Friday, August 31, 2012

Romney "WE DID BUILD IT" Campaign Slogan! What They Built! What Happened To It! (Photos)

"We Did Build It!"

"This is What We Built!"

"Bain Capital Helped It!"

"And Took It To Bankruptcy"

Mosquito Pond
"We all went home and claimed
the sitting water on our property
to be 'Mosquito Farm Ponds'. 

Baby Mosquito Protected Under Right to Life Laws!
"Bain Capital Helped Us
to Apply for a U.S. Farm Subsidy
Like Michele Bachmann!"

"Now We're 'Mitt Romney'


Thursday, August 30, 2012

Mitt Romney Accepts GOP Nomination for President as Ohio Miners Say They Lost a Days Pay When Coerced to Attend A Romney Political Rally!

Willard Mitt Romney-RNC (August 30,2012)
Tonight, Willard Mitt Romney accepted the Republican Party nomination for President of the United States, saying, 'It is with humility ..... and is "moved" by the trust placed in him' that he accepts. 

What Romney did not say is that to this date, he and his corporate benefactors have spent $300. million to buy this "humility and trust". He then went on to put rose colored glasses on the 'smiley face' America will have if he's elected.
Meanwhile, coal miners at the Century Mine in Beallsville, Ohio aren't showing many happy faces at the moment.

Coerced Coal Miners
Scores of coalminers are charging that their company coerced them to attend a Romney Political Rally last May, causing them to lose a days pay in the process. They say they were afraid of losing their jobs if they didn't attend.

Murray Energy Company (parent company of Century Mine) executive Rob Moore (in part) contradicts worker claims, saying miners 'did lose a days pay', but 'were not under threat of losing their jobs' if they 'did not' attend the Romney Rally.

While The Romney 'acceptance speech' will be critiqued from all directions tomorrow in the corporate media, it is unlikely the coal miner's story will get much attention.


Clint Eastwood's "BONKERS" Speech at The Republican National Convention Examined! Was it Alzheimer's? (UPDATE: 'EASTWOODING' Sweeps the Social Media!)

Makes (BONKERS) Introductory Speech to
at the Republican National Convention!

Clint Eastwood-RNC Tampa-August 30,2012
Was it Alzheimer's?
In what may go down in political convention history as the most bizarre speech ever, tonight the 82-year old Dirty Harry star, appearing 'dazed and confused', addressed Republican delegates in a rambling, sometimes incoherent dialog with an empty chair!

(For 'EASTWOODING' Update Scroll Down.)

In a way, Eastwood's introductory statements in behalf of Mitt Romney for president made some kind of convoluted sense. 

Willard Mitt Romney-The 'etch-a-sketch' Candidate
Clint's 20-minute segment fairly summed up this 'Alice Looking Through the Glass Darkly' approach to "solving America's problems by believing in America" by off-shoring ones money to The Cayman Islands as Romney does.     
'The Thinker'
Either way, Clint Eastwood's bonkers 
presentation will be the curiosity of
pundits and political historians
for years to come.
(Update: August 31, 2012: 'EASTWOODING' is born! 

After Clint Eastwood's now infamous speech in a half-empty suit (the suit he was wearing was 4 sizes to big) and speaking in  'dingy-ditzy' foggy syntax to a chair, 'Eastwooding' has become the NEWEST Social media phenom and is sweeping the nation.

Here are some examples of 'EASTWOODING':

"The Chair is Taken"
from the Obama Re-election Team,

Meanwhile, Ann Romney is
quoted as saying after 'Mittens' 
acceptance speech:

"It's time for the Grown-Up to COME!"

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Paul Ryan Accepts GOP VP Nomination! BLASTED in Universal Takedown from Conservatives and Progressives!

Accepts The Republican Nomination
for Vice President of the 
United States!
Paul Ryan-August 29, 2012
The fallout from Paul Ryan's GOP
acceptance speech has been swift 
and is near universal in
a supreme 'TAKEDOWN' of him, his 
honesty and his character. 

The Running Mate and His Wife
And in the process, adding in the remarks
 of his running mate, his running mates wife
and a host of other "locked in the lies" 
(new) Republicans, The Republican Party
is likewise Taken-Down to a place of 
'in-between slime and scum'
with millions of thinking conservatives.

These are some of the statements
from CONSERVATIVE  Sources coming
within 24-hours of Ryan's speech:

-Outright Unflinching Dishonesty!
-Misleads Again and Again!
-The Most Dishonest Convention Speech...Ever?
-Breathtaking Dishonesty! 
 Even some of FOX NEWS and The New Republic
have joined this chorus.
Here are some of the reasons why:

-The GM Plant Closing in Wisconsin
-Medicare 'gutting' Statements
-The U.S. Credit Rating Downgrade
-The Bogus 'Welfare' Claim
-The Deficit
-"The 'Strong' Protecting the Weak
At the same time, The Romney Campaign Advisers
made the statement, 
"We will not be dictated by FACT CHECKERS!"
(Does this mean that LIES are to be Expected and Accepted?)
An example of Ryan's convoluted 'speech lies' 
were easily and quickly found in reference
to the GM Plant closure.

Ryan blamed President Obama for this plants' 
closure and the hardships
caused to the people who had jobs there. 
In TRUTH, this plant closed in 2008 under 
the Bush Administration!

Each of the other RYAN SPEECH statements
have similar results when fact checked. 


This Man also depended on Ignorance 
of Those Who Supported Him and His Party!

Adolf Hitler

Ann Romney's "We Started Out Living in a Basement Apartment" Story DEBUNCKED!

Willard Mitt and Ann Romney-RNC Convention-August 28, 2012
Ann Romney has spoken of the "hardships" 
of a newly married couple living in a 
basement apartment she and Willard-Mitt
experienced when Willard was "struggling"
through college. Remember they
used an ironing board to eat their 
tuna and pasta on?
Willard and Ann "lived" in that basement 
apartment for less than a month! Their
belongings were already in the mansion
being renovated for them which wasn't 
quite ready for habitation to their specifications
when Mitt's classes started!


Ann Romney 'Mairzy Doats" Speech 'ROCKS' the Show at RNC Convention! "Unconscious Logic" Prevails! "Projectile Farting" Kept Under Control! (Photos)


Ann Romney
LOVE was the title of Ann Romney's
blockbuster speech given to delegates at 
The Republican National Convention
last night in Tampa
In debutante demeanor and style, Ann Romney opened her 
"love" speech with, "I am the grand daughter of Welsh coal miner (giggle-giggle)".

By the middle of her speech, sounding 
like Sarah Palin, Ann screeched,

Ann Romney
At the end of her 'talk', Ann got serious and said,
"I know people who are struggling".

"BELIEVE in AMERICA" Like The Romney's! And Don't Keep Your $$$$$$ Here!
All in all, Ann Romney's (UNCONSCIOUS LOGIC)
made all the sense of the lyrics to the tune, 
"Mairzy Doats and Dozy Doats"! 

Projectile "FART" Warning
It was also noted that Ann's 'projectile farting' disorder was kept under control during her entire speech, to the thunderous applause of the delegates in attendance.


CNN Camera Woman Assaulted at Republican National Convention by Romney Supporters!

Willard and Ann Romney-August 28,2012
After Ann Romney spoke at the
RNC Convention last night, 2 Romney 
Supporters were ejected after they
assaulted a black CNN camera woman
by throwing nuts at her and yelling
"This is how we feed animals".

CNN said the matter has been
dealt with and refused further


Chris Christie-Republican National Convention (Off-Key) 'KEY-NOTE' Address 2012!

Last Night's Chris Christie Key-Note Address 
to the RNC Convention delegates gave
new meaning and definition to
'FAT CATS'!   
Key Note Speeches at both
Republican and Democrat National Conventions
can be the launching pads for
some future presidents.
Ronald Reagan
Ronald Reagan in 1964 and Barach Obama 2004
come immediately to mind.
Tonight Chris Christie followed in the
footsteps of others and gave the most
self-indulged, "off-key" Key Note Address
in History.
 We kept score:
(These were the number of times Christie mentioned 
his and Romney's names and jobs.)
A "Slimmer" Chris Christi-Circa 1987
Today Christi is trying to explain his
speech, which is always a bad sign.
 Christi opened his keynote address by
speaking of his "beloved-wise" mother
who taught him the "solid personal values"
he follows in life today.
Chris Christie-August 28, 2012
Apparently Mother Christi left out
the part about 'good diet'  and the
Outside of 'preaching' "respect is
more important than love",
THIS was the substance of Christie's

"Cool" Queen Elizabeth II Wears 'Hoodie' While Driving Range Rover! (Photo)

The Royal Kingdom's
Queen Elizabeth II

This bizarre photo of Britain's
Grand Lady was snapped recently
as she was driving her Range Rover.
Does Prince Harry need to have
some "words" of advice for his


Breathtaking Mountain Wedding Photo! Bob and Antonie Ewing Climb Mountain in Tux and Gown!

On August 11, 2012,
Antonie Hodge Ewing and Bob Ewing
climbed The Seneca Rocks in
West Virginia clad in Tux and Gown
and presented this photo
to their well-wishers.
Bob and Antonie Ewing-August 11, 2012
The couple climbed this 900-foot shear cliff
to a it's tiny mountain top space.
Their photo has since become 
an Internet Sensation. 


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

VP Pick Paul Ryan! "A Boys Best Friend Is His Mother"! The Norman Bates Connection! (Photos) (UPDATE)

Is That YOU, Paul?
Norman Bates
When Congressman Paul Ryan
became Mitt Romney's choice
for Vice President and a
national figure, we noticed an uncanny 
physical resemblance to Norman Bates,
Alfred Hitchcock's iconic 
in the classic film
Paul Ryan
The resemblances are striking! 
And then we wondered what other similarities 
there might be between Paul and Norman.
Norman Bates Childhood Home
According to reports both grew up in 
similar structures. 
Like Norman, Paul keeps his 
family out of the spotlight and
away from media attention.
Norma Bates
Especially their mothers.
We've never seen 'Mother Ryan',
but have had glimpses of 
Mother Bates.
Norma Bates is not Quite Herself in these Photos
We are told there are 
similarities here too.
Norman Bates
Norma Bates molded and directed
Norman into 'the man' he became,
and Mama Ryan did likewise
with Paul, according to him.
Paul Ryan
Paul Ryan's 
"The Path to Prosperity"
must be a direct result of 
Mother Ryan's tutelage.
Norman Bates in Mom's Clothes
Norman Bates was a
"slasher killer".
Paul Ryan is a "killer" too.
Paul Ryan
But Paul does it in slow,
emotionally torturous increments
eventually ending in death to
victims through 'his'
special brand of 'law-making'.
Norman Bates
Certainly there are many similarities
between Paul Ryan and Norman Bates.
And certainly there will be criticism and outrage because of this "below the belt" article singling out Paul Ryan's mother as a counterpart to Norma Bates.
An American Veteran
So be it, and imagine the 80-year old
War Veteran having ALL his current benefits
exchanged for a token voucher to buy his
own coverage from a private insurance company.
Facing the End of Life
Imagine millions of older Americans who currently
depend on Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid 
doing likewise, for this is exactly what
the Romney/Ryan "TEAM" strives to do!
No Apologies!
We believe the Republicans and the Ryan
family can handle the stress, insults 
and anget that may
come from the results of this article as 
such is being experienced by millions of 
Americans right now in the face of 
extreme threat to their 
current livelihoods. 
(Update August 30, 2012: In his acceptance speech tonight, Mitt Romney said this of his running mate: "Paul is not afraid to show his 'LOVE' for his mother".)