Friday, May 25, 2012

"ROCK of AGES"--Tom Cruise SINGS in New Movie Musical! A Review! (Update: RofA BOMBS at BO)

(Update June 17, 2012: The Box Office receipts are in for RofA's opening weekend with disastrous results. ROCK of AGES is a big time FLOP! With a $75 mil budget, Hollywood is already counting their losses.

Heads will roll over this one. Who made the decision to make a 1980's nostalgia musical in the first place, and who decided to cast the 50 year old Tom Cruise as the 25-year old Rock Star will probably be fired over this disaster.

What's next for Cruise? Maybe a remake of 'Howard the Duck' with venerable Tom playing the duck?) 

From a Guest Contributor in Los Angeles comes this brief review of Tom Cruise "singing" ability in the forthcoming movie, ROCK of AGES:

"In a private screening of the much anticipated blockbuster musical Rock of Ages, we cringed as we painfully watched and listened to the aging diminutive Tom Cruise "sing(?)". 

Tom Cruise-Rock of Ages-2012
"To say Cruise sounded like expulsions from the tail pipe of a 1949 Studebaker would be a kind representation. His voice is more like a parade of farts filtered through an echo chamber. 

"Even with modern digital recording technology, Cruise still sounded like a 'parade of farts filtered through an echo chamber'."

(Editors comment: It seems this contributor may be a bit opinionated? Perhaps others in our audience would want put their "reviews" of this film and Cruise's singing talents into our 'comments' section. We don't plan on seeing the movie ourselves.)



  1. jealous much? I saw this movie weeks back and he sounds great. The entire soundtrack is just great. I am getting the impression that you have a mental disorder that you should be talking to a specialist about instead of writing nonsense.

    1. The 'Disconnect' does not agree or disagree with either the guest contributor or the comment above.

      We believe in freedom of expression and free speech and give some contributors (and their detractors) opportunity to do just that.

      In the instant article we were taken by it's brevity and especially it's 'COLORFUL' wording. And we thought some of our readers might find some interest in it. From the initial numbers recorded so far we were correct in our assessment.

      We thank both this contributor and commenter for their participation.

    2. It's all in your head. Get it checked.

    3. Unless Arya is some kind of Hollywood mogul, she didn't see this film when she said she did.