Thursday, May 10, 2012

Legalize Marijuana and Prostitution! Create Jobs and a New Tax Base! Stimulate the Economy!

It's time to Legalize Marijuana and Prostitution! There has never been a better time than right now to do it.

Regardless of Government laws against both Marijuana and Prostitution, and regardless of religious dogma against both, marijuana and prostitution are big business. So big in fact that laws prohibiting these activities are not enforceable and haven't been for a long time. Research and statistics tell us that any time a law is violated by more than 5% of the population that law cannot be effectively enforced.

People always have and will continue to medicate themselves and marijuana provides a relatively safe alternative to this end. Prostitution has been with humankind since ancient times. The profession came thousands of years before the Bible.

Marijuana use and prostitution are both here to stay. They aren't going away.

Prostitution: IT'S TIME
Our thoughts here make no moral judgements or pontifications on either activity. For the record, we don't "do" pot and have never employed a prostitute. These are matters of personal choice and we choose to do neither because neither one interests us. 

At the same time millions of people choose otherwise and in a free society they can make the choice of one or the other, or both choices and it's none of our business, or anyone Else's business. 

Our idea to Legalize Marijuana and Prostitution is straightforward. 

Legalize both. Write regulatory zoning and health and safety law behind each and legitimate businesses are created with new jobs, a new tax base and adjunct support businesses will also promulgate.   Crime will be reduced and our law enforcement people can actually get back to the job of protecting the community against real crime. 

We recognize this plan has little viability in today's political world. At the same time the 'real' 21st Century needs to be addressed. Across the board legalization of Marijuana and Prostitution would stimulate our flagging economy. 


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