Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Congressman Allen West Compares Riding His Motorcycle to 'Touching My Wife'!

Allen West

Taking time out from fighting all those 'commies' in the nations capitol, South Florida's Billionaire Koch Brothers minion Congressman Allen West recently told a California Radio station host that riding his motorcycle would be like 'Touching My Wife', according to a Sun-Sentinel Newspaper article. 

Although we've failed to follow West's 'fact-challenged' logic in the past, and we've never seen Mrs. West, the congressman's statement here does make some kind of sense when one uses his thought processing and analytical abilities. 

Mrs. West?
Is it possible Congressman West IS married, or engaged to be married to his motorcycle? Now? 

Given Allen West's positioning on Gay Marriage isn't the next step on the slope for  people to be able to marry objects? Such as motorcycles? 

Consider the possibilities. We have and there are many more out there when we begin to think like Allen West.

Herman Cain
Also, we've not seen or heard from failed presidential candidate Herman Cain recently. But wasn't it 7 or 8 'motorcycles' that took him out of the race a few months back? Has he been lurking around? Maybe copping 'a feel' on Allen West's motorcycle when West wasn't looking? Has West checked for finger prints on his bike? Those motorcycle tires look pretty voluptuous to us.

Is there more to this story than meets the eye?

Calls to West's office for clarification of his statement were not immediately returned, leaving open the speculation that he was in assignation with his motorcycle when we called. 


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