Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Ann Romney: My Husband is "a Wild and Crazy Man Inside!"

Reuters Photo: Mitt and Ann Romney: April 24, 2012
May 1, 2012: In an appearance on CBS THIS MORNING,  Ann Romney tried to debunk the public perception that Mitt is 'Stiff, Rich and Out of Touch' with average people. 

"He's a wild and crazy man inside", Ann Romney said about her husband. 

What? Mitt Romney just a 'wild and crazy guy'? Like Steve Martin?

Message to the Romney Campaign: 

Richard Nixon
Your candidate makes Richard Nixon look like Bob Hope. 

We suspect neither Ann nor Mitt knows what Chris Rock and Tosh do in today's contemporary world of humor. Or, even who they are. Do Ann and Mitt 'get' Jon Stewart and Colbert? 

Wild? The guy who claims he likes "to fire people?" (verified.) The guy who embraces the GOP "kill grandma proposals with Medicare and Social Security 'reform' ?(verified.)

Crazy? The guy who almost killed the family dog, Seamus, by putting him on the roof rack of a car and driving 1,400 miles? (verified.) The Romney's must have been rolling on the floor in laughter about that one. 

And baptizing all those dead people into the Mormon faith? Including Ann Frank, Albert Einstein, and Gandhi? (verified.) Now that's funny! And crazy too.

Team Romney? Your Ann is not up to the job you've put her in. Bench her.  She gives new definition to 'dumb blonde'.

...and where is Tosh in all this?

From the Tosh.O Caption Challenge-Inappropriate Attire!
Daniel Tosh
(Our appreciation goes to the Tosh.O Website for it's totally inappropriate humor. Tosh is a stand-up comedian and hosts his own show on Comedy Central.)


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