Wednesday, December 12, 2012

'Gold-Poop Pills' Will Make Your Sh*t "Sparkle"! A Stocking Stuffer for the 1%? (Product Photos)

Just in Time for Christmas?
Is this for real?
You bet your blinged-bippy, 
this stuff is legitamate.
So, if you ever wanted your
shit to sparkle 
are the real thing with a
proven 'sparkly poop record' 
to show for those who want to see it!

This miracle and EXPENSIVE 24-carat
GOLD pill comes to us as the "Art" of renowned 
artist Tobias Wong who was commissioned by
The Museum of Modern Art to 
create this bizarre luxury product 
 in 2005.

Tobias Wong
At $425. a pill, the art of
'the dump' could be and was
commemorated in the toilets of
the 'rich and famous' who
actually lay golden eggs. 
Is this the ultimate gift for the 
"1-percents" on your Christmas list?
Maybe yes, maybe no. 
Before your final decision
you may want to compare the recipients
'big dirty stuff' with the 'Stool' types
found in the following chart.
Empirical studies provide that
Types 4 and 6 get the best
"sparkle results"
From a Guest Contributor in The BIG APPLE!
...and THIS just in...


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