Monday, May 28, 2012

"Candy" from China? Have YOU Had Your 'GIANT MALLOW POOFY POP Today? (POOFY POP Photo Included)

Is this "candy" from China? 

For starters, we LIKE DOLLAR STORES. In our faltering economy many 'good buys' can be found there. From greeting cards to paper products to some cleaners among other small necessities and trinkets, we've found some real bargains in the bins, so to speak.

But today we came across "The Giant Mallow Poofy Pop", a rather large wrapped 'candy product' on a stick. Giving it the 'squeeze test' we found it to be a sponge-like substance. Sort of like memory foam.

On the backside of the package we found the ingredients: Sugar, Corn Syrup, Fructose, and several other 'sugar-type' sounding names along with "flavors" with various red, blue, and yellow dye numbers. 'Pink Slime' was probably in the mix, but not mentioned. And, of course, it sells for $1.00.

Although we didn't buy a GIANT MALLOW POOFY POP, we wondered if it was also a 'POOPY PUCKER UPPER', a cheap, but effective laxative for The Constipated. 

If anyone has had direct experience with this 'plastic candy' please let us know in the "comments" section here.

Inquiring minds want to know.



  1. It's just a giant marshmallow on a stick...

  2. These things don't feel like marshmallows, but maybe you're right. But we still aren't going to eat one.

  3. Hello,

    I have had a lot of experience with these pops :) I don't know if these are specifically an "Asian" candy or not, however I can say they are popular in Asian communities. I grew up in Hawaii, and I am also Japanese/White. In my experience, many people in the Asian community like these types of items, (Anything appearing "cute-sy" or like a novelty.) The pop is essentially just dense marshmallow twisted together on a stick. Each color is supposed to be a different flavor. The marshmallow is comparable to a denser version of the marshmallows found in the Lucky Charms cereal. The flavor is similar to the Spongebob Squarepants Crabby Patty Gummies and other similar style gummy food candies.No, this marshmallow does not have a laxative affect. I am sure it could if enough are eaten, but I would venture to say that is more the result of way too much sugar. Hope that answered your questions and satisfied your curiosity. :)

  4. Great Stuff, Shanell. Thank you!