Monday, April 30, 2012

Senior Citizens! Are You Ready for a $6,000+ Yearly Out of Pocket Increase in Your Medicare? NOW?

From a Guest Contributor in Alabama: 

Look out Senior Citizens! We're under attack again from the Paul Ryan Republican Budget recently passed by the GOP dominated House of Representatives. 

Are you ready for a $500.00+ a month out-of-pocket increase for  your  MEDICARE? 

Cartoon Added as an Enhancement to our Contributors Statement
Should the Paul Ryan Budget become law, we would have a $6,000.00+ a year bill  established IMMEDIATELY UPON PASSAGE! 

Check out our facts! We are correct!

And, some Democrats are saying the Ryan Budget has some merit.

I can't afford it! Can You? 

Look out Senior Citizens and vote our INTERESTS!


Nude Madonna Photo Hits the Auction Block! (Graphic Image Warning))

This nude Madonna Photo was released along with an album in 1990! Now the original is soon to be on the auction block. 

This 22 year old picture demonstrates how things can change.

Today, Madonna is older, very rich and looks a bit more like a gunny sack full of muscles. She is no longer that soft feminine beautiful young woman so many of us admired.


Scorned Dentist Pulls Out All Ex's Teeth! Faces Jail Time!

Image Not of Subjects in this Story

Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. 

Almost 20 years ago, Lorena Bobbit hacked off her husbands penis with a kitchen knife after he raped her. At the time all men on the planet cringed as women saw the event from a completely different point of view. But this is another story soon to be reported in our 'cultural iconic events anniversary series' very soon.

Now comes this current bizarre story from the UK in true Lorena Bobbit tradition.

Jennifer Aniston from 'Horrible Bosses' Movie
Even Jennifer Aniston's portrayal of the sex-crazed, scorned dentist in the film 'Horrible Bosses" didn't match up to this real life story.

This past week Dentist Anna Mackowiak, 34, pulled all 32 of her ex-boyfriends teeth in a scornful  act after he dumped her for another woman, according to London Police as reported by NDTV.

Marek Olszewski, 45, is recovering from the ordeal and will soon be fitted with false teeth.

Meanwhile, the good doctor said her anger and frustration got the best of her after her ex kept a previously scheduled dental appointment. It was a lapse of professionalism, she said. 

Dr. Macowiak is now facing jail time on charges of medical malpractice.

Sometimes people do the strangest of things.



Erase the U.S. Deficit: Expel The RED (WELFARE) STATES From the Union! (Definitive Map and Statistics Included)

If this nation's conservative politicians (and otherwise) are really serious about saving "FREEDOM and LIBERTY" from the Bowell's of economic disaster and moving forward as a country, they will expel the 'RED-WELFARE-BIBLE BELT STATES' from the Union. 

91% of government WELFARE goes to the 'RED STATES'!

Simple math combined with facts provide that by subtracting the "red welfare" States and their costs (to the "blue" States), America would become America again. 

America can become that muscular, agile, nation moving forward and toward it's destined Utopian future once again.

Lets dump the "red States" and allow them to fall further backward to their desired Dystopia in their stated 'Ayn Rand-Pseudo Christian' disingenuous hypocrisy. Expel these deadbeats and use "blue State" subsidies to the benefit of 'blue State' people

Here are some incontrovertible facts NOT talked about by our politicians or usually reported in the Corporate media. 

Arkansas, Mississippi, South Carolina, Alabama, North Carolina, Louisiana, Tennessee, Kansas and others (22 States in all) are 'WELFARE' States. States that are subsidized by the BLUE STATES, the so-called 'progressive States'. 

Proposed American Flag with 28 Stars Representing 'BLUE STATES' Only.
For example, West Virginia and South Carolina receive $2.57 and $1.92 for every tax dollar those States send to Washington, respectively. At the same time, the 'BIG BLUE' State of California receives $0.72 for each tax dollar it sends to the Federal government. 

New York, Massachusetts, and other 'BLUE' States, those States who vote for Democrats, have similar 'tax realities' as California. 

As California taxpayers,  frankly, we are sick and tired of dealing with the 'red state' obstructionist, sycophant mentality  coming from these 'red States' and paying their way for the privilege to do it. 

Lets 'dump-em' and get on with the progress that is the nature of educated, responsible human beings. Lets expel them from the United States of America. In so doing, we can erase the current deficit in no time at all. We can't sustain these 'Welfare' dregs in our economy any longer. 


(Editors comment: Will any of this ever happen? No. Not in a million years. But it's a good idea just the same.)

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Mitt Romney Tells College Students-"Borrow Money from Your Parents"! "Out of Touch" 101?

Mitt Romney at Otterbein-April 27, 2012

April 27, 2012: While on a campus campaign stop at Ohio's Otterbein College, Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney advised students to "...get your educations, borrow money from your parents, take a risk, and start a business."

Given today's economic realities and how most Americans really function in today's world, no comment is necessary regarding Romney's "Out of Touch" course 101.

John Boehner
Meanwhile, in between glasses of Merlot, Republican House Speaker John Boehner said that severe GOP Budget cut proposals regarding 'women's health care' have nothing to do with women!

Again, no comment necessary.


Paul Ryan-FreedomWorks-Tea Party Republican News! Promoting Atheism in America? The Ayn Rand Connection!

U.S. Congressman Paul Ryan

If not promoting atheism, what are these organizations and Paul Ryan promoting? 

Is Ayn Rand's Godless atheistic philosophical masterpiece, 'ATLAS SHRUGGED', the real 'Bible' used in constructing the new order of Republican politics and social order clearly identified and represented by the rhetoric of the Paul Ryans, Allen Wests and John Boehners? 

Paul Ryan, House of Representatives Budget Chairman primary budget spokesman, has said that Ayn Rand and her writings are the reason he chose politics as his profession. He provides copies of her books and requires his staff to read them.(Verified.)

Ayn Rand (1905-1982)
Has Rand's Corporatist greed 'individualism' logic been the methods and goals of the Republicans, FreedomWorks and organizations of it's ilk from the beginning?   A Koch Brothers mentality? 

Have the contributors to these so called "patriot", 'constiutional' zealots been bilked? Scammed? 

In the past few years we've received scores of email from FreedomWorks, Contract from America and others wanting our money-- donations to "our" common causes for "our" common good. "DONATE" so that we all have "LIBERTY, JUSTICE and real FREEDOM", these communications ask. Millions of Americans have received the same communications and millions have contributed. 

Matt Kibbe-FreedomWorks
Very recently FreedomWorks through it's management, Matt Kibbe and Dick Armey relentlessly pushed "Atlas Shrugged", the 2011 flop movie. They organized 'special showings' of Rand's bastardized book set to film. But, "DONATE" first, of course.

Was this past week the week the contemporary Tea Party Republican 'HUMPTY DUMPTYS' fell? And all the Kings Horses and all the Kings men can't put the "Humptys" back together again? 

Perhaps so.

Paul Ryan made a major (Republican Budget Plan) speech at Georgetown University this past week, a conservative Jesuit school and his Alma mater.

An Atlas Shrugged Paul Ryan- Photo Courtesy of Huffington Post
Ryan made his case for the 'Republican Budget', recently passed by the Republican dominated House of Representatives. He didn't sell it.

Instead, he was met with full out repudiation from the Georgetown Bishops, Nuns and students saying essentially that Ryan had repudiated Christ and Christian teaching. One student pointed out that no where in the Bible does it say, "Feed the Rich, Starve the Poor", which is essentially what the Republican budget plan for America does.

Paul Ryan
With major media coverage, investigative reporting from what's left of it, and the Ayn Rand connection to Ryan and others, the facts are now clear.

Have Americans been duped and scammed both intellectually and financially (AGAIN) in the finest of Wall Street traditions?

There are worse government and social  engineering-control systems than Communism, Socialism and Theocracy. Perhaps the Tea Party-Republicans have found one of them.


Saturday, April 28, 2012

Michael Wiener, New Mexico Republican Asked to Resign After "Red Light District" Internet Photo Surfaces! Another Wiener on the Political Grill? (Photo)

Michael Wiener and Some Philippine Friends in a Red Light District Bar
What? Another political "Wiener" on the grill of controversy for America's tabloid mentality?

Yes! Only this time it's a Republican Wiener.

Michael Wiener, a New Mexico County Commissioner, was  asked to resign  after this photo surfaced on the Internet which was posted by a documentarian filming the 'business of sex' in the Philippines on his website.  

Wiener says the photo is innocent, just an "excursion", as one might visit a Hooters in America. Still, the probe has started. How deep it goes will be left to another chapter in this saga. 

However, there is also some evidence that Wiener told one of his companions, "you can touch my penis", which he denies saying.

Wiener said he was paying a visit to his daughter and fiance when this event occurred.

More to come?


Friday, April 27, 2012

Rodney King (Then and Now)-The Watts Riots 20 Years Later! (Historical Photos)

The Watts Riots-April 27, 1992
April 27, 1992
Twenty years ago today, Los Angeles was in the midst of rioting and looting. Crime was in the streets like never before seen in America.

Watts Aerial View April 28, 1992
Earlier, after a car stop, Rodney King, a black man, was severely beaten by several officers with a number of other Law Enforcement Officers looking on and doing nothing to stop it. The beating was caught on video. 

Rodney King-1992 Photo
When that video became a news sensation, the officers involved were tried in a Los Angeles Superior Court and later acquitted of any crime.

The outrage from the jury decision was quick, responsive and deadly. 63 people were killed and millions of dollars of damage was counted in the end. The Watts District in East L.A. riots began on this date in 1992.   

Rodney King Then, April 1992
The perpetrators of Rodney King's beating were later tried and convicted in the Federal Court on Civil Rights violations and sent to prison. 

Still later, Rodney King filed a civil rights law suit in the Federal District Court and was awarded $3.8 Million in compensation from the City of Los Angeles.  

Today, Rodney King says those days 20 years ago "still haunt" him. Some of the buildings in Watts remain burned out shells as constant reminders of an American tragedy.

Also today, Rodney's $3.8 Million is gone and he says he still considers himself a 'work in progress. He also has a book that will be released soon. 

Rodney King Now (photo April 2012)
Rodney has suffered many tribulations over the past 20 years from domestic violence, some drug issues and other run-ins with the law.

Let us hope the best for Rodney King and his future. He certainly has a story to tell.


Is Paul Ryan Eddie Munster All Grown up? (Comparative Photos)

Eddie Munster
Paul Ryan

This has not been a good week for Paul Ryan in the news, and we've reported much of his trials and tribulations in other articles. 

However, one of our readers wrote saying our boy Ryan looked a lot like Eddie Munster all grown up. So we found some comparative photos for readers and our edification.

Note the ears and the widows peak hair line. Your thoughts?

Also in the news this week VP Joe Biden announced during a speech that President Obama has a "big stick".

 Whatever that meant, we don't have comparative photos to show.


The Republican Economic Agenda for America-The Movie!--Starring Paul Ryan From GOP Productions Inc.-A Wholly Owned Subsidiary of KOCH Brothers 'Family Entertainment' Corp.!

The Republican Economic Agenda
AMERICA: The Movie!
"Give More to the Corporations and The Rich! Take More from The Elderly, The Poor and The Middle Class!"

The above tag line says it all. Paul Ryan's, "The Republican Economic Agenda" movie can be condensed into these few words and these cartoons.

Also, COMING SOON from GOP Productions and The Koch Brothers: "STARVING The CHILDREN and The POOR- The FOOD STAMP Movie"! "How America can Prosper by gutting the FOOD STAMP program and Profit-Promote the Weapons Manufacturing Corporations and Their Executives"!

John Boehner and "The Bonerettes"
Featuring House Speaker John Boehner and "The Bonerettes", with cameo appearances by Eric Cantor, Mitch McConnell, Michele Bachmann and Paul Ryan, this is a must see movie.


Thursday, April 26, 2012

See Paul Cadden's Stunning 'Hyper-realism' Art Drawn with Graphite and Chalk! (Photos)

Paul Cadden is a Scotland based artist gaining fame and fortune with his stunning 'Hyper-realism' drawings done in chalk and graphite. They're incomparable in the art world. Fascinating!

Without further comment, here are some samples of his work.



Have You Slept with Tim Tebow? Prove it and Win $1 Million!

Tim Tebow
The Ashley Madison Dating Service (that claims to have assisted in 7 million infidelities) is offering any woman $1 Million if she can prove she had sex with Tim Tebow, according to a report from CNBC. 

The Ashley Madison Agency
It seems this organization wants to prove that Tim is NOT A Virgin. Or, that he is, as the case may be.

Why? And does anybody care if Tim Tebow is a virgin or not?

Is this what the Republicans mean when they tout the 'Free Enterprise' American system?

Only in America, folks!


Joe Arpaio-Arizona Sheriff--'From Pink to Stink!' Take Him Down! Recall The Embarrassment!

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio

While the vast majority of the nations law enforcement community command and carry righteous authority, respect and integrity,  Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio is not one of them. He IS an American disgrace. 

An embarrassment to the good men and women who serve behind the badge and to the citizens of Arizona.

Mr Pink! Bottom Feeder BLOBFISH
Over the years this megalomaniac 'showboat' egotist epitomizes that which is wrong with America in general and in the law enforcement establishment specifically. He is the "BLOBFISH" of Law Enforcement. A colossal shabby representation demeaning to the thousands of reputable officers who are part of the country's finest!

Sheriff Arpaio's Inmates
Declaring himself "the toughest sheriff in America" some years back, this flabby long in the tooth sham has gone on to increasingly lower standards of professionalism. 

From his "inmate pink underwear" stunt to the bastardization of  immigration law enforcement to his current 'investigation of President Obama's birth certificate', Arpaio's clowning disgraces the law enforcement profession  and made his department and State the joke of a nation.

Recall Joe Arpaio
Now, Arpaio says, "nobody is higher than me"!, in a recent reference to the Federal Government immigration law. 

Also, now, Arizona's 'from pink to stink' Sheriff faces recall. Will the voters end this embarrassment to the Law Enforcement Profession?

(Editors Note: Our thanks to the Law Enforcement Professional who sent this information. Being old, fat and ugly myself, I can somehow relate to this beleaguered sheriff. It's time for him to go.) 


President Obama Photo With Student at The Universirty of Colorado Goes Viral!

This photo was snapped yesterday with University of Colorado student Madalyn Starkey and has gone Internet viral.

After his appearance at the University the President made an impromptu stop at The Sink Bar near the college to the surprise of Madalyn and her friends.

The President is currently on a college tour to promote lowering interest rates on student loans which have grown to astronomical proportions in recent years.

John Boehner
Meanwhile, Speaker of the House John Boehner says he's open to the President's idea as long as the lost money (to the banks) comes from another "social" program.

Strange. With out of control Pentagon, weapons manufacturing and contractor budgets along with current tax breaks and monetary exoneration's for the corporations, it would seem the money could be found there.


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The "AWAKENING" -- A review of a Prayer Revival 'To Defeat Obama in 2012' Rally from a Guest Contributor!

to Defeat 
OBAMA in 2012!' 
 Winter Park, Florida
April 21-22, 2012
 "Pray the secular-socialist Obama Away"
"Bring your own Poisonous Snakes to Prove Your Faith" 
"Voo-Doo Dolls Available at modest Cost"
"Caldron's Available to Rent"

And so it went this past weekend at "The Awakening" Spiritual-Political "Revival" in Florida sponsored by Tea Party organizations and lunatic-fringe fundamentalist Christian Church-Political activists. 
Reverend Blob
Tea Party Republican Event Chairman?

Leaders and sponsors of this "prayer" meeting that included "pray the gay away", "pray for guns", "pray for women in chastity belt" laws, and other 'significant' issues of the day (pictured above and to the right), declined comment about their queer mix of politics and religion.  

It was an "AWAKENING" of HATE"!

From a Guest Contributor in Florida.

(Editor Comment: Not even Miss Piggy could make this stuff up, folks. This happened in Florida last weekend. Our thanks go to this Florida contributor. Be watchful America.)