden to Martinez with a barrage of machine gun HISSYFIT phrases noting that he was "upset and distraught" about her stance on rejecting Gay Marriage as potential law in New Mexico.

HISSYFIT Gov. Celebrates New Mexico Birthday
Then, 'the Gov' HISSYFITTED back with her own HISSYFIT inspired statements.

Now Darden has carried his HISSYFIT position to TV News and is HISSYFITTING there too.

Helmet-Hair Calista Gingrich
Does this not give new meaning to 'the Land of Enchantment'? Is there a new "HISSYFIT-do" in the offing? Will Calista Gingrich exchange her "Helmet Hair" for the "HISSYFIT" in a political pander to the Gay Community for their votes?

We await the next chapter in this HISSYFIT war of words in American politics.

Editors comment: The reason we report THIS "political" story is because it's better, more informative and far more honest than what went on this past Wednesday night at the 20th Republican Presidential candidate debate in neighboring Arizona.


Thursday, February 23, 2012

Rick Santorum's Campaign Promise: Chastity Belts for All Women! (NSFW)

Santorum for Chastity and FREEDOM!

The SANTORUM Promise! 
In keeping with his credo to 'protect women' (which is a 'mans' job to do) presidential Tea Party-Republican candidate Rick Santorum says his first act of duty as president will be to propose and sign into law a Constitutional Amendment for ALL fertile women  to be required to wear Chastity Belts until marriage, and only then to be taken off for procreation purposes.

Also, recognizing Santorum's ongoing preoccupations with women's reproductive systems and gay sex, along with his devout fundamentalist Catholicism, insiders say this is their candidates most important campaign promise because he also promised chastity belt legislation and enforcement of this law to the Lord and Grover Norquist. 

"This is how America will regain it's strength and the moral high ground", according to Santorum. 

Santorum also says, "chastity belts have come a long way since medieval times in effectiveness, comfort and looks." He has had staff working on various models for some time and some of these newer designs are shown here.

Santorum is also counting on job creation with chastity belts being a wholly  made in America product. We can count on a minimum of 150 million "belts" being sold almost immediately upon Rick winning the election according to his chastity belt spokesperson. 

Male Chastity Belt
The Santorum campaign team is also looking at ways to control gay male 'sex' as lesbian 'sex' would be controlled by the belts. Accordingly, chastity devices are also in development for the male organ. (See the prototype at right.)

~Contributed by 
"Nothing says Trust Like Chastity Belts"

Jeremy Lin Shows Support for Friend Chris Humphries!

Jeremy Lin-Kris Humphries

Although adversaries on the court from time to time, NBA stars Jeremy Lin and Chris Humphries are friends every place else. 

Lin has privately supported Chris from the beginning of Humphries bad shake with 'what's her name' and is now openly vocal about the boos his friend has been getting on the court, saying they're unwelcome and not needed.

What Chris seems to innately know is that the best revenge comes in the form of new successes. And Chris has been chalking up success after success this season when the numbers come in after each game. Boos or no boos. 

And Lin agrees saying, Chris is "playing really well this season." 

And we can say what neither Jeremy or Chris can say publicly. Soundbite-media whore, no talent Kim Kardashian is teasing the media with gestures suggesting a relationship may be developing between Lin and herself. Lin has been quick to quash any such rumors, however, and to his credit has "ditched the bitch" forthwith with some very clear and succinct words of his own to the press.