Wednesday, May 9, 2012

West Virginia-Primary Elections (2012): Keith Russell Judd, Incarcerated Felon, Takes 40% of Democratic Presidential Vote! (Updated*)

Mitt Romney

West Virginia held it's Primary elections yesterday along with North Carolina, Wisconsin and a few others, all of which added to Mitt Romney's delegate count.

Since President Obama is running virtually unopposed in the Democratic Primaries little is being reported in the corporate media about his delegate count.

Keith Judd-Inmate
But in West Virginia Obama had some competition and incarcerated convicted felon Keith Russell Judd captured 40% of the vote.

Judd is imprisoned at the Beaumont Federal Correctional Institution in Texas on a conviction of making threats against the University of New Mexico in 1999.

West Virginia Voters?
Judd's vote count gives him at least 1 convention delegate under West Virginia election rules. It seems, however, Judd has failed to file the proper paper work to actually have his delegate awarded.

Either West Virginia voters have a great sense of humor or they're just plain stupid. We  suspect the latter is true, proving once again that  stupidity at the ballot box is not just a Republican characteristic in the Bible Belt.

(*Editors Comment-Update: Good Grief! We've heard from Mammy Yokum and Lil' Abner and others in Dog Patch, West Virginny and it seems they needed to empty their colostomy bags. We hope they feel better now because we want them to feel better. 

We also stand corrected on the possum pie-squirrel soup issue. We forgot that squirrel soup is usually fresher at the Road Kill Diner than the possum pie. 

Also, the Internet is a wonderful invention. It has allowed America's third world States, like West Virginia, information not usually presented on Pat Robertson's 700 Club.

Actually, we appreciate all the comments we've received. We value Free Speech. Perhaps our detractors can explain their "Obama Hate" with substantive reasons and why they would and apparently did vote against their own best interests.)



  1. Stupidity and bias still reign supreme in the media as well , that being proved by the article posted above. I am from West Virginia, born and raised here and I would like to say that your remarks are offensive as hell , which I am sure you meant them to be. Just discredit all West Virginians as Bible thumping idiots and never look past the end of your own skyward pointing nose to find the truth. Fact is, West Virginians are a rebel breed, we do things our own way. We don't mince words or pussy foot around an issue. We say exactly what we mean and we by God back it up. We DON'T WANT Obama, PERIOD!!! We would vote for anyone over him . Plain and simple. We put our votes where our mouth is so to speak . Did America get the message loud and clear? Must have , it got you and lots more like you talking about it . And yes, one of the great things about West Virginians is our awesome sense of humor , but Obama is not a laughing matter , we seriously want his ass GONE! No joke, he has to go! I realize I may not be highly educated like yourself, but I DO have enough sense not to talk about something I know nothing about like you did and I somehow managed to make my point without insulting you , even though you deserve it . I believe that is a sign of a more intelligent mind. In closing I would like to say that for insulting an entire state, you can kiss my Hillbilly ass. Love the picture you posted with West Virginia Voters under it, glad you didn't have to do a big internet search to find it , just had to use that photo from the family album of you and your brother .

    1. Hey America, some hillbilly in West Virginia just made this bloggers point for him. Will she be goin' on down to the Bigot Baptist 4-Square Gospel Church tonight for the ice cream possum pie social?

    2. I'll have you know we are not having possum tonight. It's squirrel gravy night and we don't have a church yet, but come this time next year I bet we do. Mr. Romney will make sure of that because after this little blog statement he'll be kissing a lot of butts. Yep! we are hillbillies and Elizabeth is very adamant about where she lives and I believe to regain America we/you better all speak our minds. I guarantee you this much, it is not going away and when we the people let politicians bash our state in public and get away with it, well then it's over they've won. But as for me, "I have not yet begun to fight"

  2. What a shame that you have no real political agenda , no real political argument, just have to resort to insults. What's next genious, nana, nana , boo boo, stick your face in doo doo? You're a bright boy .

  3. Garry, I love it! lol I will come on down fer sum squirrel gravy and cathead biscuits. Set me a place , I'll brang tha moonshine an sum skuppernog fer the wemem folk.

  4. Apparently they didn't teach you to read where you came from J. No where did I say I hate Obama, and perhaps you in your infinite wisdom can explain to me and other West Virginians how in God's name Obama could possibly be in the best interest of our state or the country? I notice you are yet to offer any real political statement , you seem to prefer to continue to insult people you don't know a thing about . Does that make you feel like a big man? I guess you are safe hiding behind your fake little profile where you are only known as J. Is that by any chance short for Jack ass? Jerk?

  5. Elizabeth lets face it we have been had, to lower ourselves to a standard such as Johns is embarrassment to our integrity. I find myself at odds with the witless humor of his BLOG.......a blog that evidently does not know the facts and embarrasses his self on the issues and the fact that he pretends to be an American. John I have to admit you got me but as an American I will not deny my heritage and if I had any one regret it would be that I responded to your blog. I will not make that mistake again. In the words of my brother "KISS MY ASS" .....................

  6. I agree Garry, he wants to bring attention to his pitiful little blog which is largely unread. Don't see too many people bothering with it . Has no real opinion on anything, just tries to keep an argument going just to have someone to talk to .
    Obviously hasn't a clue what he is talking about or he wouldn't have made that ridiculous statement about Obama being in West Virginia's best interest . So rave on John, hope you will try to enlighten yourself a little before you make comments in the future. You come across as being not very bright and a terribly mean and bitter person. Keep on talking, keep on hating, keep on insulting , nobody is listening anyway.

    1. Elizebeth and clearly don't do your homework. Take a look at the 100's of articles (usually written in parody and sometimes from guest contributors) on this blog with verified facts and figures which drive our political logic and philosophy.

      You might learn that we're not big Obama fans. But given what the other side is doing and has done to this country and it's people it is curious that anyone would could support anyone but Obama in the current scheme of things.

      From the Republican controlled House of Representatives, the Paul Ryan budget and the words coming from John Boehner, Jim DeMint, Mitch McConnell, Allen West and countless others, here is what the "Obama" alternative is trying to do:

      -Reduce and/or discontinue Social Security, Medicare, Veterans Benefits and Medicaid to recipients and deny it to others.

      -Deny Women's basic Right to control their own bodies and take away their choices.

      -Reduce/Eliminate Children's food and health programs.

      And these things are just on the tip of the iceberg, each of which have truth and fact behind them.

      As for West Virginia and most of the Bible Belt States, verified statistics show you to have the highest obesity and diabetes rates in the nation. The highest teen pregnancy rates and the highest STD rates nationally.

      West Virginia is also a Welfare State, meaning that for every dollar you send to the Federal Government you get at least $1.25 returned to your State. In contrast, for every dollar California sends to the Feds, $0.73-$0.78 is returned.

      And Garry, you're right. We are a small potato in the blogosphere. We do, however, have 100's of thousands of readers and today your words have been read by thousands of people.

  7. Statistics , facts, figures can all be manipulated and /or interpreted in may different ways. Just because you read and take in your facts and figures and then spout out your version of what that means does not make it so . I have lived in West Virginia almost all my life. I left after my divorce because I chose the factories and regular paydays of the more southern states to raising my children on welfare . I am not alone in that decision.West Virginians are known to be a hard working proud people. If jobs were available in our home state, we much prefer to stay right here where we love it , where the people are nice and friendly , where our families are, where our hearts are . We are forced to leave to find work and support our families. When I was working in North Carolina the local paper stated that 1/3 of the population of that county was from West Virginia. Do you know how hard it is to leave everyone and everything you have ever known just to find work? Just to see your children have a better life? I do , and so do a lot of other West Virginians. For you , who know NOTHING about us to reduce our proud people to Bible thumping idiots and welfare bums simply because you disagree with our politics is absolutely ridiculous and shows that YOU are in fact the ignorant one. If you had done YOUR homework you might know that the reason we are so dead against Obama is that he threatens to take away the one real job market we have, the coal industry . He is an enemy of coal , therefore he has made himself an enemy of West Virginians. You like to belittle us because we are a welfare state and receive so much government money . Just how much more will the state receive if Obama has his way and actually does shut down the coal industry in West Virginia?As the coal mines goes, so does retail, building, and everything else. How much more dependent will we all be on foreign sources of energy? Do you not know or care where the energy comes from when you flip your lights on? Well for a lot of this country , it comes from West Virginia coal . Yes we do realize that mining coal is terrible for the environment , but until we are offered a viable alternative to feed our children we really don't have a choice . This is a poor state as you have reminded us many times over in a very condescending manner , but we are still a proud people who would rather work that live on the dole. As far as reducing that welfare line, I agree and no body knows better than West Virginians that there is a lot of abuse of the system. Nobody hates it or is more vocal about it than we are. What can we do about it? We report them hundreds of times and nothing is ever done about it . That is not our fault, that is the government agencies failing to do their jobs. Maybe you could channel that hatred you have for our state into addressing that problem , and it is a nationwide problem , not just a West Virginia problem . As far as the scare tactics Obama supporters are using to get him re-elected, none of those things scare me as much as the Constitutional rights Obama is blatantly taking away .After all , what good are any of those other benefits and rights without my basic freedoms? As far as getting your facts straight and doing your homework you should take your own advice, West Virginia does not lead the nation in obesity and has not for many years. That honor belongs to Mississippi . Not to rag Mississippi because I am sure that being poor has a lot to do with it. Starches and higher carbs are simply cheaper and more filling so therefore poor people eat an unhealthy diet and gain weight. Not their fault at all. They eat what they can afford. Statistics show that by 2030 almost half of the country will be obese , so get off your high horse .As we continue to genetically alter our food supply and deplete it of it's nutritional value we are bound to see an increase in obesity. (Continued next post)

  8. I hate to inform you that you are wrong again , Mississippi leads the nation in highest STD's , again my guess is because it is a poor state . Lack of funding for free clinics and sex education are most likely the causes. Let's not get too uppity though , since The United States in general leads the world in the most cases of STD's . Clearly we as a nation have dropped the ball.Now if I just want to be a bitch about it I can say that those figures are for STD's , when you look into the figures for HIV/AIDS you will not find any city in West Virginia making the top of that list and never has. West Virginia is always very near the bottom.California however, (your state I believe John) consistently scores in the top brackets. California also consistently scores in the top when ranked by state or by cities. Any state can be made to look bad by digging up statistics , and if they are incorrect as yours were, well all the more so. Hate to burst your "homework " bubble again , but you are also wrong about teen pregnancy rates, Mississippi also holds that honor as well. I am sure it is directly linked with low income, lack of funds , etc. so I want to be sure that all the wonderful people of Mississippi know that I am not belittling your state , only defending mine and correcting a loud mouth who doesn't do his homework. I mean no disrespect to Mississippi as John does to all of West Virginia. In short John, your research , if in fact you did any is outdated and incorrect . Mine is the latest data available. Obesity , diabetes , teen pregnancy and STD are problems that the entire country faces. You made that comment simply to belittle West Virginians and for no other reason.What a bitter hateful little person you are . To have to build your own self up by belittling others. I don't know what you have against west Virginia and the so called Bible belt states , but I think you attempted to make us look bad and have only succeeded in showing everyone how truly small minded and cruel you are . As far as thousands of people reading mine and Garry's comments, I am so thankful for that and I am sure Garry is too. I personally welcome the opportunity to defend my wonderful state and it's wonderful people against the vile , venom filled minds of people like you . I still say , you can kiss my Hillbilly ass, just be sure and wear a lip condom, I don't want any of what you have.

    1. Elizabeth Hello,

      You may not believe or accept what I'm going to say here, but I respect you and thank you for your efforts and explanations in defending your State. You are an articulate and smart woman of substance who has some good things to say.

      That said, without the name calling, maybe some responsible dialog is in order.

      First, if you read what I said about the Bible Belt States in relation to diabetes, obesity and so on, I didn't say West Virginia is number 1. I've written several articles on the subject matter and you probably found the same data I found in which Mississippi is number 1 in just about everything mentioned. The Bible Belt States do lead the nation in these things,however, and West Virginia is in that top 10 of the 50 States which makes West Virginia a leader in these blights.

      I also wrote a silly article about expelling the Bible Belt States from the Union because they are 'welfare' States and costing the rest of us too much money. I wrote another article about selling the Louisiana Purchase States back to the French and taking a loss because property values have gone in the toilet. All tongue in cheek parody with major political bite.

      I do understand that the coal industry is West Virginia's bread and butter. If the coal industry shuts down it will be the coal industry itself that does it and not the Obama Administration. The Coal industry does not want to spend their profits on safety regulations for it's workers. You know better than I about the sicknesses and early death of many of your mine workers from lung, kidney and heart disease directly attributed to the mines. You know of the accidental deaths from lax regulations, or no regulations in those mines. Wouldn't be a shame if the Coal Corps only made $2 Billion instead of $4 Billion next quarter because safety regulations for workers were addressed.

      And what Constitutional Rights have been taken from you by the Obama Administration? What do you fear and how did you come to fear your loss of Rights?

      More later......

  9. This coming weekend, our very own field political correspondent, Miss Piggy, will be reporting from "Dog Patch" West Virginia and giving her 'take' on the events this past week in that State. We've seen clips of what she will be reporting. It's a BLOCKBUSTER!

    So stay tuned for Miss Piggy's separate blog article, "West Virginia Voters Praised by Inmate No. 11593-051...."

  10. John, I had not had time to sit down and properly reply to your comment of May 9, but had fully intended to do so and then I see your comment of May 10 and realize what I should have all along. This blog isn't political at all. It is an outlet for frustrated ,immature , bitter people like yourself to do what you do best , make fun of others to make yourself appear smarter or somehow better. Debating or discussing politics or any serious matter on this blog is a bit like washing my car with a turd. It doesn't really make a lot of sense and just makes me look as stupid as you .

  11. Hey every body,

    Thanks to our 'comment' and 'emailer' contributors for their contributions to this tempest in a tea pot.

    We manage 3 active blogs and numbers of contributing writers. A full time job and then some. Accordingly, we rarely engage in irrelevant skunk peeing contests as we have here. We'd hoped for some relevant dialog with our detractors, but that didn't happen. So, we move forward.

    The bottom line to this instant article is that while some of our detractors have tried to defend and support an ignorant and stupid population of a backward State, they in fact support an essence of disregard and disrespect for others.

    The right to vote in America is sacred. In America, millions of soldiers have fallen and died for that Right, a right which we take for granted.

    Last Tuesday 41% of a group of dim wits in West Virginia chose to trash and disrespect our fallen soldiers, and our nation by voting for a felon currently serving time in a penitentiary in Texas.

    The 'disconnect' reported this story in defense of those who could no longer defend themselves.

  12. Yes it's me, I know I promised myself not even to visit your meaningless (BLOG) again but I guess curiosity got the best of me. I find as before your blog like I said is meaningless and simply it's because of you. In short your ignorance is evident in you statements. I did my home work that's why I stated that your (BLOG) was and is worthless....It simply is your views of what you think and what you think is definitely not how we as Wva /Americans feel. As for an audience of guest or speakers as you say it's irrelevant, I see none that impress me and for this bantering of wits I see only you a unarmed man. Elizabeth has defiantly made herself clear and I agree. You my friend have invented a world like Facebook that thieves on social media, but in your case you have disconnected yourself from the world......only because what you think is true. If in fact you wanted to have a successful (BLOG) then I think you should do your home work.........yes it is true 41% did vote for a jail bird, but if you are so ignorant that you can not see that as Wva / Americans are fed up, then you are more ignorant than your (BLOG) represents you to be. The only thing I see wrong with the decision to vote 41% for a convict was that it wasn't 100%. To me we the people have made a bold statement, we are fed up! The sad part of this decision just like the 2008 election vote as Wva we will pay for our decision. But as an American I think we will survive the state may dry up from federal funds, but as an old hillbilly I'll get by.........I'll thank God I'm alive and I'll give thanks to land that provides me.......John your Blog is just that a BLOG and I will not be back. because of a Wva / American I wish you luck....and yes by the way the KISS MY ASS was not sexual it was a statement in short get a life!!!!!!!!! sorry it's the hillbilly in me..........or I should say it's the American in me!!!!!! Don't worry I seen the smile on your face after the first post......LOL!!!!!!!!!

  13. from a blog administrative intern:

    Seems West Virginia is ripe for another monthly "Darwin Stupidity Award" for May with a Pentecostal Pastor killing himself with his pet rattlesnake in a 'test of faith' ritual. See our article dated May 31,2012, "West Virginia 'Snake Handler' Pentecostal Pastor Dead of Rattle Snake Bite....", and it's companion parody article dated June 1, 2012, "West Marin 'Worm handler' Suffers Allergic Reaction...."