Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Michael Phelps Wins 19th Olympic Career Medal! Phelps Becomes Most Decorated Olympian in History! (Photos)

Michael Phelps!
The Most Decorated Olympian of All-Time!
Michael Phelps July 31, 2012-London Olympics
Today, in London, Michael Phelps, in anchor position, took the Gold Medal
for the U.S. Team in the 4X200 meter relay.
Michael Phelps
This victory and medal brings Phelps cashe of 
prizes to 19, making him the
most decorated Olympian in History!

Michael Phelps Holds # 19! July 31, 2012-London!
Congratulations, Michael!

Want to See a Pussy? (Photo)

 So, OKAY! 

This is just plain BAD on so many levels. 
But it's also funny.
FACEBOOK saw the humor and so do we.

(From a Guest Contributor in Los Angeles)

Monday, July 30, 2012

Romney: "The Wimp" Factor! Newsweek Magazine Cover! Plus Alternative Covers Considered! (Photos)


Romney: The Wimp Factor
-is he just too insecure to be president?

Yup! That's about right!

Now, some alternative NEWSWEEK Magazine Covers that may have been considered:


Tea Party Kid! 6 Year old Recites Reasons Not to Vote for Obama! (Photo)



CUTE KID! We speculate that along with learning to recite Bible verses at 'The First Baptist Church' Sunday School he also learned to recite 10 Tea Party variety reasons not to vote for President Obama this coming November.


POOR KID! Like so many children in America, this kid is growing up learning 'WHAT TO THINK' instead of 'HOW TO THINK'. 
Much like the Taliban and fundamentalist Islam teach their children to hate and eventually to demonstrate that hate through some kind of twisted religious-moral belief system that includes the killing those who disagree with what 'they think'. 

Tea Party Kid! Taliban Kid!
Both cute kids.
Where's the difference between the two?
Both are being taught WHAT TO THINK!


Studies provide that through the generations, some children taught WHAT TO THINK have somehow learned HOW TO THINK. That number is growing and the world has become a better place.

Let us hope the children pictured in this article
 learn someday
Right now, these children have no choice
but to accept what their elders teach.
Let us HOPE for them.


Remembering George W. Bush in Photos! (A Brief photo Essay Summarizing the 'Bush Administration')

This iconic photo of
The Commander and Chief 
perfectly portrays the G.W. Bush Presidency.

This photo-op was produced and staged by the world of 
make believe and illusion.
Hooray for Hollywood!
In John Wayne swagger and style, on May 1, 2003, Bush emerged to world television cameras on an air-craft carrier not long after America's invasion of Iraq and declared,
to a staged, handpicked young, cheering military 'live' exuberant audience "directed" to show their 'love and admiration' to their conquering supreme leader. A full 60-piece military orchestra playing appropriate themes enhanced the mood of the production.
Dressed in full 'pilot garb', suggesting he had flown an aircraft to the ship himself, Bush's flight suit was  impeccable. However, the helmet he was carrying was not a helmet that matched to the aircraft technology he supposedly piloted.  The cod piece was 'studio wardrobe' to complete the visual illusion.

 Of course the military "military mission" was not accomplished. The Iraq War continued on and was not wound down until 8 years later under a different U.S. president.

In the process trillions of dollars were spent on this war from money borrowed from China, Japan and other foreign countries and put on U.S. taxpayers credit cards. 

In Bush's second term of office, CBS News captured this photo the U.S. President visiting the Crown Prince of Saudi, Arabia.

CBS News also produced this photo of Bush walking with the Prince hand-in-hand. 'Hand-holding' among male Saudis is a cultural imparative among close friends in Islam Arabia.

Bush is quoted as having said, 
"The Prince is like my brother".

VP Dick Cheney
As the President 'fronted' the public image of 
"The Bush Administration"
(under the capable direction of Karl Rove),
Vice President Dick Cheney, Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, and other truly smart administration officials effectuated the directions and policies of the U.S. Government.

Yes! George W. Bush really is as STUPID as he's been
 portrayed in virtually all alternative media.


Sunday, July 29, 2012

Germany's 'Giant Quad Muscle' Showdown-London 2012 Olympics! Does Robert Forstemann Have the Most Powerful Legs in the World? (Awesome Photos)

Robert Forstemann

Does Robert Forstemann have the most powerful legs in the world? 

If pure thigh muscle mass and size is the measure of answering this question, Forstemann wins this title.

Robert Forstemann is a (sprint) world champion cyclist who is on the cycling team representing Germany in the current 2012 London Olympics.

In a recent debate over which Olympic athlete possessed the biggest "quads", a 'showdown' of sorts took place with tape measures and photos. 

Forstemann (right)/Greipel (left)
With his legs pictured at right, Forstemann won the contest without further debate. 

The smaller set of quads in this photo belong to team mate Andre Greipel who took his loss with a sense of humor and tweeted the photo shown. 

Robert Forstemann in Competition

Idaho Billboard Makes Obama Comparison to Colorado Shooter Suspect James Holmes! (Photo)

From the American "Heartland" State of Idaho 
we find this Billboard taken from a page of

You Tube has the footage.


Pentegon Cover-Up of U.S. Funded Afghanistan Military Hospital!! Auschwitz-Like Conditions! (GRAPHIC PHOTO ESSAY)

Dawood Military Hospital
Kabul, Afghanistan

The photos here come from the excellent 
investigative journalism of 
BuzzFeed Politics.com

With permission from BuzzFeed we
re-present these graphic photos: 
The product of Afghanistan Government Corruption
with U.S. Government complicity and 
Pentagon Cover-Up now being reviewed by a U.S. Congress Committee.

All photos reported taken in 2010, showing 
human pain and suffering in Auschwitz-like conditions.


Patient Laying in own Feces

Patient wound 'drain' with 
no pain med regimen

Patient with Gangrene

Patient with Maggots in wound
laying in own human waste

No plans for Surgery for this Patient

Patient laying in own Feces
Maggots present in wounds
All patients are Afghanistan wounded

See Buzz Feed Politics for full story and 
incontrovertible validation. 


Mississippi FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Refuses to Marry Black Couple Because They are Black! (Photo)

This is 2012? In America?

Charles and Te'Andrea Wilson
This past week in Crystal Springs, Mississippi, THE FIRST BAPTIST refused to marry Charles and Te'Andrea Wilson because they are black!

Pastor Stan Weatherford had previously agreed to marry the couple in the church they attended. Invitations were sent and plans had been made. However, one day before their wedding the pastor told the Wilsons that "Church Hierarchy" refused to allow the wedding because they are black. No black couple had ever been married in 'this' church. Tradition was given as a reason. Pastor Weatherford was threatened with dismissal if allowed the marriage to occur.

Pastor Weatherford did marry the Wilsons at another location nearby.



Saturday, July 28, 2012

Ann Romney Art! See Her Award Winning (Impressionist-Symbolism Sketch) Masterpiece "KOLOB MAIDEN"! (Photo)

Today, at Glenn Beck's "RESTSTORING LOVE" gathering in Dallas, Ann Romney's 
won the 'Grand Marshall's Certified Masterpeice Best in Show Art Award'.

memorializes and gives tribute to the beauty, wonder and mystery of the (Book of Mormon) planet KOLOB, the 'Heaven' equivilent to human afterlife in Judeo-Christian teaching.  

In accepting her award, Ann says her 'impressionistic' style is the work of God, inspired by Joseph Smith, founder of her Mormon faith.

(From a Guest Contributor in Dallas)

Friday, July 27, 2012

BATMAN! What Does it Cost to be Batman? $682 Million? Really? (Infographic Included)


This info graphic courtesy of 


"Love Blooms" at Glenn Beck's "RESTORING LOVE" Gathering in Dallas! "DOMA COUPLE of the YEAR" Honored! (Photos)

Glenn Beck's much anticipated
"Restoring Love" 
gathering in Dallas got off
to a beautiful beginning by honoring 
with a special ceremony!

Please join us in wishing 
this MAN and this WOMEN 
the Best of Life in their commitment

(From a Guest Contributor in Dallas)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Mitt Romney Insults Britain and The Olympics---London Mayor Kicks Romney's Ass! More!

This was not a good day for Mitt Romney!

Romney begins European Tour in London with a series of Blunders and Gaffes AND Getting his BUTT KICKED by London Mayor Boris Johnson witnessed by 100,000 Cheering Brits!
The Headlines are reading:

-The Romney Train Wreck
-Romney Worse Than Palin
-London Mocks Mitt
-The Romney Shambles
-Who Invited HIM?
-Romney Backtracks Games Comments
-Mitt the Twit

....and on and on the epitaphs went. 

During a widely televised interview, today, on the eve of the London 2012 Olympics, American presumptive Republican candidate for President Mitt Romney insulted an entire nation by remarking that he questioned the country's "preparation, readiness and event security." Romney went on to say he wasn't sure about the collective 'people support' of 'the games' and in general the citizen volunteers were weak.

In what can only be characterized a "clueless fog" as to what he'd done, Romney went on to a brief meeting with Prime Minister David Cameron who promptly rebuked him by saying he had just given "Obama a gift."

Boris Johnson, London Mayor
But Romney really got his ass kicked BIG TIME later on in the day when the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, gave Romney a knock out punch while speaking at a rally to approximately 100,000 Olympic volunteers and supporters at Olympic Park.  Johnson was 'smashmouth' brutal as he took Romney apart in dissections to an exuberant crowd and called Romney out for his disrespect for Britain and it's people. Like the wings being pulled from a butterfly, Johnson stunningly took Romney apart with striking accuracy hitting bulls eye after bulls eye.

Romney has since backtracked on his remarks to some degree. But we wonder what's next for this "Alice in Wonderland" candidate.

Will Romney shit in The Queen's lap when he visits Buckingham Palace? Whatever he does next he has already embarrassed himself and America and brought his "fitness for the job" issue back to the forefront of his candidacy.

This was not a good day for Mitt (The Twit) Romney!


NORA! Conure Parrot with Attitude is Looking for a Home! (UPDATE)



Unfortunately, Nora, our 'office manager' of the last few years has decided to leave us to pursue "other opportunities". 

Nora Bites Everybody
She will be greatly missed, but we're sure that wherever her feathered butt lands in the future she will have command of the world around her, as she has had with us. 

Vital Statistics:

Health: Excellent
Dental: No Teeth-Breath like Apple Blossoms
Vision: 20/20-Front and Back
Age: She won't say
Variety: Green Cheek Conure
Education: Streetwise-Well Read
Ethnic Background: Eastern European
Religious Affiliation: Fundamentalist Christian
Socialization: Good with Some-Bites Some-Racial Slurs Have  been noted

Political Party: Tea Party Patriot
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Personality Traits: Opinionated, Aggressive, Bites Feeding Hands

Unique Talents: Can Sing 'Amazing Grace' in Romanian
Favorite Foods: Sun Flower Seeds, Papaya Treats, Sliced Apple
Pooping Characteristics:  POOPS-A-LOT
Distinguishing Behaviors and Characteristics: Nora Bites

Nora Bites Children
As we bid a fond farewell to our feathered friend, we wish Nora the very best in her new surroundings.

If you are inclined to provide NORA with a new home where she will be provided with all the accouterments to which she's become accustomed, please contact us for further information.

(Update October 24, 2012: After some mismatches, it seems NORA has found a perfect home! May she live happily ever