Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Is Texas Tea Party Senatorial Candidate Ted Cruz Gay? Plus the FreedomWorks-Marco Rubio Political Connections!

Ted Cruz

Is Texas Tea Party U.S. Senatorial candidate Ted Cruz Gay?

Our 'physiognomy' science contributor says that given Cruz's measured tests from his photos there is a 91% probability that he is Gay.

This doesn't matter to us, but it just crossed our desk and we thought it might be a matter of interest to those who care about such things. 

What has interested us is that in yesterday's Texas primary (Tea Party) Cruz finished a distant second in a 3-way Republican race  for the U.S. Senate which forces (Establishment) candidate Dewhurst into a runoff election. 

But of even more interest is the warfare between the  'tea-partiers' and establishment Republicans being portrayed openly. Note the piece below (coming from FreedomWorks) comparing Cruz to Marco Rubio in Florida who won over GOP rival Charlie Christ in 2010. 

Actually, there are few differences between Cruz and Dewhurst. However, Cruz has signed the Contract from America and received considerable campaign funds (bribes) from FreedomWorks and other right wing-nut groups which means if elected to office he'll work for "them" and not the people who voted for him. 

For additional information please see our May 25, 2011, article: "Meet Ted Cruz...........".


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