Saturday, March 31, 2012

Does Rick Santorum Have a DOMINATRIX in His Life? An Exclusive Report from a Romney Supporter! (Photos)

This stunning exclusive report comes from an investigative reporter in the Mitt Romney Camp on the campaign trail. 
 Is there a Dominatrix in GOP Presidential candidate 
Rick Santorum's life? 

VIP Dominatrix January Seraph
First meet VIP Dominatrix January Seraph. 
But more about her later. 
There is a curious connection between her and fundamentalist Christian Rick Santorum and this association will be discussed here and only here.

Rick Santorum
Although Rick has put up a valiant fight for the Republican presidential nomination, insiders have known for a long time that statistically he has no chance of winning. 

Santorum's Christian base has been kept in the dark about this reality and Rick has been feeling the pressures mounting. Rick knew months ago that his failure to qualify for the ballots of some States negated his chances to become the nominee. 

Rick Santorum on the Campaign Trail
Essentially, Rick Santorum has been living a lie and has duped millions of Christians out of their votes these past months. Rick does have some conscience and honor about him and needs to do some penitence for his sins.

While campaigning in Illinois several weeks ago for himself and Tea Party favorite Joe Walsh, Rick met January Seraph. They met on their hotel's elevator. 

January at Work
He had been at a fire and brimstone campaign function that night and January had been servicing a well known political client. (For the record, January is the consummate professional and shares her client list with no one.)

Tim Tebow
Both were tired and had their guards down a bit and January and Rick went to his room. While sipping a nightcap of Dr. Pepper, a conversation began, first with small talk. But Rick soon got serious and asked January if she was "saved", a "born again Christian"?

Palin (L.)/Bachmann (R.)
He followed up evangelically by showing January suggestive photos of Tim Tebow along with Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann, and then became emotionally overwhelmed.

January is one smart lady, and recognizing a potential client she went along with Santorum's theme and seized the moment. In a split second, Rick found himself on the floor and under submission to January. He was at peace!

We'll leave our reporter's story here and without further detail. But suffice to say that Rick is a new man on the campaign trail. Sources say he has had a number of January's treatments in these past few weeks and exhibits a new stability and purpose.

(Editors comment: We don't know if Rick Santorum has a dominatrix in his life or not. It's a good story though, although not a single event in it has validation.  However, we can't make this stuff folks, but others can.) 


Friday, March 30, 2012

Great Balls of Fire! Jerry Lee Lewis Marries for 7th Time! Keeps it 'All in the Family'! (Photos)

Jerry Lee Lewis Today

Goodness gracious! It seems Jerry Lee Lewis, 76, still has those "Great Balls of Fire"! And, once again, he's keeping it 'All in the Family'.  He's married for the 7th time!

Jerry Lee married Judith Ann Coglan Brown, 61, in Natchez, Mississippi earlier this month. 

Judith Ann has been represented as Jerry Lee's 'caretaker' for the last several years and is also a former wife of one of Jerry Lee's cousins. 

We suspect that although Jerry Lee may have lost some of his 'faculties' over the years that there was "A Whole Lotta Shaken' Goin' On"  in the Lewis camp between Jerry Lee and Judith Ann and things needed to be made right in the eyes of the Lord. 

Jerry Lee and His 14 year old cousin Bride-1957
And so they were married!

Jerry Lee made some news back in the 1950's with his first marriage when he married his 14 year old cousin.  

Now into his 7th  marriage some 50 or so years later we wish the current bride and groom the best of wishes. 

Only in the Deep South and only in America, folks!


The OBAMACARE Alternative! Sometimes a Picture Says it All!

This photo comes from a Guest Contributor:

"Sometimes a picture says all that needs be said". 


Republican Power Broker (Former Mississippi Governor) Haley Barbour's Direct Connection to Iran's Nuclear Program! How Corrupt Does it Get?

Joshua Hersh

Haley Barbour, GOP Power Broker and former Governor of Mississippi, has some serious answering to do to America and God!

Josh Hersh of the Huffington Post has written a stunning and comprehensive, documented investigative report telling of Barbour's direct connection to Iran's nuclear program that now threatens world peace.

Haley Barbour
Hersh's article, "RUSSIA'S BARBOUR SHOP--Haley Barbour's Lobby Firm Tied to Iran's Nuclear Program", traces the former governor's BGR Group (a lobby concern co-founded by Barbour in 2002)  through a series of events that found his lobby group represented Russia's Alfa Bank. 

Alfa Bank has been a client of BGR since 2002 and was a primary financier of Iran's nuclear facilities.  Alfa Bank also has an international reputation as being "one of the most controversial (corrupt) empires on the planet", according to Hersh.

Hersh learned that BGR has lobbied for Alfa Bank on all levels of government including The White House for an 8 year period. 

We present this very broad overview of Hersh's intricate work (which can be read in it's entirety in The Huffington Post archives at their website) because it's substance represents a reprehensible disconnect between what our politicians are saying and doing publicly and what they're doing behind the scenes and backs of the American people. Are Republican politicians and their 'business concerns' culpable should a nuclear holocaust occur between Iran and Israel?

Could THIS be the Result American Political Involvement in Iran's Nuclear Program?
Paul Ryan (R. Wisconsin)
Just as House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan has OPENLY unveiled the Republican repressive, controlling dystopian budget under the disguise of 'progress' (which overwhelmingly passed in the Republican dominated House of Representatives this past week), how many HIDDEN "Barbour type" shops are in our midst working against America and the American people?

Accordingly, we along with other bloggers are calling for an immediate transparent investigation by the DOJ. Certainly the corporate media won't.


Thursday, March 29, 2012

Do You Have Republicans in Your Vagina? The GOP War on Women's Rights Continues!

Credit to via Tex Shelters Online
This "medical diagnosis" for all thinking American women comes from a comment-contributor, Tex Shelters Online, in an article by

To review the entire article, tune into this website. This woman can WRITE!

Meanwhile, do you have Republicans in your vagina? A lot of women do. This War on Women is going to get worse before it gets better. And we can do a lot to win it.

These cretins believe compromise is weakness. So lets not give them any. Let us all work to vote them down on the Federal, State House and local levels this coming November, and just keep doing it every election cycle until they become footnote jokes in history.

Then, and maybe then our daughters and their daughters will have uncompromising respect in their futures!


Pope Benedict News! Visiting Cuba, Fidel Castro Asked, "What does a Pope do?" (Photo)

Pope Benedict/Fidel Castro-March 28, 2012 (Cuba)

Coming from the 'We can't make this stuff up' file, Pope Benedict was in Cuba yesterday and visited Fidel Castro who asked the pontiff, "What does a Pope do?"

We don't know the Pope's response, but if Castro had been on top of the news he would have known this Pope covers up Church child physical and sexual abuse matters around the world, tried to cover up a prostitution scandal in the Vatican and intrudes into American politics.


William Levy (Naked?)--Underwear Model Turned DWTS Buzz Sensation! Now the Subject of Controversy! (NSFW)

Update September 5, 2012: 
People Magazine (EN ESPANOL)
 says so on this months cover.
Dancing with the Stars is getting some big time BUZZ this season over contestant William Levy, a former underwear model turned actor turned dancer. 

Now there's some controversy about his photo ad campaign of a few years back for N2N Mesh Underwear. Is this nudity? Porn? You decide.

However Mr. Levy's underwear ads are labeled, or whatever they are called,  we're calling this a great promotion and marketing stunt for a tired old TV show with sagging ratings. 

(Update May 29, 2012: These following photos were sent to us by a guest contributor with the dare to publish them.) So...we did...and now we've censored them.....

~Contributed by 
Mark Wellman, New York

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

National Rifle Association (NRA) Introduces 'Concealed Weapon' Hoodie! Cashing In on Trayvon Martin Death? (Photo)

This is the NRA's newest product. A Hoodie with the ability to carry concealed weapons!

The following may have been what went on in the NRA Boardroom shortly after Trayvon Martin's death and the media blitz that followed:

"Hey guys, there may be something for us with that little nigger kid getting killed down there....where was it? Florida? With all that 'hoodie' stuff and all.......China is ready to go with our "concealed weapon Hoodie Sweatshirt" at $0.86 a copy. We can sellem' for $60.00-$65.00 ..... good profit.....yes?"

And so we now have the NRA's latest product! Is the NRA cashing in on the death of Trayvon Martin?


Trayvon Martin News! Racist Cartoon Appears in The Daily Texan (Photo) + Trayvon's Mother to 'TRADEMARK' His Name!

The Daily Texan
This illustration recently appearing in The University of Texas, 'The Daily Texan' has bee pulled for obvious reasons.

Meanwhile, Sybrina Fulton, Trayvon Martin's mother took time out from her 'grieving' to 'TRADEMARK' his name.

Trayvon Martin
Reuters is reporting that Ms. Fulton has filed papers to trademark "I AM TRAYVON" and "JUSTICE for TRAYVON" to collect revenue from T-Shirts, Hoodies, and other products bearing Trayvon's name.

Only in America, folks!


U.S. Senator Ron Johnson Gives Erroneous Advice to Women who Can't Afford Birth Control Medication!

Senator Ron Johnson (R-Wisconsin)

In a random 'statement of stupidity', this past weekend Freshman Tea Party U.S. Senator Ron Johnson gave some erroneous advice to women (who say) they can't afford birth control medication.

Johnson said essentially that birth control is free. Just 'google' "what if I can't afford birth control?" and "bam, it pops right up".

We took 'ThinkProgress' lead, followed the senator's advice, and found Johnson wrong. We found that birth control meds would cost $210. in the first month and an abstinence website among other superfluous sites. 

We were going to profile this politician in our "Meet..." series but decided not to waste our time and energy.

Ron Johnson appears as just another Tea Party ideologue puppet who votes in the U.S. Senate the way he's told to vote while his head is ensconced in the anal cavities of the Billionaire Koch Brothers.


Has Fundamentalist Christianity Gone Too Far? Assembly of God Church Kidnap Children at Gun Point to Teach Lesson on "Christian Persecution"! A Community is Outraged!

Glad Tidings Assembly of God Church, Middleton, PA

Suppose you sent your children to Bible class at the Glad Tidings Assembly of God Church in Middleton, Pennsylvania  when upon arrival to the classroom your children were met by men with guns, physically forced to the ground, blindfolded, then herded  into a van and taken to an undisclosed destination.  


Suppose that destination turned out to be  the home of the church pastor and the pastor told the children they had just received a lesson in what it was like to be a "persecuted Christian". 

This event actually happened not long ago at "Glad Tidings". Parents were not notified of the "lesson" content and the children actually believed they had been kidnapped. The result has been a righteous community outrage and criminal charges may be levied against church officials. 

Meanwhile, some of the children remain traumatized by the event.

Rick Santorum
For the record, Christians are not at risk in America of being "persecuted", nor is any other religion at risk.

We suggest that the perpetrators of this crime have been psychologically and emotionally persecuted themselves to the extent that they they were 'dumbed' to the point of abject colossal stupidity by those in our midst who preach such things.

We also suspect that there are thousands of these like minded dumb shits out there who for the most part are tuned into The 700 Club and who are voting for Rick Santorum in the Republican presidential primaries.


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

EDGE Shaving Gel Ads Take 'SIZE MATTERS' to new Proportions! (PHOTOS)

It seems the days of scantily clad women selling men's products by sexually teasing naughty 'come hither' poses are going the way of the DODO bird. 

These Edge Shaving Gel ads will soon appear in periodicals across the country and in Europe. Certainly their message is clear and direct: 'Guys with big "dicks" use Edge'.

Since political ads mimic and reflect commercial ads, will we soon be seeing these types of advertisements selling political candidates?

For example, "Newt has a bigger 'dick' than Ron Paul". Or, "Santorum tattoos The Bible on His Penis (King James Version)".

Disgusting thoughts? They are to us. 

Just as disgusting as the field of Republican candidates we have to choose from in this election cycle, and just as disgusting as the Edge Shaving Gel ads that will be in our faces soon.


Global Warming PROOF! (Photo)

This PROOF of Global Warming comes from a very special Guest Contributor in Montana.

Well? Does she have the PROOF?


Monday, March 26, 2012

The Treyvon Martin Story! A Call for Sanity! Let the Authorities Do Their Jobs! (Updates))

George Zimmerman

(Update: April 12, 2012: Yesterday George Zimmerman, Trayvon Martin's confessed killer surrendered himself  to authorities and was subsequently charged with second degree murder.

George Zimmerman-April 12, 2012
Today, Zimmerman appeared in court, heard the charges read  him and was placed on a no-bail hold. Zimmerman is expected to plead 'not guilty' at his next hearing. 

Second degree murder carries a maximum sentence of 'life imprisonment' in Florida.

More to come....
Sharpton (Front L..)/Jackson (Front R.)

 (Update: Today the Reverends Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson took their  'circus act' to Florida to console Trayvon's family and to rescue his tarnished reputation. 

These equivalents of ambulance chasing sleaze lawyers who always seem to 'show-boat' up at tragic events with photo ops and publicity sound bites are once again taking a serious matter a young mans memory to new lows in America's pop culture.

Will Trayvon Martin ever be given dignity and due respect?

Treyvon Martin
The Treyvon Martin story is a story of what's wrong in America. 

Mourning this tragic death is one thing. Hoards of passionate 'brainless' people fueled by a passionate 'brainless' corporate media 'lynching' mentality of George Zimmerman and a  calling for a predetermined-flawed  definition of "justice" in Treyvon's case is quite another matter. 

George Zimmerman
This is a police matter. This is not a matter to be determined by an evangelistic Al Sharpton who knows no more about how Treyvon died than the rest of us know. It is not a matter for politicians to pontificate about, including the President of the United States. 

We take no position on this local homicide Florida issue that should have remained a local issue.  The facts of this case are yet to be known. Still, "hoodie" lynch mobs are calling for "justice" in a "show" of colossal abject ignorance and insipid stupidity about an event they know little, if anything, about.

Let sanity prevail. Let the police do their job. And let Treyvon Martin rest in peace!


Man Sets Self on Fire in Protest of China's Oppression in Tibet! Graphic Photos!

New Delhi: These graphic Associated Press Photos were taken yesterday of Jampa Yeshi in self-immolation in protest of China's oppressive treatment of Tibet and it's people. 

Some people choose death over living in exile and oppression. Jampa Yeshi was one of them.


Corporate Media 'BITCH-SLAP WAR' Reporting! Meghan McCain V. Bristol Palin and More...Pop Culture Sleaze Morphs into Political Sleaze! (UPDATE: 4/3/12--Palin v. Couric)

(Update: April 3, 2012: It seems we have a rematch of the Katie Couric/Sarah Palin 'bitch-slap' contest and the corporate media is giving it some high profile attention.

Recall in 2008, when Couric interviewed then VP candidate Palin and made Palin look like a 'turtle-terd' and the rest is history.

Now, ABC's 'Good Morning America' has Couric guest hosting in the ratings war with NBC's 'TODAY' and Palin has been assigned a guest host stint there in a direct confrontation.

Meanwhile, does anyone care?)

Certainly there is little love lost between the political family McCain and the  pop culture-political phenom Palin family.

As a case in point, last week, Meghan McCain, the outspoken daughter of Senator John McCain,  lashed out at pop princess Bristol Palin saying "everything (Bristol) had written in her book were lies."

This is not the first time the McCains and the Palins have gone "bitch-slap" at each other, and it probably won't be the last. But their story is of little importance to this article. 

Our point here is that the Corporate Media enjoys it's 'BITCH SLAP' reporting and in the process drives what Americans are given as "news".

The McCain-Palin story is a simple  example of a cultural evolution we've noticed over the past several years. We call these things 'BITCH SLAP War' reporting.   

Other examples of BITCH-SLAP Wars include Sarah Palin v. Ann Coulter, Tila Tequila v. Paris Hilton, Dan Savage v. Rick Santorum, Dick Armey v. Hillary Clinton and on and on and on........

'BITCH-SLAPPERS' are not confined to the "sound-bite queens" in America's pop culture. Many "men" are also part of this phenomenon. Rush Limbaugh, Matt Kibbe and Glen Beck come immediately to mind.  

Essentially, real news has been morphed into the sleaze of pop culture that no one really cares much about anymore. And the ratings of these media outlets and their "personalities" show it.

Television News, Newspapers, much of the print media and so-called "news talk shows" have all experienced serious declines in popularity in recent years. People are going elsewhere for information and leaving the shabby stuff to the Murdoch media empire and it's counterparts.  

Real news can be found, but one has to look for it. NPR, the BBC, and The Christian Science Monitor are good beginning places.

But if you're interested in Miley Cyrus's new nail polish, stay with the Corporate Media and it's 'BITCH SLAP' reporting mentality.