Friday, May 4, 2012

North Carolina Pastor Sean Harris Preaches Violence Toward 'Gay' Children! A Sermon in Political Support of NC's Marriage Ammendment?

Pastor Sean Harris, Barean Baptist Church, North Carolina
Last Sunday Morning, Pastor Sean Harris from Barean Baptist Church in Fayettville, North Carolina preached physical violence toward  'Gay' (acting) children.

Pastor Harris told parents in his congregation to be 'watchful' for children with homosexual tendencies and "to punch a boy who is effeminate"

He went on to tell fathers, "Fathers! See that son dropping that wrist, you walk over there and crack that wrist." (And yes, folks Pastor Harris remarks were caught on video and auditory tape).

Ted Nugent-2007 Photo
As Ted Nugent did several weeks ago after his 'veiled' (?) inciting threats on the life President Obama went viral on the Internet, likewise, Harris has since backtracked his statements  and said his comments were "figurative" and not intended to promote violence against children. He said that didn't change his teaching of "The Word of God" against homosexuality.

Harris also said his sermon was intended as a (political) support vehicle for North Carolina's  soon to be voted upon Constitutional Amendment.

Where is the logic and critical thinking here between a political marriage amendment issue and advocating for physical child abuse?  

Meanwhile, North Carolina's Marriage Constitutional Amendment comes up for a vote on May 8, 2012. If passed, essentially that State's Constitution would be amended to provide that "marriage" can only be between a man and a woman.

Now a new wrinkle has been added to the mix of controversy in that a proponent of this amendment has been publicized as saying an 'intent' of this amendment is to  protect the Caucasian Race.

 ....and THIS is America? The land of Freedom, Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.....

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