Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tom Barrett-Milwaukee Mayor to Face Tea Party "Wart Sandwich" Gov. Scott Walker in June Recall Election!

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett

Today, the voters of Wisconsin selected Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett to face Tea Party-Koch Brothers 'Wart Sandwich' Governor Scott Walker in Walker's Recall election on June 5.

Scott Walker is a certified proven lackey-minion of the Billionaire Koch Brothers funded through their Tea Party Express. The Koch Brothers want to control Wisconsin and the nation. 

Scott Walker
The voters of Wisconsin have opportunity to dump Scott Walker and cripple the Koch Brothers efforts by electing Tom Barrett to bring Wisconsin to normalcy and respect this coming June. 

Tom Barrett offers a bright alternative to the sick blight, oppression and disrespect for Americans and the people of Wisconsin Scott Walker has demonstrated this past year. Arrest this 'political cancer' in Wisconsin.

Vote for Tom Barrett on June 5!


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