Sunday, December 30, 2012

Mitt Romney Gets Anus Tattoo! Plus The Complete Republican Delegate Count 'Butt-Plug' Infographic!

* part of our years END political news review, we
bring this story for the world to enjoy one more time...
 At 50k a plate post-presidential
fundraisers, contributors can see
first hand Paul Ryan's nose
Tattooed on Mitt Romney's Anus!
What did this girl see when she caught
a glimpse of Mitt Romney's butt in this
October 2012 AP photo that swept the
Did she see Romney's anus tattoo?
Or was it his butt-plug?
What ever it was, this photo
spawned many parodies, crazy 
jokes and 'conservative outrage'
with Presidential candidate Romney being 
of it all, including the following

From a Great Work from an Unknown Source

Is this pure Mitt-Shit?
Of course it is!
Butt it was this kind of stuff
that helped America choose the best
presidential candidate of 2012. 

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