Thursday, May 10, 2012

Romney! Animal Cruelty? Gay Basher? Mormon Bullying? A Pattern of Psychopathy?

Mitt Romney

With a family history of polygamy, a well publicized story about animal cruelty to his dog Seamus, Mormon bullying and now the details of at least one chronicled incident of Gay Bashing, is this GOP Presidential Standard Bearer fit to be The President of the United States? Is Mitt Romney a Psychopath?

Mitt Romney -his formative years at Cranbrook Prep School
We've previously reported  Romney's cruelty to dogs and his Mormon bullying events. 

Now comes a well documented, stunning story from the Washington Post chronicling Mitt's formative years while attending the elite Cranbrook Prep School in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. (The full story can be found in Washington Post article May 10, 2012 by Jason Horowitz.) 

We are only reporting that this latest information exists, not revisiting Horowitz's good work. We are fitting this new information in to a context that shows a pattern. A 'course of conduct' in Mitt Romney's behaviour over decades that raises the mental health issue of psychopathy in a contender for the President of the United States.  

Mitt Romney (Left)
Essentially, Horowitz's story provides (in part) that while attending Cranbrook, an elite prep school where 'the boys' were required to wear shirts, ties and blazers and carry leather briefcases, that young Mitt formed a "gay bash" posse and 'viciously' physically attacked and brutalized a younger classmate because, in Mitt's words, the boy "didn't belong there."

Add to this event and possible other similar events (that Romney claims not to remember) to Romney's animal cruelty and Mormon bullying through the course of years, and this candidate for U.S. President becomes the subject, or should become the subject of Mental Health scritiny and examination.

Mitt Romney Today
Job requirements and qualifications for law enforcement officers, firefighters and even being a 'private no class' in the U.S. Military require Psychological Examinations and psychiatric interviews prior to hiring.  

Should America require mental health examinations and profiles of it's Presidential candidates? In Mitt Romney's case we think so. 

The first line in F.Scott Fitzgerald's classic novel, The Great Gatsby, reads, "The rich are different from you and me......."

Mitt Romney perfectly makes Fitzgerald's point whether he's a psychopath or not!


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