Saturday, May 5, 2012

China Forces Abortion on Women! Arizona Denies Abortion Funding for Women--The 'Whole Woman's Health Funding Priority Act' Becomes Law!

China Flag

China has a BIG population problem. Too many people. 

Accordingly, some years ago, the Chinese Government imposed the "One Baby Rule", a law that forces women into abortion after a second pregnancy. Women in China have no freedom of choice in the matter, no control over their own bodies when it comes to reproductive rights.

Arizona now has law banning funding from abortion providers. 

Governor Jan Brewer
Yesterday, Governor Jan Brewer signed (the Republican backed)  "Woman's Health Funding Priority Act" into law which cuts off funding for family planning and ALL OTHER health care services delivered by Planned Parenthood and other organizations who also offer abortions. 

Women in Arizona have no freedom of choice in matters concerning their reproductive rights.

Although Arizona and Chinese laws are diametrically opposing in what they do, both governments have taken 'choice' away from women and taken control over women's bodies. Government has control over women's bodies in China and Arizona.

Arizona's law is more insidious and goes further than Chinese law, however. China continues to provide women with other health services including cancer screening, contraceptive advice and contraceptives and nutritional guides with assistance for pregnant women. Arizona law doesn't.

Although abortion accounts for only a small part of Planned Parenthood functions (less than 3% nationally), the Arizona law cuts all funding from this organization, which is the largest women's health care provider in the State.

Under Republican controlled State Governments, at least 6 other States have implemented law similar to Arizona. 

Meanwhile, a set of Republican politicians (John Boehner, Allen West, John Kyl and others) are saying, "There is no Republican War on Women". If this isn't a War on Women, what is it?

Look out, ladies. The Republicans want your bodies!


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