Friday, November 30, 2012

"Manscape (Body) Sculpture" Goes to a New Level of Intrigue! Face and Body Hair Art Create Nether Region Mystery! (Photo)

recently sent this masterpiece photo
to Reddit and a
has been created.
What mystery lies beyond and
lurks south of that belt buckle?
The artist quickly solves this mystery,
telling Reddit he's below the belt
Mystery Solved!

Creepy 'Baby Head' White Chocolate Deserts and other Grotesque Desert Ideas in Photos!

Doing some Entertaining?
 You may want to consider These Creepy
White Chocolate 
created by artist Annabel De Vetten
as a whimsical desert cuisine. 
But if these "chocolate delights" don't
impress you, you may want to 
select from this desert menu:  
Heart and Maggot Cake is a Top Seller!
Eye Ball Cake is popular too.
Teeth Cupcakes also please.
And Roast Swan Chocolate Cake
is a Showstopper.
Then, Edible Fingers will accommodate
those who are watching 
their calories.

U.S. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell Wins 'SEXIEST POLITICIAN ALIVE (2012)" Award! (Photos)


From The Offices of Grover Norquist
comes this prestigious award with the
statement that "Senator McConnell's
'filibusters' are cause for
 'loins to pulsate' in feverish
"McConnell's 'kill grandma speeches
and his hate for vets and children diatribes'
is the Stuff of Wet Dreams",  according to
FreedomWorks, Contract from America
and Republican/Tea Party Spokesman
Ted Nugent.   
Does anyone have a pair of balls
to donate?

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Big Arms? Meet Moustafa Ismail--The MAN with the Worlds Largest Biceps! (Photos)

Meet Moustafa Ismail!
The MAN with the Worlds
Biggest Biceps 
according to the 2012
Guinness Book of World Records! 
'Big Mo' is 24 years old and an
Egyptian Body Builder 
with a 31 inch overall
arm measurement.
There were some other guys
in the competition.
But they're going to have
to wait until next year,
like this puny guy 
pictured above.

Yoko Ono Creates "Fashion-Line" for Men! (Photos) Can Tom Brady Sell It?

 Men! Young Men!
Riders of the Purple Sage!
Fundamentalist Christian
Bible Belt Pastors!
Are YOU Ready for This?
Yoko Ono 
Presents her New Fashion Line
for MEN!
...and here it is... 



Tom Brady!
Can You Sell It?
How about you Beckham?

President Obama Depicted as 'Jesus on the Cross' (Metaphor) Painting Ignites Controversy! (Photo)

 This painting of 
President Obama 
depicted in Michael D'Antuono's
metaphor art work,
is igniting both
Controversy and Rage! 
 We see it as interesting art.
How about you?

Mitt Romney's Greatest Hits of 2012! A Retrospective of "Accomplishments" of a Failed Presidential Candidate! (A Photo Essay)

From Mitt Romney's 'Parallel-Universe'
presidential campaign comes this 
retrospective photo essay of
the most disastrous campaign
in modern history!   
Is that Jill Kelley sitting next to candidate Romney?




Does the War on Women Continue?
With endorsements like this,
how could Romney have won?
 Thanks to all who helped get the
vote out for 
President Obama!
With special thanks to
Mitt and Ann Romney,
Paul Ryan and the entire
'Romney for President'
campaign staff and advisors,
and Ted Nugent. 

Keep up the Good Work!

Pat Robertson Dispells Fundamentalist Christian Creationist Myth That Earth is 6,000 Years Old!

Pat Robertson told his 700 Club
followers to pay attention to Science,
in that 'the world IS NOT 6000
years old!
'The Earth, the dinosaurs, are
millions of years old according to
carbon testing and other sciences.'
"If you fight science, you're going
to lose your children", 
Robertson told his audience.   
~Some History~
In 1650, the Archbishop of Ireland,
James Ussher said,
"the Earth was created on
October 23, 4004 BC."  
And since that 'edict' a bunch
of fundamentalist 'dumb shit'
Christians have bought in to
Ussher's myth.
(For example, much of the Texas
State Legislature and virtually all
the Texas State Board of Education.)
Congratulations to
Pat Robertson for
teaching TRUTH.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Ted Nugent Wins "Smartest Man of the Year" (2012) Award in NRA Straw Poll! (Photos)

 In a recent Straw Poll conducted
among non-paid-Delinquent
NRA members in Tennessee,
has won 
Award for 2012!   

Congratulations and heartfelt
thanks are in order to one of 
the Grand Republican and
NRA spokespeople of this
century, TED NUGENT!
Nugent's pearls of wisdom were
probably responsible for at least
one million additional votes for
President Obama!
(Thanks for helping to GET OUT THE VOTE, Ted.) 

Jerry Sandusky Named NAMBLA 2012 'MAN of the YEAR'! (Photos)

Captures The 
(The North American 
Man/boy Love Association)

"MAN of the YEAR"
AWARD for 2012!  
"Now go scrub those showers.
Mr. Sandusky will be there 
to supervise." 
(From a Guest Contributor in Alabama)
(Editor Comment: Well...'tis
the season for awards'...) 

Mitt and Ann Romney Named 2012 "Least Influential People in The World! (Photos)

Although GQ Magazine has named
Mitt Romney to it's list of
"least influential people" of 2012... 
...we must put Mitt and Ann Romney
at the top of our list for 
this onerous title.
Need more be said?

Republican Spokesman and "Red-State Socialist" Ted Nugent Rails Against President Obama's Second Term Victory!

America's venerable 'NRA Sack of Nuts'
is railing against President Obama's
decisive second-term victory 
earlier this month.
RED-TED is blathering about 
"The Makers and the Takers",  
while either being ignorant about
or forgetting about 
'Red-State Socialism.'
Either way, Red-Ted gets it wrong.
The "makers" are in the blue States and the
clear 'dead-beat' "takers" are found
in the red States as shown in
the following info-graph
Info-Graph courtesy of
 The Inquisitor.
A question: IS RED-TED ALSO A

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Onion Names Kim Jong-Un Sexiest Man Alive! Chinese News Buys It! (Photo)

Kim Jong-Un
North Korean Supreme Leader
Affectionately referred to
around the world and in political 
hierarchies as
"Pumpkin Face-The Tiny",
Kim Jong's pudgy, supple, 
huggable 29 year old body
is the envy of men in all walks of life
and the object of a 
 Jerry Sandusky fantasy.  
This is one of the great "Onion"
stories. But the best part of it is
that a major Chinese publication
took it as fact and reported it as
such to millions of readers.   
Jerry Sandusky
Humm....we wonder if some foreign
media would take the story that The 
North American Man Boy 
Love Association 
had named Sandusky as 
their 'Man of the Year'.
....hummm...stay tuned...