Saturday, May 19, 2012

Nebraska Republicans Pick Deb Fischer Candidate for U.S. Senate! The Billionaire Joe Ricketts Factor!

Deb Fischer

This past week,  Nebraska Republicans selected their U.S. Senate Candidate for the November elections. 

Deb Fischer, a State Senator with little name I.D.,  won her party's nomination with 41% of the vote in a 3-way contest which included Nebraska's Attorney General.  

Bob Kerrey
Fischer will go up against former Governor of Nebraska and U.S. Senator (Democrat) Bob Kerrey in the general election this November. 

After right wing billionaire Joe Ricketts pumped 200k into Fischer's campaign, she came from behind to win by a 6 point margin over her other 2 Tea Party competitors. 

Joe Ricketts
Joe Ricketts and family are proprietors over TD Ameritrade, own the Chicago Cubs among other enterprises and are politically active. Very recently the Obama attack ad controversy painting the The President as a metro-sexual, Black Abe Lincoln came under fire and Ricketts now says he's abandoned plans to run his $10 million ads. 

In a related issue, the Ricketts family want $300 million in federal taxpayer dollars to renovate Wrigley Field (home of the Chicago Cubs). Accordingly, his purchase of Deb Fischer looks like a good investment.

Our prediction is that Deb Fischer will win in November and every U.S. Senate (wart sandwich) vote counts.


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