Wednesday, May 9, 2012

President Obama Comes Out in Favor of GAY MARRIAGE! Latest Polls Suggest He is With the Majority of Americans! (Recent Poll Image Graphs Included)

President Obama

President Obama rocked the political world today by coming out in favor of Gay Marriage. He made his statements during an exclusive interview with ABC News. 

The President also made it clear that he has no political agenda behind his statement and position. There is no enabling legislation planned, and his position is a personal one.

Political or not, The President seems to be on the side of most Americans according to recent polls.

The following recent Washington Post-ABC News Poll  shows 52% of adult Americans in favor of same-sex couple marriages with 43% opposed: 

This following Poll from Pew Research Center taken from April 4-15, 2012, shows 47% of White respondents favoring gay marriage over 43% who opposed it while 49% of Blacks polled opposed the practice against 39% in favor.

Although the media is buzzing and the talking heads are talking as the politicians are positioning themselves, that with the economy, jobs, the wars, housing conditions and other substantive issues in our midst, that like us, most Americans just don't care about who marries who. 


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