Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Mitt Romney's Stunning Weakness: Won't Disclaim Donald Trump's "Birther" Publicity Stunt!

Romney Prep School Photo
Like the 'preppy boy' who enters prison and becomes the cell block "punk", so it is with presumptive GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney in the bastions of "romney-world". Mitt Romney is already the 'political punk' of a number of 'cell block' Republicans.

To portray Romney as a  weak-lily-liver coward would be kind by comparison to who and what Romney actually is.

There is an insider running joke among establishment Republicans that 'Romney does not "stand up" for anything and therefore "STANDS" for NOTHING.'  And this is from "inside" the Party.

Mitt Romney
Romney has not 'stood up' for his Church, the Latter Day Saints, although he gives it more than $2 million a year. He does NOT affirm and has NOT affirmed his belief in Mormon dogma that has baptized 100's of thousands of dead people into the LDS faith. But this is another story.

After Romney kissed the ring on Donald Trump's middle finger, and got his endorsement, 'the Donald' has gone on to resurrect his phony "birther" claims about President Obama. No one in the Republican Party, or any place else with any sense at all  believes the President was not born in the the U.S., including 'the Donald'. 

It's all 'flim-flam' catering to some West Virginia Democrats and their ilk with stick dildos implanted in their butts. Still, the corporate media keeps the game going because it can't report real  news due to corporate editorial policies.

Donal Trump
So when the corporate media recently asked Romney about his thoughts on Trump's new "birther" attacks, Romney refused to disclaim the falsehood 'the Donald' wants people to believe he embraces.  "I need 50.1% of the vote", Romney said as an apology of sorts.

Stunning weakness? It's worse. It's a prescription for a losing campaign!
Does America Really Want Donald Trump's
for their President?


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