Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Candid Photos of Texas Senator Ted Cruz Inside The Capitol Hill Congressional Gym! (NSFW)

From our trivia files we've learned that newly
elected Texas Senator Ted Cruz is affectionately
called T-REX by his new colleagues.  

It is also known that Senator Cruz is not the 
most athletic politician on Capitol Hill.
Still, the Senator is trying to fit-in with
his T-Party friends in Congress.
And going to the congressional gym is 
one way Ted is attempting to make friends.

Senator Marco Rubio is even trying to 
show Ted some flexibility exercises.
At the same time Michele Bachmann has
introduced Ted to her favorite dildos,
'David and Charles'

to give him that all important motivational
nudge of encouragement when needed
to continue his regimen.
But, alas, poor Ted is still having trouble
Is it possible that Ted has made
the wrong gym wear choice?

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