Friday, May 4, 2012

**Beat the Gay Away**! NC Pastor Sean Harris Has Answers and Advice for 'GAY' Abomination!

The Faces of Hate and Bigotry
in a Congregation of Fundamentalist

Make God and Christ YOUR Masters or DIE in HELL
Welcome to 
The Barean Baptist Church in Fayetteville, North Carolina
"Proclaiming Christ in the 21st Century"
Beating 'The Gay Bejeebus out of Children'
-Breaking their Bones
-Cracking Their Limp Wrists
-Squashing Them Like Cockroaches
-Punching them Out! 

Move over Fred Phelps, Pat Robertson, Ted Nugent and Bryan Fischer, there's a new bigger than thou bigot in these here parts! His Name is Pastor Sean Harris. 

Harris spreads his 'The GOOD NEWS' of Jesus Christ by instructing his flock to "Beat the Gay Away" in children who may exhibit homosexual tendencies, whatever those may be in today's world as defined by Pastor Harris, himself.

Sean Harris-A Man of GOD?
Just 'beat the crap out of all those little future faggots'.'Punch'em out'. 'Crack those wrists'. 'Squash them like cockroaches', the good Pastor advises. For children as young as 4 years old! And he wraps this in North Carolina's "Adam and Eve" backward amendment to that State's Constitution. (Read the text of Pastor Harris Sermon. Listen to the audio tape. See it captured on telephone video. This is all there.)   

(Editors Comment: The above redacted statements come from an irate guest contributor in New York.

Sean Harris
We rarely get such immediate and vehement response to a blog post. But such happened today in our earlier May 4, 2012 (much tamer) post, "North Carolina Pastor Sean Harris Preaches Violence Toward Gay Children!"   

We wrote the March 8, 2012, "Christian Bullying: A Hate Crime?" and Pastor Harris recent statements certainly add  fuel to our argument there.   

Physical Child Abuse is probably the most despicable act humans can and do exact on humans.  To give Biblical approval of it as Sean Harris has in no way represents God or Christ teachings. 

From what we have heard and know about Sean Harris, he is preaching something akin to Satanic Ritual. And anyone in support of his dogma may be suspect.)
~WebWorld Christian Ministries~

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