Saturday, June 30, 2012

Pelosi and Boehner on the SCOTUS Health Care Ruling!


U.S. Senator Rand Paul on Health Care and The SCOTUS Ruling!

Yeah, Randy, it does!

What a Jerk!


NRA Spokesman Charlton Heston's Gun Taken From His Cold Dead Hands! Alzheimer's Wasn't It?

Photo Courtesy of the ONION!

Alzheimer's, wasn't it?


The NRA Connection to "FAST and FURIOUS"--Why and How Eric Holder was held in Contempt of Congress!

In a world where the Octomom has more credibility than the Kardashians, it's not surprising that 'the dumb and dumber' so-called 'patriot Americans' have bought into the hysterical-fear spread by The NRA and their minions that the Obama Administration "will" take their guns away.

Like giddy girls with screechy penetrating voices chirp their fears to one another in the school yard about their parents taking away  their training bras, so it is that NRA members and other crippled souls in fearful dither wring their hands in desperate hyperbole about 'the tyranny' coming from the Obama Administration.  These cretins then give what money they have left over from buying bullets and Glocks to the NRA, Tea Party organizations and the 700 Club in the hopes of turning the tide on a "boogie man" that doesn't exist.

In the meantime the Billionaire Koch Brothers, Karl Rove, Grover Norquist, FreedomWorks and others of their ilk lounge in good humored comfort at how well their product of hate and fear has been sold to 'The Dumbs and Dumbers' of America. 

This "WHAT'S WRONG IN AMERICA" scenario was clearly demonstrated this past week when the Republican dominated House of Representatives voted to hold Eric Holder, the U.S. Attorney General, in Contempt of Congress in the "Fast and Furious" botched 'war on drugs' operation into Mexico in 2009.  

Darrell Issa R-California
After Republican Rep. Darrell Issa, Chair of The House Ethics Committee, questioned and received hundreds of documents about "Fast and Furious" (a government effort to stop drug border crossings in Arizona that turned into a shooting war of sorts), Holder would not give those documents relating to a current and  ongoing  homicide investigation into the death of a U.S. Border Patrol Agent. Documents of this nature usually have a way of being "leaked", and Holder would not compromise those mentioned in the investigation or his criminal case. 

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder
Having this basic information, Issa went forward anyway with a Contempt of Congress resolution against Holder, saying Holder was uncooperative. The vote was held yesterday with 255 Republicans (and 7 Blue Dog Democrats) voting in favor and 67 Democrats voting no. Most House Democrats walked out of the Chamber in protest and didn't vote.

Darrell Issa
In an interview this week Issa openly admitted the nature of his investigation was to find "proof" the Obama Administration had purposefully planned a high profile shooting event and then use that event to take guns away from citizens. This is the exact conspiracy nonsense the NRA has been spreading to "the dumbs and dumbers" who actually believe it. 

There is also another reason The Issa committee went after Holder concerning his voter-suppression issues now at hand in Florida and some other States , but that's another story to be reported on soon.

In the meantime, isn't it time thinking people voted these politicians out of office who are so fearful of the wrath of the NRA that they will actually forward crazy claims to appease them?


Friday, June 29, 2012

FreedomWorks Giddy Hysteria over Obamacare Supreme Court Ruling Brings a Feeble Plan!

A FreedomWorks Cause That Kills People
It seems FreedomWorks Matt Kibbe is dithering in 'school-girl' juices giddy hysteria today because the U.S. Supreme Court upheld "The Affordable Care Act" as constitutional and IS the law of the land today.

Accordingly, FreedomWorks has devised a feeble plan they're now trying to sell to their dimwit financial contributors. 

Essentially, their plan is for "patriots" to sign a 'declaration of independence' from Obamacare along with a financial donation (of course) and they will present that "declaration" on July 4! The part about where it will be presented is left out of the urgent message sent to all of us on their list-serve today. 

Would You By a Used Car from this Guy?
Kibbe also left out the part that without Obamacare many people who can't care for themselves would die as Medicaid funding is tied to the "Affordable Care Act." Medicaid would have died if Obamacare had not been upheld.

Also, as Kibbe and other foes of The Affordable Health Care Act are saying that Obamacare 'paves the way for unprecedented intrusion into personal decisions' as these same advocates want to control women and how women's vaginas are treated.   

Gov. O' Malley-Left
On a conference call with the White House and other Democrat Governors yesterday, Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley put it succinctly when he quipped, "the only health care Republican conservatives can embrace are transvaginal ultrasound probes."


Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes Split! Divorce Papers Filed! (Update: Was Cruise Caught in Bed Bending 'IT' with Beckham? The Divorce has Been Settled!)

Tom and Katie in Happier Times
(Update July 9, 2012: WOW! Was the Cruise/Holmes divorce settled quick or what? Less than 2 weeks after the papers were filed, today lawyers for both sides say the matter is over and everyone is pleased and 'happy, happy, happy.' Both parties wish each other 'the best.' So what really happened?

No one will really ever know, but last week reported there was more to the split than just Scientology. BlindGossip reported that Tom and World Soccer Star David Beckham were CAUGHT IN BED TOGETHER! 

David Beckham
Although there is no evidence that Beckham and Cruise were 'bending "IT" together or doing the 'polesmoking duet', credence is now given to the rumor. There were multi-million careers involved here and no one was inclined to rock that boat.) 

From our Guest Contributor in Hollywood:

Straight off his flop "Rock of Ages" movie, Tom Cruise is the subject of still another flop. His marriage of 5-years to actress Katie Holmes is heading into the divorce courts.

Although the couple are wanting a quiet divorce (which was planned in a per-nuptial arrangement), insiders say that Cruise's commitments to his Scientology religion got in the way of the marriage and that Katie couldn't live with the hocus-pocus along with what some are saying is "blackmail" against the super-star threatening 'homosexual' exposure in John Travolta tradition, who is also a big contributor to Scientology. 

While these are just rumors from 'insiders', Cruise has been plagued for many years with hints of his sexuality.

I'll keep you informed.

Editors Comment: We wish this couple well in their future.



Thursday, June 28, 2012

CNN Does The "DEWEY DEFEATS TRUMAN" Super-Gaffe with Obamacare "MANDATE STRUCK DOWN" Headline! (Not to be Missed Photos Included)

A Photoshopped Version of Today's "Dewey Defeats Truman" Gaffe
Today's CNN headline Super-Gaffe with their Obamacare "MANDATE STRUCK DOWN" is clearly this generations "DEWEY DEFEATS TRUMAN" Headline in 1948!

The Original 1948 Photo of Truman Holding this Iconic Gaffe
These photos are worth thousands of words.

Congratulations are in order for the "photoshopper" who did the great work on the Obama photo.


CNN-FOX NEWS Colossal News FAIL! They Got it Wrong on The Biggest Landmark Supreme Court Ruling in Recent History! Obamacare IS Constitutional!

In a colossal news fail of mis-reporting and complete error of fact, both FOX NEWS(?) and CNN got it WRONG and reported that today the U.S. Supreme Court had ruled the 'Individual Mandate' of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) was ruled "unconstitutional".

 For the record, The U.S. Supreme Court ruled

Will heads roll because of this abject incompetence?
Probably not.
FOX and CNN fire people for reporting the TRUTH!


Don Grady-Star of My Three Sons Dies at 68! A Tribute!

Don Grady as Robbie Douglas-My Three Sons (1960-1972)

Don Grady, actor, musician, composer and teen mega-star of Fred Mac Murray's "MY THREE SONS" television series has died. He was 68.

Grady died of cancer yesterday at his home in Thousand Oaks, California. 

With a Magnetic Personality and God-Given
talent, DON GRADY was an ORIGINAL!

From his start as an original Mouseketeer to his
later years as a respected composer and musician,
was a 'TRUE STAR' who is most 
remembered as Robbie Douglas in the  iconic
television shows.

My Three Sons was a top rated television
staple from 1960 to 1972, running on both ABC and 
later on the CBS networks, with Fred Mac Murray as an
aeronautical engineer and widowed father raising three
boys in the contemporary times
of their day. William Demerest is also pictured
as a family member who came into the Douglas

Robbie had some problems 
growing up, but he survived. 

Barry and Stanley Livingston, real life brothers, 
played Robbie's younger siblings.

A nation watched DON GRADY grow up.  Robbie, who
matured before his time because of his (sit-com) life 
situation became an older brother
to a nation of teenagers as they were growing up.

As an adult, DON GRADY made a seamless transition to a 
respected composer and musician.

DON GRADY was  also a 'TRUE STAR'
in LIFE!

Although missed, he will always be remembered.


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Confederate South Surrenders at Appomattox, Virginia April 9, 1865! A Remembrance of the 'LOSERS' and Plan to Amelliorate America''s Taxation Problems!

This provocative contribution comes from a guest contributor in Colorado:

The Confederate South lost the Civil War in 1865. Their loss was made final and official with the signing of their surrender document at Appomattox, Virginia on April 9, of that year. 

The South has never taken their defeat like men and because of this lack of 'masculine honor' the people of these States remain "LOSERS" to this day. 

Accordingly, the rest of the country and the world, in fact, 'see' these "LOSERS" as the "the Pantywaist-Daffodil" people. Not quite the 'red-blooded' Americans these Bible Belt people pretend to be.

A Bible-Belt Fundamentalist Church
Their LOSER-REGRESSIVE mentality is witnessed daily in their pre-1865 political stances and in their voo-doo born fundamentalist "Christian" denominated church rituals and dogma. 

Since 1865, the rest of the nation has been financially subsidizing  these LOSING  'poverty of soul and heart' States with their tax dollars. 

For example, for every tax dollar these LOSERS send to the Federal Government, their States receive considerably more in return. At the other side of the curve the WINNER-PROGRESSIVE States receive far less than the dollars they send.  

From Boston to Philadelphia to New York, Chicago, and Denver, to Seattle and San Francisco, these progressive cities in progressive States essentially support these LOSER-REGRESSIVE States with their tax dollars. 

Although the WINNER States have a modicum of resentfulness toward these  LOSERS, there is also the righteous value of helping the disadvantaged. There is always the hope that these LOSERS will turn their lives around and stand on their own two feet at some point in time. Although we haven't seen this happening in 147 years.

The problem now is that the LOSERS are sending LOSERS to the U.S. Congress and they are obstructing America's progress. 

To relieve America of these LOSER-REGRESSIVE-OBSTRUCTIONISTS we have a plan. 

That plan is essentially to allow these BIBLE-BELT States to succeed from America's Union, wish them well and hopefully they will one day be our ally. These LOSERS are more closely allied to Somalia, Haiti and Swaziland at the moment, but progress is being made in those countries as well. 

(The Great American Disconnect is a Free Speech Blog and will  print all points of view so long as they don't advocate violence and are in compliance with U.S. Law.)


New Jersey Man Jailed for Threatening Neighbor with a Gun in Neighborhood FARTING Dispute! (Mug Shot)

Daniel Collins

Teaneck, New Jersey: Daniel Collins, 72, had had enough when his unidentified neighbor farted one too many times! 

Yesterday, after the neighbor farted (again) in front of Collins apartment door, Collins caught up with the man in the vestibule of their shared building, brandished a .32 caliber revolver and said he was "going to put a hole" in the man's head.  

Police later arrested Collins and charged him with 'aggravated assault' and 'illegal possession of a firearm.' 

According to reports, Collins had an ongoing dispute with his neighbor because of the neighbors' excessive and continued farting and it's extraordinary pungent odor.

Only in America?


Michelle Bachmann! Minnesota Welfare Queen, Now a Swiss Citizen Seeks Re-election to U.S. House of Representatives!

Is Michelle Bachmann vulnerable to defeat and losing her seat in the U.S. House of Representatives this coming November? The polls say she is, but given her financial Koch Brothers and Tea Party benefactors we don't think so.

But, Minnesota voters will make this determination in about five months.  

Michele has been a good little soldier and can always be counted upon to vote exactly as she's been told to vote. In return, we suspect the Koch's and Tea Party will put all the money necessary into her campaign to see that she is re-elected in this cycle.

On the other hand, Michelle has made some serious mistakes in recent years. She certainly made a fool of herself earlier this year in her run for the GOP Presidential nomination and becoming a Swiss citizen just a few months ago has not helped her in the credibility/patriotism departments.

Marcus and Michelle Bachmann
Add to this that although Michelle preaches a conservative, reduction in government and government programs dogma, the fact that she has taken hundreds of thousands of tax payer dollars in farm subsidies while she and her husband have taken thousands of dollars in government grants to operate their "therapy clinics" puts her in the 'hypocrite zone.' So much so that some 'Washingtonians' have dubbed her the WELFARE QUEEN of Congress. 

Bachmann's voting record is one of the primary reasons voters will vote one way or another. She has voted (across the board) against women and their rights, the elderly, children and veterans. She has voted for big pharma, big oil, weapons manufacturers and every corporate de-regulation legislation that has come her way, which is all a matter of record.  

So, Bachmann is vulnerable we suppose. But, we'll stay with our earlier prediction that Michelle Bachmann will be returned to congress this coming November.


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Animal Cruelty! Comments from a Contributor! (ASPCA PSA Photo Included)

From a Guest Contributor:

"I've never understood cruelty to animals. I just don't "get it."

"I've never understood man's inhumanity to man either.

"To me, they're both the same things. One seems to lead to another. A human who abuses animals will usually abuse people, with the reverse also true.

"I just "don't get" the millionaires and billionaires contributing millions and billions of dollars to elect politicians with no attachments to the welfare of people and animals. 

"These are things I just don't understand. My brain doesn't 'compute' these things into any rational thought processing.

"I do understand, however, that our animals and many people are in need  of help to survive in reasonable comfort and dignity in this world. I also understand it takes money to do it. 

"The ASPCA is a good place to provide this help for animals."

-From "For the Dogs in Seattle"

Jon Stewart
(Editors Comment: We hope this contributor's remarks resonate with our visitors. Also stay tuned for our "Mitt Romney 'EVERY MILLIONAIRE COUNTS' Campaign Bus Tour" coverage coming soon.)



Monday, June 25, 2012

OCTOPUSSY! OCTOMOM, Nadya Suleman, has a BOYFRIEND! (Photos)

OCTOMOM, Nadya Suleman is having a busy month! 

Earlier this month she released her first porn video, has whipped her body into gym-tone shape and now introduces her new BOYFRIEND, FrankyG.

Nadya says she met FrankyG. at the gym. FrankyG. is a prize winning amateur bodybuilder and is spending considerable time and a few romantic moments with Nadya.

Although FrankyG is 23 years old and Nadya is 36, FrankyG. says she's a wonderful lady, great to be with and the age difference is not in the way of their friendship. 

When asked about Octomom's responsibilities with being the single mother of 14, FrankyG. says he loves the kids and respects Nadya as a parent.
Nadya and FrankyG.

Please see our companion Article
dated June 14, 2012
OCTOMOM has said she won't date until 'The OCTO's' are 18, but our photos show otherwise. 

And why not? Isn't Nadya a refreshing departure and uplift from the Kardashians?

We think so and wish OCTOMON all the best. And if FrankyG. is along for the ride we wish him well too!


Whatever Happened to Marty Robbins and his "White Sport Coat and Pink Carnation"?

Marty Robbins (1925-1982)

Marty Robbins was born Martin David Robinson in Glendale, Arizona in 1925 and died at age 57 following complications from heart surgery in 1982. In between these years he spent 4 decades writing and singing his special brand of music that stayed at the top of the charts from the time he started his career until the time of his death. 

Marty Robbins was an entertainers "entertainer." He was respected the world over for his musical abilities and gifts, both with his command of the instruments he played and the music he wrote. 

With nine brothers and sisters, Marty Robbins left his home at age 17, joined the Navy in WWII, was honorably discharged in 1946, and almost immediately found work as a musician on radio and television while securing a record label (Columbia and later Decca) contract in the process.

In addition to his own TV Show he was a staple performer at the Grand ole' Opry, and by the end of his first decade in the business had sold millions of records.
"Devil Woman" was Inspired by Robbins first Car
From the beginning of his career, Marty Robbins was never off the charts of country-western and pop music. He was a favorite in most world 
markets as well.

A look at his discography provides Marty Robbins presented 65 albums with 52 studio albums and 13 compilation albums. He also produced 100 singles, 82 of which made the 'top 40', with 17 number one hit songs. His last number hit single, "Honky Tonk Man", was in 1982 from the film by the same title he starred in, the year of his death.

Who can forget " Devil Woman", and our favorite, "A White Sportcoat and a Pink Carnation". The hit tunes just kept rolling on and so did Marty Robbins.

Marty Robbins was also a NASCAR owner and competent race car driver with some respectable standings on the national boards. His Dodge Daytona is pictured at right. And the Talledega Speedway was his favorite.

Marty Robins married his 'teen love', Marizona (1930-2001), in 1948 and they were together until his death. Two children were born of their union.

Although Marty Robbins is gone, a lot happened to and for this one of a kind, 'original' entertainer. 

Marty Robbins was an American and he didn't wear it on his sleeve. Marty Robbin's brought light and enjoyment into this world. And this is special because so many others don't.

And we all can still enjoy his music.