Monday, May 14, 2012

A Pole Dancer with Amputations in a Third World Strip Club? (Warning: A Disturbing Twisted (?) Photo)

From a Contributor in India comes this pole dancer photo and story. 

There is an UNVERIFIED story behind it, however.

Although (political) India and the West, particularly the U.S., tend to put 'happy faces' on the worlds largest democracy, poverty is the reality for most in this third world nation with almost 1 billion inhabitants.

This young woman is the sole support of her family which includes her parents and younger siblings. After losing part of her leg in a terrorist bombing  several years ago, she returned to her job as a pole dancer and works for 'tips'. 

Is this photo twisted? 

Maybe. But it also tells a story of 'heart' and the human condition in our world.

Editors Comment: Meanwhile, America's First Lady in waiting, Ann Romney, needs more $1,000.00 T-Shirts and faces the dilemma of the Summer change in table settings at the Aspen Mansion as one of the Romney children supervises the car elevator construction at the Pacific Coast mansion. 


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