Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Men! Are YOU Ready for "VICTOR'S SECRET"? MANTYHOSE? (Photos)

Revolution Underwear-Photo NYT

Last week the NYT reported that "VICTOR'S SECRET", a men's underwear store is coming to town and will be selling trendy, high end undergarments at high prices to the 'discriminating man'.

For example, one (1) pair of underpants selling for $100.00? $250.00 and UP T-Shirts? Plus 'Manty Hose' for men!

'VICTOR'S SECRET' is not associated in any way with 'VICTORIA'S SECRET'.  And the latter is not amused by a male counterpart name play on their franchise. In fact, a Kentucky Court has issued a 'cease and desist' order against a Lexington business for using 'VICTOR'S SECRET' as it's business name. 

The NYT article was straightforward and represented a market view of this niche store with some decent prospects for a profitable future.

Our 'take' is somewhat different. 

We think the prices of underwear at Target and Old Navy are a bit steep. Plus we don't think about our 'hidden apparel' much, except when we put it on and see their ragged edges and thread bare condition.  Hey! We're NOT going to pay $100.00 for an item we don't see or care much about.

Product Comes in Neon Colors
Our model (at right) represents the Wall Street-Rush Limbaugh crowd who can actually afford a VICTOR'S SECRET product. 

For $129.95, and sold in sets of 3 in neon colors, you can have this fashionable, eye-popping combination underwear-beach thong for others to admire. 

Although not a model, the subject (at left) was caught in a wardrobe malfunction as he departed the recent Nebraska Republican caucuses. Maybe there is a market for these alternative undies in America's Heartland and we've missed the trend. But we don't think Pastor Sean Harris would approve, just the same.

And then there's MANTYHOSE! PantyHose for men(?). We've learned that most all major underwear manufacturers are creating lines of 'mantyhose'. Will these things be sold at Walmart and Sears?

This is for you, New York. Maybe 'the Times' was correct in their business assessment of 'VICTOR'S SECRET' having some success in the Big Apple. 

In the meantime, has America gone crazy or is it just us?


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