Saturday, May 19, 2012

Mississippi Lawmaker Andy Gipson Cites Bible Verse Calling for 'Death to Gays'! An Argument for the Sanctity of Marriage between a Man and a Woman?

Mississippi Lawmaker Andy Gipson
Is Mississippi lawmaker Andy Gipson calling for killing Gay People on his facebook page? 

Gipson is apparently making an argument for legal marriage to be between a man and a woman only by suggesting gay men be 'put to death' and cites Leviticus 20:3 as his authority. (facebook entry posted May 10, 2012.)

Currently, certain organizations are calling for a petition to be signed  calling for an apology from Gipson. Gipson has, however, said he will never apologize for the 'word of God' who made man in HIS image and gave HIS only begotten son to die on the cross for all our sins, citing John 3:16 as his authority. 

Editors Comment: First, we've never followed the logic of how the legal marriage of homosexuals disparages the legal marriages of heterosexual people. Where's the evidence?

Secondly, we question the wisdom and logic of a GOD who allowed his son to be murdered when that GOD who was all powerful had every means to stop it. HE had other alternatives to save souls and certainly could have saved HIS son's torture and life.

Apparently I am not 'made' in Gipson's GOD's image because I would never allow my son to die without doing everything in my power to stop it. 

Andy Gipson, in addition to being a Mississippi lawmaker, is also a preacher with The Southern Baptist Convention. And, will Gipson be preaching 'African Americans don't have souls' next? That's exactly what his predecessors preached just a few generations ago as GOD'S word (verified). Or, is Gipson preaching that now?

Stay tuned for a forthcoming article re: Church Marriage Vs Legal Marriage-A History.


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