Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Louisiana Purchase (1803): Can We Sell it Back? (Territorial Map Included)

The Louisiana Purchase of 1803 with Overlay of Current States

By Treaty in 1803, President Thomas Jefferson bought "The Louisiana Purchase" from France for $15 million. Can we sell it back? There are some good reasons to do so.

We may have to take a loss on the property, however. The current economy has given most property owners a loss of 50% in their property values. 

Running the nation as we would run a business dictates some downsizing and disposing of those 'divisions' that aren't profitable in this faltering economy. 

In this matter, the subdivisions, some of our States, especially some of those that were in the Louisiana Purchase are not profitable and, in fact, losing money. 

We take losses on most of these States each year, as most of them receive more tax dollars yearly from the federal government than they send. They are the 'Welfare States', with the exceptions of Colorado and North Dakota.  The others are deadbeats. 

For example, Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Iowa receive a minimum of $1.68 back for every tax dollar they send to Washington. In contrast, California, New York and other States receive in the vicinity of $0.72 for each tax dollar sent to D.C.

In essence, the progressive States are subsidizing the Louisiana Purchase States. Is it not the time to sell these dregs on the American economy?

Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826)
Thomas Jefferson would approve of this message.


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