Sunday, May 13, 2012

Newsweek Magazine President Obama "Gaylo-Halo" Cover! Has He Become a Democrat? (Photo)

Has President Obama become a Democrat?  

This guy with the "GAYLO-HALO" Killed Osama bin-Laden? 

What's next? A 'Metro-Sexual' endorsement for Manty-Hose?

Our Miss Piggy is currently in West Virginia, profiling and gathering information about "the West Virginia Voter" for a special course she will present  at Harvard later on in the year,  "Abnormal Psychology and the Political Science of an Inbred People".

However, she has taken some time out from her busy schedule to send this forthcoming Newsweek cover photo and to encapsulate the political events of the week as no one else can.
"This political week began with a Baptist (fake-flake) Christian in North Carolina preaching physical abuse on 4 year old children as an argument to vote for that State's constitutional amendment to make marriage between one man and one woman only.

"Then, on Tuesday 41% of West Virginia's 'democrat' voters voted for an incarcerated felon in a Texas penitentiary for U.S. President in abject disrespect for America's fallen soldiers who died to protect the Right to vote.

"With a polygamist family history and Mormon faith, presumptive GOP presidential aspirant Mitt Romney reiterated his "one man-one woman" marriage stance as a fundamentalist Mormon with 4 "sister wives" and 17 children  gave their support to Romney while plugging their TV reality show.

"Meanwhile Romney told a group of out of work young people that they were "too young to understand America's economic system" and defended his need for car elevators he was building in one of his 7 mansions. He went on to tell a group of students to "take a risk" and borrow money from their parents to start businesses. 

"Romney's week concluded with letting his wife, "Gidget"- Ann  buy 3 more $1000.00 tee-shirts for further TV appearances. 

"But the blockbuster of the week came when President Obama endorsed 'gay marriage', then flew to Hollywood and  collected more than $13 million at a fundraiser at George Clooney's house and got the unsolicited endorsement of the 90-year old icon Betty White.

"Then came praise from a Fox New TV anchor praising Obama for entering the 21st century followed by Limbaugh trying to resurrect his 'paws-up' career by condemning Fox News. 

Miss Piggy concludes her summation with, "Prof J., even I couldn't make this stuff up. It's all true!"

So? Is President Obama America's First "Gay" President?

What difference does it make when America's politics are what they are right now?


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