Sunday, May 6, 2012

North Carolina: Child Abuse! A Fundamentalist Christian Argument in Favor of Passing State's 'One Man-One Woman' Marriage Constitutional Amendments!

 Does this man speak for you?

Pastor Sean Harris Advocates Child Abuse in Support of Amendment 1, in North Carolina
The problem is not Pastor Sean Harris's statements any longer. Harris is already in Hell because of them. 

Although Harris has walked back some of what he said, the only reason he did so is because he was caught advocating Child Abuse on video. He believed it when he said these things and (truth be known) he believes in punching out 4 year old children now who may exhibit some 'perceived' homosexual tendency. 

The problem is with all those 'good Christians' who agree with him in the first place. The problem is also with the numbers of victims who have suffered and the future victims who will suffer from this suffocating physical and emotionally abusive fundamentalist Christian logic and behavior. 

We fail to see the logic in how Child Abuse relates to the so-called "Adam and Eve" laws now in place or proposed in backward Republican Legislatures and State Houses across our land. Still, this is an argument to pass these discriminatory laws.  

North Carolina!
 MAY 8!
"When people are growing, they're changing and 'LIVING'. When people are not growing, they're DYING."
-author unknown 

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