Saturday, April 7, 2012

Should Fox News "anchor" Heather Childers be Fired for Abject Stupidity? Is Heather Childers Gay? A Nazi Sympathizer?

Heather Childers

From an Irate Guest Contributor:

"Did President Obama threaten the life of Chelsea Clinton to keep her parents silent on Obama's eligibility (in 2008)? " 

This message was  'tweeted'  to followers by Fox News "anchor" Heather Childers earlier this week! 

Was 'Smut Brain' possessed by demons when she sent this junk out to the world? So consumed by HATE that she couldn't hold back her flailing fingers on her keyboard?

Was the 'barbie-Ann Coulter wannabe' suffering a high fever hallucination from an infection caused by her latest transvaginal ultrasound probe?

Is her head stuck so far up Rush Limbaugh's butt that she can't smell the coffee?, a fringe 'nut' birther group has been writing this junk on their cuckoo 'hate' website and Childers has apparently bought into it.

Ms. Childers says she was only posing a question and not making a statement when questioned about her tweet.

So, my question to Childers is, 'When did you dump your gay girlfriend, stop killing puppies in coven rituals and wipe out your history as a Nazi?'  

(Editors Comment: Dupes and pawns for corporate interests like Ms. Childers  want to foment hate, channel that hate, engineer your votes to their candidate, then take your money and freedoms away and control you (under law). Is this what our guest contributor is saying here?)



  1. it's OK if they fire Heather, but they can keep her boobs.

  2. couldnt even sign his outrage what a putz the writer is here and apparently has no idea all news programs and personalities do this baiting

  3. This is a FREE SPEECH BLOG.... even though we may or may not agree with what is said here, we protected this contributor by not printing their name for obvious reasons.