Tuesday, May 22, 2012

North Carolina Pastor Charles L. Worley Rants, 'PUT GAYS and LESBIANS BEHIND ELECTRIFIED FENCES-LET THEM DIE!' (Caught on You Tube)

From a Guest Contributor in North Carolina comes this (redacted) information with a You Tube contribution identifying Pastor Charles L. Worley of Providence Road Baptist Church in Maiden, North Carolina preaching another anti-gay sermon. 

Pastor Worley
Pastor Worley has joined the growing number of (white) ministers advocating hate and violence against a minority population. But Worley has taken the argument a step further. He advocates genocide. A holocaust against gay and lesbian people. Nazi-ism seems to be flourishing in America's Bible belt of anti-Americans. 

Providence Road Baptist Church
From his pulpit on May 13, 2012, Worley ranted that putting gay and lesbian people in pens surrounded by electrified fences and watching them die is how he decided best to deal with homosexuality in our midst. His congregation roared with approval and "amens". 

Worley went on to remark that he wasn't voting for a "baby killer and homosexual lover" (referring to President Obama) in the next election. 

And there's a lot more. You can see it for yourself on You Tube or hear it in audio on a number of websites.

The fundamentalist Christianity we're exposed to here in the South is a growing, metastasizing cancer in America. Look out America!

(Editors Comment: The first thing we did when we received this contribution was to look up the website for Pastor Worley's Providence Road Baptist Church and found their website had been taken down. Every thing under this church's control on the Internet had been purged. We also noted considerable backlash to the Worley's May 13, tirade on the web.

In previous articles on this blog, we've written about the parallels of conservative America to the beginnings of Nazi-Germany. It began in Germany's fundamentalist churches. What we've been recording and reporting here in recent years reinforces those parallels.

We also note that this past week the NAACP gave their support and endorsement for same sex marriage. Yesterday a group of fundamentalist African American preachers denounced the NAACP for their position. 

What this latter group does not understand is that 'they' are next on the 'white' conservative Christian genocide list.  

We also find it interesting that according to 'google' data, North Carolina and the Bible Belt States are in the top 10 for searches of 'gay sex' in America.

Our contributor here got it right. LOOK OUT AMERICA! 

Some of the nations religious zealots are leading their ducks to a poisonous pond.


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