Thursday, May 31, 2012

Lets Talk About Congressman Alan West Torturing an Iraqi Military Officer, Being Fined $5,000 and Allowed to Retire from the Military with Full Benefits!

Boca Raton, Florida, May 29, 2012: 

Alan West
In the "step and fetch-it" tradition of congresspeople Michele Bachmann, Paul Ryan and U.S. Senator Jim DeMint among others for their Billionaire Koch Brothers benefactors, freshman U.S. Congressman Allen West held a "town hall" meeting to tell his constituency of the "patriotic freedom values" that cutting Social Security Benefits, destroying Medicare and Veterans Benefits could somehow increase 'Liberty in America'.

Alan West
Unfortunately for minion West he was met with incontrovertible evidence from a 'constituent' about how his military career ended abruptly 9 years ago and was forced to admit  he had paid a $5,000 fine after terrorizing an Iraqi Military officer and allowed to retire from military service with full benefits for himself. 

Here's the verified story: 9 years ago, while then Lt. Col. Allen West was serving a stint in Iraq he observed and approved of a group of his subordinates beating up an Iraqi military officer. When the victim was bent into a barrel with his head down West joined the fray and fired his service revolver several times into the barrel to the delight of the perpetrators. The victim was not killed.

Allen West
When this event was brought to the attention of West's superiors, West was ordered to pay a $5,000. fine and allowed to retire from military service with full benefits.


Why did Allen West not receive a Court Marshal and why is he not doing time at Leavenworth instead of working for the Koch Brothers and FreedomWorks in the U.S. Congress? 


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