Monday, May 28, 2012

Marriage: Biblical Marriage Vs. Legal Marriage: A Basic History-Primer on "Marriage"!


The subject of "MARRIAGE" is big news today and probably will continue to be such, at least to election day. This redacted information comes to us from a Guest Contributor under the heading: 'Marriage: Setting the Truth and Historical Record Straight'.

This article does not argue for or against 'traditional' marriage or for or against marriage between same gender couples.  Those arguments have been made and will continue to be made by the zealots from both sides. 

Because both sides of this issue have failed to represent (with any validity to their positions in terms of) the facts of what "marriage" is and have failed to separate 'Biblical Marriage' from 'Legal Marriage', we present this basic, factual information. Information that is written in very basic straight forward terminology so that even our readers from West Virginia can understand it.
 Biblical Marriage: 

Adam and Eve, a man and a woman, were married when they 'layed together'. This means that when Adam and Eve fucked they were married according to the Bible. There is no recorded marital ceremony found in the Bible in so far as Adam and Eve are concerned. 

God told Adam and Eve to go forward and procreate. Then, Adam and Eve fucked and fucking means marriage according to the accepted Bible (Old Testament) definition of the term.

Later in Biblical history when a man 'took' a woman as his wife and they fucked this was cultural and societal marriage. It was also considered marriage under God's law as it was presented in this era.

Still later, certain ceremonial customs of marriage became the norm for those in hierarchical stations in life such as Kings and their children. But for most people when a man took a woman as his wife this meant that they were fucking partners. The primary purpose of fucking was to procreate according to Bible teaching.

It was about this time in Biblical history that if either of the fucking partners fucked any one other than the person they fucked first,  that person became an Adulterer under God's law and was to be put to death under Biblical scripture (Leviticus 20:10). 

After Christ died the Catholic Church gradually shaped the social culture into a theocracy. The new law--The New Testament-- wasn't written until generations later. During this interim  'Church Marriage' became the norm for many men and and women, but this took many forms, but based on (Old Law) Old Testament standards.  

Sometimes priests were involved, sometimes not. Few people could read or write (or allowed to read or write) as these things were discouraged by The Church and even considered a sin for 100's of years. Most marriages were reported to the Church, however, for their records and used as a form of lineage identification. 

Essentially, when a man fucked a woman they were married under ecclesiastical law until one of them died. The Church was  intermediary between the people and God in this early form of Christianity.  Only the clergy read the Bible  which was interpreted for 'the people' by the clergy.

This basic information tells the story of Biblical Marriage in the Western world.  

Other cultures used many different standards, had different forms of government and social controls and different religions and spiritual standards. 
Legal Marriage: 

Legal Marriage--marriage involving a government came when shipping became commercialized. Legal marriage (in the West) was invented in Britain when that country ruled the shipping lanes. 
Sailors would be on the high seas sometimes for months. Upon their return to land, prostitutes took care of their sexual needs and when the sailor went out to sea again, the prostitutes would claim they were married to a sailor and take his material goods. 

When this became standard practice, the secular government invented legal marriage as a protection to sailors. It was from this point that legal marriage developed into what it is today with secular law as the standard. Not Church law. The two are separate and not equal in the real world of today.
Accordingly, let the debate continue. And, of course it will. 

But let us all hope this debate becomes based in fact with relevance to truth and not the colossal  ignorance America has been exposed to from both sides so far.

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