Saturday, May 26, 2012

Romney Passes Econ 1a--Says Big Govenment Spending Cuts Would Cause Depression! Contradicts Tea Party Dogma! (Update October 2012)

Mitt Romney

 (Scroll down for our October 2012 Update.*)
This past week presumptive Republican presidential nominee told Time Magazine's Mark Halperin that 'big government spending cuts are a "prescription for recession or depression."

Mitt Romney gets an "A" in Economics 1a!

Government 'Austerity' in difficult economic times doesn't work. We're seeing this now in Greece and Portugal, Spain and Germany are learning this lesson the hard way right now.

G.W. Bush
Even the Bush Administrations and Reagan Administration understood a basic role of government is to 'spend-up' in difficult times and to 'spend down' in economic up-trends.  

Romney's latest economic stance is in direct opposition to the TEA PARTY faction in  the GOP. John Boehner, Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell all argue for spending cuts and government austerity.

Paul Ryan
Do these opposing philosophies bring to light deep differences in the GOP? 

Yes! (We've been reporting this internal issue for months.)

And how would a President Romney 'spend-up'?

How about a war with Iran?
 (*Update October 2012: Since this earlier writing we now have overwhelming evidence that we can't believe anything Romney says about anything. For example, he flipped, then flopped, then flipped again on the subject abortion 3 times in this month alone.

Accordingly, anything reported about a "Romney position" one day is subject to "shape shifting" in his next statement on any subject, except one. 

Romney has remained consistent in his steadfastness to NOT RELEASE his tax returns. Especially his 2009 taxes which we believe will show he paid the federal government millions in back taxes to avoid criminal prosecution.)  


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