Thursday, May 3, 2012

Mitt Romney Campaign SHAME! From a $1,000.00 T-Shirt to a Top Staff Firing!

From a Guest Contributor inside The Romney for President Campaign: 

It's been a shameful week in the Romney campaign with Ann's ill-advised wearing of a $1,000.00 T-shirt on the CBS Morning Show and the 'firing' of Richard Grenell, our newly hired Chief National Security Spokesman due to pressure from the 'Lunatic' Conservative Religious Right.

Richard Grenell
Richard Grenell is openly Gay. 

So there is no mistake, Richard was 'FIRED' from the Romney Campaign after Romney caved in to the intimidation and pressure of Bryan Fischer* of "The American Family Alliance", a Christian 'HATE' organization, and other 'Ayn Rand Christian' Groups in a shameful act of cowardice.   

The "christians" threatened with "hate" toward the Mitt's campaign if Grenell stayed on the job (because they "hate" homosexuals),  Romney buckled and took Richard's resignation.

Our campaign hierarchy is spinning this story saying, they thought the Grenell "flap had blown over" and were "surprised by Grenell's resignation", when they, in fact, 'fired' him. 

Romney Shame
Other Romney Campaign employees are concerned not only with the Grenell 'cave-in', but also the possible shame of caving-in to other political factions and even foreign governments and their leaders in the future.  The Billionaire Koch Brothers? Grover Norquist and his 'contracts'? Saudi Arabia? Mitt is susceptible to intimidation. 

*Bryan Fischer may be remembered from  last year when he trashed The Congressional Metal of Honor saying it had been "feminized" by President Obama because he was giving it to soldiers who had saved lives in acts of valor instead of giving it to soldiers who killed. 


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