Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Obesity in America: How to Cut Government Medical Costs! (Pictorals and Obesity in America /Maps Included)

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Obesity in America is at epidemic proportions and medical costs are skyrocketing. 

Heart disease, diabetes, stroke and other attendant medical problems to obesity are costing billions of dollars each year with government paying a great portion of the bill with taxpayer dollars.

Childhood obesity in America is also out of control and growing in incidence. Diabetes, asthma and even high blood pressure and heart conditions are now found in the nations children with no end in sight for these upward trends. Costs of treating these illnesses are increasing yearly and tax dollars are also being spent in treatment. 

The 'Bible-Belt' States, with Mississippi leading as the 'fat champ' for the 6th year in a row, have the highest 'obesity rates' in the nation according to the CDC and other health monitoring organizations. Here are some facts:


The above National "Obesity" Map tells this sad American story. 

The following map provides Obesity rates among U.S. children age 10-17. 

Note these 'fat' Bible Belt States are also America's 'Welfare States'**. That is, those States receiving more tax dollars back from Washington than they send. At the same time the 'leaner' States receive less tax dollars from Washington than they send. 

For example,  West Virginia, with a population having a 30%+ BMI (Map 1), receives $2.57 back for every dollar they send to Washington while California receives $0.72 back for every dollar it sends to the Federal Government according to the GAO.  

"Senator 'at large' Dave Tillis"
Not only are people fatter in these 'Welfare  States', their politicians have 'fat' mouths feeding at the 'pork trough' of taxpayer dollars from the leaner States.  

One way to cut these costs is to expel these 'Red State, Bible Belt "fat" States from Union.

Do you agree?

**See our companion article, "Erase the U.S. Deficit.....", dated April 30, 2012.

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