Thursday, May 31, 2012

West Virginia "Snake Handler" Pentecostal Pastor Dead of Rattle Snake Bite in Test of Faith Ritual! (Photos)

Pastor Mark Wolford

West Virginia May 27, 2012: 

ABC News reports that Pentecostal  Pastor Mark Wolford, 44, is dead after being bitten by a rattle snake during an outdoor worship service in the Panther Wildlife Management area in West Virginia.

Mark Wolford (undated Photo)
Pastor Wolford was "snake handling" in 'an act of (proving his) faith'  ritual before a congregation of "believers" when the mishap occurred which was witnessed by about 30 people including family members and children.

The snake, described as a  yellow Timberland 'Rattler' with lethal capabilities, bit Wolford on the upper thigh, after which Wolford was taken to a friends home and later to a hospital where he died in the early morning hours on May 28, 2012. It is also reported that Wolford owned this particular snake for a number of years.

Timberland Rattlesnake
Wolford was Pastor of The Apostolic House of the Lord Jesus in Matoaka. 

As an irony, Wolford's sister who was present when Wolford was bitten reported that their father had died some years earlier at age 38 when he too was bitten by a rattle snake in a similar "test of faith" ritual and died.     

Pastor Mark Wolford-undated photo
(New Testament Bible scripture Mark 16: 17-18 is cited as authority for this 'snake-handling' Pentecostal ritual. Accordingly, West Virginia's State Government has used this "authority" to legalize snake handling in that State.)


Lets Talk About Congressman Alan West Torturing an Iraqi Military Officer, Being Fined $5,000 and Allowed to Retire from the Military with Full Benefits!

Boca Raton, Florida, May 29, 2012: 

Alan West
In the "step and fetch-it" tradition of congresspeople Michele Bachmann, Paul Ryan and U.S. Senator Jim DeMint among others for their Billionaire Koch Brothers benefactors, freshman U.S. Congressman Allen West held a "town hall" meeting to tell his constituency of the "patriotic freedom values" that cutting Social Security Benefits, destroying Medicare and Veterans Benefits could somehow increase 'Liberty in America'.

Alan West
Unfortunately for minion West he was met with incontrovertible evidence from a 'constituent' about how his military career ended abruptly 9 years ago and was forced to admit  he had paid a $5,000 fine after terrorizing an Iraqi Military officer and allowed to retire from military service with full benefits for himself. 

Here's the verified story: 9 years ago, while then Lt. Col. Allen West was serving a stint in Iraq he observed and approved of a group of his subordinates beating up an Iraqi military officer. When the victim was bent into a barrel with his head down West joined the fray and fired his service revolver several times into the barrel to the delight of the perpetrators. The victim was not killed.

Allen West
When this event was brought to the attention of West's superiors, West was ordered to pay a $5,000. fine and allowed to retire from military service with full benefits.


Why did Allen West not receive a Court Marshal and why is he not doing time at Leavenworth instead of working for the Koch Brothers and FreedomWorks in the U.S. Congress? 


Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Is Texas Tea Party Senatorial Candidate Ted Cruz Gay? Plus the FreedomWorks-Marco Rubio Political Connections!

Ted Cruz

Is Texas Tea Party U.S. Senatorial candidate Ted Cruz Gay?

Our 'physiognomy' science contributor says that given Cruz's measured tests from his photos there is a 91% probability that he is Gay.

This doesn't matter to us, but it just crossed our desk and we thought it might be a matter of interest to those who care about such things. 

What has interested us is that in yesterday's Texas primary (Tea Party) Cruz finished a distant second in a 3-way Republican race  for the U.S. Senate which forces (Establishment) candidate Dewhurst into a runoff election. 

But of even more interest is the warfare between the  'tea-partiers' and establishment Republicans being portrayed openly. Note the piece below (coming from FreedomWorks) comparing Cruz to Marco Rubio in Florida who won over GOP rival Charlie Christ in 2010. 

Actually, there are few differences between Cruz and Dewhurst. However, Cruz has signed the Contract from America and received considerable campaign funds (bribes) from FreedomWorks and other right wing-nut groups which means if elected to office he'll work for "them" and not the people who voted for him. 

For additional information please see our May 25, 2011, article: "Meet Ted Cruz...........".


Romney Bags GOP Nomination in Texas as Wife Ann and Donald Trump Stand in Support!

Ann, Mitt and The 'Donald'

It's a done deal! Mitt Romney has captured the GOP Nomination for the presidency and will go to the Republican National Convention this August with the more than the needed 1144 delegates to take home the prize. 

With his Texas win Romney has 1198 delegates with more on the way after the last primaries which will occur next month. 

The 65-year old Romney celebrated his victory quietly with wife Ann and Donald Trump at a fundraiser in Nevada yesterday. 

Today Romney will be in California for a private $50,000. a plate fund raising dinner in Hillsborough.  

Let the "games" continue.


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Romney Military Experience: Factoid--Served His Time as a Mormon Missionary in Paris During the Viet Nam Era!

Paris, France
Factoid: GOP Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney served 'his "military" time' in Paris, France as a Mormon Missionary during the Viet Nam era!

Romney applied for and received a military deferment in order to do 'missionary' work for his church which somehow satisfied his two-year armed services requirement that all able bodied males had at the time.

It was also in Paris that Romney says he had his "brush with death" by crashing his sports car on a 'City of Lights' street.


A Church of Christ in The Appalachia Area of Tennessee! (Photo)

This photo is of a functioning church
 in America's Appalachia area of Tennessee.
-from a Guest Contributor

Mitt Romney's Stunning Weakness: Won't Disclaim Donald Trump's "Birther" Publicity Stunt!

Romney Prep School Photo
Like the 'preppy boy' who enters prison and becomes the cell block "punk", so it is with presumptive GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney in the bastions of "romney-world". Mitt Romney is already the 'political punk' of a number of 'cell block' Republicans.

To portray Romney as a  weak-lily-liver coward would be kind by comparison to who and what Romney actually is.

There is an insider running joke among establishment Republicans that 'Romney does not "stand up" for anything and therefore "STANDS" for NOTHING.'  And this is from "inside" the Party.

Mitt Romney
Romney has not 'stood up' for his Church, the Latter Day Saints, although he gives it more than $2 million a year. He does NOT affirm and has NOT affirmed his belief in Mormon dogma that has baptized 100's of thousands of dead people into the LDS faith. But this is another story.

After Romney kissed the ring on Donald Trump's middle finger, and got his endorsement, 'the Donald' has gone on to resurrect his phony "birther" claims about President Obama. No one in the Republican Party, or any place else with any sense at all  believes the President was not born in the the U.S., including 'the Donald'. 

It's all 'flim-flam' catering to some West Virginia Democrats and their ilk with stick dildos implanted in their butts. Still, the corporate media keeps the game going because it can't report real  news due to corporate editorial policies.

Donal Trump
So when the corporate media recently asked Romney about his thoughts on Trump's new "birther" attacks, Romney refused to disclaim the falsehood 'the Donald' wants people to believe he embraces.  "I need 50.1% of the vote", Romney said as an apology of sorts.

Stunning weakness? It's worse. It's a prescription for a losing campaign!
Does America Really Want Donald Trump's
for their President?



BORN on the 4th of JULY, 1776!

On July 4, 1776, America's forefathers published 
and the greatest country ever known 
to Mankind was established.

Through the years the Grand American Eagle has 
flown high. Soaring to heights beyond imaginations. 

Sometimes the Eagle has flown lower.
But he has always flown. And he will fly again to
even greater heights.




Monday, May 28, 2012

"Candy" from China? Have YOU Had Your 'GIANT MALLOW POOFY POP Today? (POOFY POP Photo Included)

Is this "candy" from China? 

For starters, we LIKE DOLLAR STORES. In our faltering economy many 'good buys' can be found there. From greeting cards to paper products to some cleaners among other small necessities and trinkets, we've found some real bargains in the bins, so to speak.

But today we came across "The Giant Mallow Poofy Pop", a rather large wrapped 'candy product' on a stick. Giving it the 'squeeze test' we found it to be a sponge-like substance. Sort of like memory foam.

On the backside of the package we found the ingredients: Sugar, Corn Syrup, Fructose, and several other 'sugar-type' sounding names along with "flavors" with various red, blue, and yellow dye numbers. 'Pink Slime' was probably in the mix, but not mentioned. And, of course, it sells for $1.00.

Although we didn't buy a GIANT MALLOW POOFY POP, we wondered if it was also a 'POOPY PUCKER UPPER', a cheap, but effective laxative for The Constipated. 

If anyone has had direct experience with this 'plastic candy' please let us know in the "comments" section here.

Inquiring minds want to know.


Marriage: Biblical Marriage Vs. Legal Marriage: A Basic History-Primer on "Marriage"!


The subject of "MARRIAGE" is big news today and probably will continue to be such, at least to election day. This redacted information comes to us from a Guest Contributor under the heading: 'Marriage: Setting the Truth and Historical Record Straight'.

This article does not argue for or against 'traditional' marriage or for or against marriage between same gender couples.  Those arguments have been made and will continue to be made by the zealots from both sides. 

Because both sides of this issue have failed to represent (with any validity to their positions in terms of) the facts of what "marriage" is and have failed to separate 'Biblical Marriage' from 'Legal Marriage', we present this basic, factual information. Information that is written in very basic straight forward terminology so that even our readers from West Virginia can understand it.
 Biblical Marriage: 

Adam and Eve, a man and a woman, were married when they 'layed together'. This means that when Adam and Eve fucked they were married according to the Bible. There is no recorded marital ceremony found in the Bible in so far as Adam and Eve are concerned. 

God told Adam and Eve to go forward and procreate. Then, Adam and Eve fucked and fucking means marriage according to the accepted Bible (Old Testament) definition of the term.

Later in Biblical history when a man 'took' a woman as his wife and they fucked this was cultural and societal marriage. It was also considered marriage under God's law as it was presented in this era.

Still later, certain ceremonial customs of marriage became the norm for those in hierarchical stations in life such as Kings and their children. But for most people when a man took a woman as his wife this meant that they were fucking partners. The primary purpose of fucking was to procreate according to Bible teaching.

It was about this time in Biblical history that if either of the fucking partners fucked any one other than the person they fucked first,  that person became an Adulterer under God's law and was to be put to death under Biblical scripture (Leviticus 20:10). 

After Christ died the Catholic Church gradually shaped the social culture into a theocracy. The new law--The New Testament-- wasn't written until generations later. During this interim  'Church Marriage' became the norm for many men and and women, but this took many forms, but based on (Old Law) Old Testament standards.  

Sometimes priests were involved, sometimes not. Few people could read or write (or allowed to read or write) as these things were discouraged by The Church and even considered a sin for 100's of years. Most marriages were reported to the Church, however, for their records and used as a form of lineage identification. 

Essentially, when a man fucked a woman they were married under ecclesiastical law until one of them died. The Church was  intermediary between the people and God in this early form of Christianity.  Only the clergy read the Bible  which was interpreted for 'the people' by the clergy.

This basic information tells the story of Biblical Marriage in the Western world.  

Other cultures used many different standards, had different forms of government and social controls and different religions and spiritual standards. 
Legal Marriage: 

Legal Marriage--marriage involving a government came when shipping became commercialized. Legal marriage (in the West) was invented in Britain when that country ruled the shipping lanes. 
Sailors would be on the high seas sometimes for months. Upon their return to land, prostitutes took care of their sexual needs and when the sailor went out to sea again, the prostitutes would claim they were married to a sailor and take his material goods. 

When this became standard practice, the secular government invented legal marriage as a protection to sailors. It was from this point that legal marriage developed into what it is today with secular law as the standard. Not Church law. The two are separate and not equal in the real world of today.
Accordingly, let the debate continue. And, of course it will. 

But let us all hope this debate becomes based in fact with relevance to truth and not the colossal  ignorance America has been exposed to from both sides so far.

"Penis Art" Portrait of South Africa President Jacob Zuma Arouses Controversy, Law Suits! (NSFW)

South Africa President Jacob Zuma--"The Spear" Portrait by Brett Murray

Johannesburg, South Africa, May 22, 2012:

This portrait of Jacob Zuma, President of South Africa, shown prominently portraying his genitalia has the nation aroused in controversy. The President is suing to remove this portrait from display citing his "constitutional right to dignity." 

Entitled "THE SPEAR", President Zuma's portrait is hung in a current national art exhibit in Johannesburg. 

Called "Penis Art" by the media, critics, the portraits artist, Brett Murray has answered President Zuma's law suit saying to remove it from the public would be a violation of his and the exhibitors "right to free expression." 

However, very recently the portrait was defaced when vandals spray painted  the penis and face of president Zuma.

"The (Vandalized) SPEAR"
A three Judge State Tribunal has heard the matter and will set a another court date to determine the fate of "THE SPEAR" and it's public display. Meanwhile the defaced portrait remains up and at the Gallery.

This is a continuing story.


Sunday, May 27, 2012

Whatever Happened to FABIAN? 'FABULOUS FABIAN Forte!

Elvis! Tommy Sands! Frankie Avalon! Chubby Checker, Bobby Rydell, Paul Anka! And FABIAN! FABIAN FORTE-THE FABULOUS FABIAN! 

Each of these young men were teenage idols and singers. Some had enormous talent and stood the test of time. Others didn't. 

FABIAN was one of the manufactured "talents" that was prevalent in the late 1950's and early 60's. 

From Left to Right: Fabian, Frankie Avalon, Chubby Checker, Bobby Rydell-NOW
Coming from middle-class Pennsylvania roots, his father was a Philadelphia policeman, FABIAN was what some in the entertainment industry describe as a "flash in the pan", albeit his was a long "flash" by most standards lasting several years as a recording star (he couldn't sing well) and as a movie star (he was one handsome dude but wasn't much of an actor). 

So, what happened to the FABULOUS FABIAN

As one can see in the above more recent photo, "time" has been good to FABIAN physically. 

FABIAN has also made well of "time" through the years. 

Although out of the brightest of entertainment lights for decades, FABIAN,  continues to work with his close friends (Frankie Avalon and Bobby Rydell) in nostalgic concerts as The Golden Boys at age 69.

Left to Right: Dick Clark, Fabian, Bobby Rydell, Dion--Preparing for an appearance on American Bandstand (Circa 1959)
FABIAN kept his money and kept out of the tabloids and scandal. He's been married 3 times and led a quiet productive life without 'drama'.

FABIAN-Then and Now
We send well wishes to FABIAN and congratulate him for his honest and entertaining work. He made the best of his work and has handled his fame with respect and dignity.

(From a Guest Contributor in Pittsburgh, PA.)


Donald Duck Criticizes Tea Party Patriot Fundamentalist Christians?

Is Donald Duck making a statement about Tea Party Patriot Fundamentalist Christians here? An argument for a woman's right to choose?

(And, an editors addition, A West Virginia Democrat Voter?)

(From a Guest Contributor in Montana.)


Saturday, May 26, 2012

Romney Passes Econ 1a--Says Big Govenment Spending Cuts Would Cause Depression! Contradicts Tea Party Dogma! (Update October 2012)

Mitt Romney

 (Scroll down for our October 2012 Update.*)
This past week presumptive Republican presidential nominee told Time Magazine's Mark Halperin that 'big government spending cuts are a "prescription for recession or depression."

Mitt Romney gets an "A" in Economics 1a!

Government 'Austerity' in difficult economic times doesn't work. We're seeing this now in Greece and Portugal, Spain and Germany are learning this lesson the hard way right now.

G.W. Bush
Even the Bush Administrations and Reagan Administration understood a basic role of government is to 'spend-up' in difficult times and to 'spend down' in economic up-trends.  

Romney's latest economic stance is in direct opposition to the TEA PARTY faction in  the GOP. John Boehner, Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell all argue for spending cuts and government austerity.

Paul Ryan
Do these opposing philosophies bring to light deep differences in the GOP? 

Yes! (We've been reporting this internal issue for months.)

And how would a President Romney 'spend-up'?

How about a war with Iran?
 (*Update October 2012: Since this earlier writing we now have overwhelming evidence that we can't believe anything Romney says about anything. For example, he flipped, then flopped, then flipped again on the subject abortion 3 times in this month alone.

Accordingly, anything reported about a "Romney position" one day is subject to "shape shifting" in his next statement on any subject, except one. 

Romney has remained consistent in his steadfastness to NOT RELEASE his tax returns. Especially his 2009 taxes which we believe will show he paid the federal government millions in back taxes to avoid criminal prosecution.)  


Some Wedding Name Announcements Are Embarrassing--Some Examples!

From a Guest Contributor comes this collection of newspaper wedding name announcements that proved embarrassing to some. 
You be the judge.



Friday, May 25, 2012

"ROCK of AGES"--Tom Cruise SINGS in New Movie Musical! A Review! (Update: RofA BOMBS at BO)

(Update June 17, 2012: The Box Office receipts are in for RofA's opening weekend with disastrous results. ROCK of AGES is a big time FLOP! With a $75 mil budget, Hollywood is already counting their losses.

Heads will roll over this one. Who made the decision to make a 1980's nostalgia musical in the first place, and who decided to cast the 50 year old Tom Cruise as the 25-year old Rock Star will probably be fired over this disaster.

What's next for Cruise? Maybe a remake of 'Howard the Duck' with venerable Tom playing the duck?) 

From a Guest Contributor in Los Angeles comes this brief review of Tom Cruise "singing" ability in the forthcoming movie, ROCK of AGES:

"In a private screening of the much anticipated blockbuster musical Rock of Ages, we cringed as we painfully watched and listened to the aging diminutive Tom Cruise "sing(?)". 

Tom Cruise-Rock of Ages-2012
"To say Cruise sounded like expulsions from the tail pipe of a 1949 Studebaker would be a kind representation. His voice is more like a parade of farts filtered through an echo chamber. 

"Even with modern digital recording technology, Cruise still sounded like a 'parade of farts filtered through an echo chamber'."

(Editors comment: It seems this contributor may be a bit opinionated? Perhaps others in our audience would want put their "reviews" of this film and Cruise's singing talents into our 'comments' section. We don't plan on seeing the movie ourselves.)