Thursday, May 17, 2012

Eduardo Saverin (facebook co-founder) to be "Shamed" by U.S. Congress for Renouncing U.S. Citizenship to Avoid Taxes! (facebook IPO Set at $104 Billion)

Eduardo Saverin

The U.S. Congress is showing it's misplaced 'rage' against Eduardo Saverin, co-founder of  facebook, for renouncing his U.S. Citizenship allegedly to avoid millions in taxes. 

(facebook IPO set at $104 Billion!)

Today, U.S. Senators have unveiled their Ex-PATRIOT Act and expect strong bi-partisan support in it's passage which has the effect of punishing Saverin and barring his entry on U.S. soil for life.

So? Where's the outrage toward GE and other U.S. Corporations who not only don't pay taxes, but also receive tax payer subsidies while enjoying obscene profits in the process?

Will Congresswoman Michele Bachmann face legislative scrutiny? She just received dual citizenship as a Swiss citizen.
Is This Where the Real SHAME Belongs? Punished in November?

Why is not "SHAME" (and punishment) directed at the U.S. Congress? 

Voters can exact due punishment to the Congress in November and vote them out of office. 

Recent polls show the U.S. Congress with a current 13% approval rating! 

With a major election less than 6 months away, is Congress playing some kind of populist game with Eduardo Saverin? 

The U.S. Supreme Court-2012
The U.S. Supreme Court (in 'Citizens United') has ruled that "Corporations are People". If such is the law of the land, should not corporations be held to the same standards as Saverin? If not, why not? 

Hypocrisy is a tame word and concept for what Americans are witnessing here. "Criminal Intent" comes closer to the truth in our opinion.

Eduardo Saverin is now said to be a resident of Singapore. 

This is a developing story......stay tuned.


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