Monday, May 14, 2012

Randi Rhodes-NorMAN GoldMAN The BEST 6 Hours Daily on Talk Radio!

Norman Goldman

Are you interested in political-talk radio with some real substance? With hosts who provide validated facts and source those facts? 

Then tune into The Randi Rhodes and 'NorMAN GoldMAN' shows, nationally syndicated radio talk programs, each with 3 hours daily programming and found in most major markets across the country.

Here in the Bay Area, we listen on KNEW, 960 AM, from noon to 3 PM for Randi, and from 3 PM to 6 PM for 'NorMAN GoldMAN'. 

You may disagree with these educated hosts on a lot of their positions (we do), but they always have 'real facts' to back up their statements. Their command of the facts on the subject matter is stunning.
Randi Rhodes

With 90+% of political talk radio in the 'conservative' column, these programs are refreshing departures from  corporate media's restricted  editorial policy confines.

Goldman is a lawyer. His daily "Senior Legal Analyst Time" segments are mini-non-partisan lessons in law. They are small goldmines of information bringing 'legalese' into understandable terms and logic for us all.

For valid and validated "news of the day" talk radio, Randi Rhodes and "smash-mouth" NorMAN GoldMAN are worth 'the listen' to those who want thought provoking, educated and educating information instead of "the brainwash" prevalent in today's media that has grown rancid with age.   

(Editors Comment: This is an unsolicited thumbs up review of what we consider to be the best daily 6 hours on radio today. Try them out.)


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