Friday, May 11, 2012

Is U.S. Senator Rand Paul Pandering Violence Against President Obama in this Extremist Support Ad?

From a Guest Contributor:

It seems the junior Senator from Kentucky, Rand Paul, is pandering to the bogus fears and hate of an uninformed-misinformed  constituency and national audience in this disingenuous support ad for an EXTREMIST "gun rights" group. 

For the record, I support the Second Amendment and own guns myself.  

The truth is that  there isn't any "Million Rifle Ban" and no one (in any position of power) is wanting or trying to take guns away from American citizens. 

President Obama signed a routine executive order recently to destroy a cache of old rusting, inoperable and 'hazardous if used' rifles in South Korea left over from  the Korean war.  G.W. Bush did the same thing twice during his administration. 

Extremist? Check it Out!
Paul and The Association for Gun Rights are inciting an ignorant audience into fear and hate based on information both know to be bogus.

For collectors there are ample supplies of this gun model available virtually everyplace one might look.

What concerns us more is the image of Rand Paul and President Obama with a rifle pointed at his his head portrayed in Paul's support ad for this "cause". 

There are a number of 'nut sandwiches' in our midst looking for some justification for violence against this president. In our opinion  Ron Paul's ill-advised ad makes a contribution to this end in the same way Sarah Palin's  inspired 'democrat candidates in the cross hairs ads' (that some say) influenced the political massacre in Arizona last year.


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