Tuesday, April 24, 2012

President Obama Mother's (Fake) Nude Photos Resurface--Ann Dunham! (Graphic Picture Warning)

Ann Dunham -1960 Photo
Stanley Ann Dunham (1942-1995) 

Unlike ignorance, STUPIDITY can't be fixed. Stupid people believe what they want to believe even in the face of incontrovertible evidence to the contrary.

These following (fake) photos of Stanley Ann Dunham, President Barack Obama's mother, were first distributed on the Internet during the 2008 election cycle. 

Now they're back for the 2012 elections and "the stupid" are embracing them once more and attaching whatever negativity they will to the President.

Discredited itself, the original website, "Discrediting Leftism", that originally published these photos (said to have been 'discovered' in Australia) has been taken down. But the pictures have remained and live again in the annals of disingenuous trash journalism.

Here they are:

(Note the shoes worn by the look-a-like model
in the photos. They were manufactured after
1995 after Ann Durham's death.) 

A free-spirited, adventurous woman, Dr. Dunham may have posed nude at one time or another in her short life. But these top photos are not part of that collection, if one exists.

Ann Dunham was a respected and renowned anthropologist who studied Indonesian culture as it related to poor women in that country. She established a Micro-Credit program for these women to enhance and economically profit through their 'cottage industries' in the backward villages of Indonesia.

Dr. Dunham was married and divorced twice. Barack Obama II was the product of her first marriage. Ann Dunhan died at age 52 of Uterine cancer in 1995.

Lenore Romney (1908-1998)
So what's next? Will we see a fake Lenore Romney, Mitt's mother, 'tits and ass' photos spread over the Internet? How about some nude photos of  Barbara Bush?

Why the Hate? On both sides. Hate is getting in the way of America's progress. Is it not time to end it?



  1. yeah, the reason I began to think the photos of Obama's mother were fake were the shoes. Growing up in the 60s, I never saw women wear shoes like the woman portrayed above. They were lower in heigh, usually black and had pointed toes. They have a very specific 50s/60s look. They didn't look like that. Also, the earrings look to modern/contemporary. Probably the face was photoshopped on to the body as well. Also question whether Obama's mother had such a perfect body. Somehow I think it's doubtful.

    1. Obama most influenced by a gay cocaine, sex party attic, according to his own book.

  2. I'm a liberal. These are real. Why shoul she be ashamed? Aren't we liberals?

  3. and Victor is a fake liberal too.....

  4. The only thing fake here is you

    1. Psst! Hey Jeff! Have You Figured Out What Happened to All Those Talking Snakes in the Garden of Eden yet?

  5. Not fake. You can see the genetics in Obama's stupid kids. They look just like their prostitute grandmother.

  6. Wow, these people have no respect. I knew these photos were fake, then again who cares? Obama mom wasn’t running for office. Why would this effect his career?

    1. They were real. You want them to be fake bcuz Barack is part black and you identify with that, but nevertheless the photos are real.

  7. Fake of Obama's mother but real Melania Trump and they don't care.


  8. Obama mom She's a good looking woman and a loveing mother... I be proud son of a good lookin woman as a mom those nude pictures of Obama mom is never going to be took seriously