Monday, May 14, 2012

Tennessee Passes Ban on Teachers Condoning "GATEWAY SEXUAL ACTIVITY"!

Welfare Queen Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam

From a Guest Contributor in Tennessee:

Our Bible "Queen" Governor Bill Haslam, of our Welfare "Queen" State of Tennessee has signed legislation into law that makes 'condoning' "Gateway Sexual Activity" among kids a punishable criminal offense.

A "Gateway" Sex Crime in Tennessee!
Now, in Tennessee, any teacher or (dastardly) organization member such as Planned Parenthood, if convicted, can face both jail time and a fine if found guilty of condoning "gateway sexual activity" such as holding hands, kissing and close-dancing with the opposite sex. 

No Editors comment is necessary on this contribution. We've verified the story and found it accurate.

We find it curious, however, that the last time we looked the Tennessee crime rate was not exactly under control. Who's going to enforce these new "crimes" just added to the Penal Code.

Also, sometime back we reported a story about pending legislation in Texas criminalizing male masturbation based on the Bible admonition to "not cast one's seed upon the sand". 

Why are the Bible Belt 'red' States so opposed to regulating corporations, but hell-bent on regulating peoples bodies and behavior? 


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